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# -*- coding:utf-8 -*-
# repoman: missing slot check
# Copyright 2014 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
"""This module contains the check used to find missing slot values
in dependencies."""
from portage.eapi import eapi_has_slot_operator
def check_missingslot(atom, mytype, eapi, portdb, qatracker, relative_path, my_aux):
# If no slot or slot operator is specified in RDEP...
if (not atom.blocker and not atom.slot and not atom.slot_operator
and mytype == 'RDEPEND' and eapi_has_slot_operator(eapi)):
# Check whether it doesn't match more than one.
atom_matches = portdb.xmatch("match-all", atom)
dep_slots = frozenset(
portdb.aux_get(cpv, ['SLOT'])[0].split('/')[0]
for cpv in atom_matches)
if len(dep_slots) > 1:
# See if it is a DEPEND as well. It's a very simple & dumb
# check but should suffice for catching it.
depend = my_aux['DEPEND'].split()
if atom not in depend:
qatracker.add_error("dependency.missingslot", relative_path +
": %s: '%s' matches more than one slot, please specify an explicit slot and/or use the := or :* slot operator" %
(mytype, atom))