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# -*- coding:utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import print_function, unicode_literals
from portage import normalize_path
from portage import os
from portage.output import red
class ProfileDesc(object):
__slots__ = ('abs_path', 'arch', 'status', 'sub_path', 'tree_path',)
def __init__(self, arch, status, sub_path, tree_path):
self.arch = arch
self.status = status
if sub_path:
sub_path = normalize_path(sub_path.lstrip(os.sep))
self.sub_path = sub_path
self.tree_path = tree_path
if tree_path:
self.abs_path = os.path.join(tree_path, 'profiles', self.sub_path)
self.abs_path = tree_path
def __str__(self):
if self.sub_path:
return self.sub_path
return 'empty profile'
valid_profile_types = frozenset(['dev', 'exp', 'stable'])
def dev_profile_keywords(profiles):
Create a set of KEYWORDS values that exist in 'dev'
profiles. These are used
to trigger a message notifying the user when they might
want to add the --include-dev option.
type_arch_map = {}
for arch, arch_profiles in profiles.items():
for prof in arch_profiles:
arch_set = type_arch_map.get(prof.status)
if arch_set is None:
arch_set = set()
type_arch_map[prof.status] = arch_set
dev_keywords = type_arch_map.get('dev', set())
dev_keywords.update(['~' + arch for arch in dev_keywords])
return frozenset(dev_keywords)
def setup_profile(profile_list):
# Ensure that profile sub_path attributes are unique. Process in reverse order
# so that profiles with duplicate sub_path from overlays will override
# profiles with the same sub_path from parent repos.
profiles = {}
profile_sub_paths = set()
for prof in profile_list:
if prof.sub_path in profile_sub_paths:
profiles.setdefault(prof.arch, []).append(prof)
# Use an empty profile for checking dependencies of
# packages that have empty KEYWORDS.
prof = ProfileDesc('**', 'stable', '', '')
profiles.setdefault(prof.arch, []).append(prof)
return profiles
def check_profiles(profiles, archlist):
for x in archlist:
if x[0] == "~":
if x not in profiles:
"\"%s\" doesn't have a valid profile listed in profiles.desc." % x))
"You need to either \"cvs update\" your profiles dir"
" or follow this"))
"up with the " + x + " team."))