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# This script has been honed over quite a few iterations. The trick is to make
# it easy for you to see what transformations occur
# without burying you in files.
# Also, coccinelle is not perfect, so we have to help her at times. As she
# gets smarter, we can shrink thigns we do in here.
# So we get input files, then do per-file changes, then do all-file changes
# I've deliberately made this script simple. Please don't decide it needs to
# be automagic. Just let it work in its simple way. Also, if you change even
# one simple thing, ALWAYS rerun this script do make sure you did not make a
# global test. NEVER test one little thing in isolation. That way
# lies madness.
# The only thing you need to set is
# export LINUX=/path/to/your/linux/tree.
# Order in which we do things.
# 1. Get source files into inputs.
# 2. cp them to per-file-changes
# Note that we even copy ones that might not currently need per-file
# changes. Because they may in future and it keeps the script simple.
# We tried both ways and like this best.
# 3. run 'ed' across a few files that need it
# 4. run coccinelle with any per-file changes
# There is some ugliness here as we have to do a reverse patch step. Sorry.
# 5. cp per-file-changes/* to final
# 6. run coccinelle files that apply to more than one file
# it's best to run coccinelle on as many files as possible, she's pretty
# smart about
# certain transformations, e.g. if you remove a function definition she can
# remove all calls to that function (usually)
# Now you can
# make (will build all working tools)
# or
# make broken
# for things that don't build yet.
# Step 1
rm inputs/* per-file-changes/* final/* tmp/*
cp $LINUX/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_reg.h inputs
cp $LINUX/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_drv.? inputs
cp $LINUX/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_display.c inputs
cp $LINUX/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_bios.c inputs
cp $LINUX/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_bios.h inputs
cp $LINUX/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_ringbuffer.h inputs
cp $LINUX/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_dma.c inputs
cp $LINUX/include/drm/drm_crtc.h inputs
cp $LINUX/include/drm/drm_mode.h inputs
cp $LINUX/include/drm/drm_dp_helper.h inputs
cp $LINUX/drivers/gpu/drm/drm_modes.c inputs
# Step 2
cp inputs/* per-file-changes
# Step 3
# We tried sed but it had some issues that ed did not
# coccinelle can't handle anonymous structs
# also some stuff is easier with ed.
# also there are bugs spatches/in coccinelle it seems :-(
# the literal deletes below suck and we need to figure
# out wtf went wrong.
ed per-file-changes/i915_drv.h << EOF
?struct *{?,/mm;/d
.,/#define POSTING_READ16/d
/struct *intel_gmbus/
g/struct *drm_i915_display_funcs *display;/d
g/struct *completion *[a-z].*;/d
ed per-file-changes/drm_crtc.h <<EOF
ed per-file-changes/intel_display.c << EOF
g/mode_config.funcs *=/d
# Reverse patches. We hope these will go away someday.
spatch -sp_file spatches/getfn.cocci inputs/intel_bios.c -U 0 > tmp/res
./plusplusplus tmp/res per-file-changes/intel_bios.c
(cd per-file-changes/; patch -p1 -R ) < tmp/res.pat
spatch -sp_file spatches/getdrmmodefn.cocci inputs/drm_modes.c -U 0 \
> tmp/drm_modes
./plusplusplus tmp/drm_modes per-file-changes/drm_modes.c
(cd per-file-changes/; patch -p1 -R ) < tmp/drm_modes.pat
spatch -sp_file spatches/i915_dma.c.cocci inputs/i915_dma.c -U 0 \
> tmp/i915_dma.c.patch
./plusplusplus tmp/i915_dma.c.patch per-file-changes/i915_dma.c
# This is the only way I can make sure the right file gets patched!
# someone tell me why. It keeps picking the wrong one.
(cd per-file-changes/; patch -p1 -R ) < tmp/i915_dma.c.patch.pat
spatch --in-place -sp_file spatches/fixcalls.cocci per-file-changes/i915_dma.c
#patch -p0 -R < tmp/i915_dma.c.patch.pat
#echo '#include "video.h"'
spatch -sp_file spatches/i915_drv.c.cocci inputs/i915_drv.c -U 0 \
> tmp/i915_drv.c.patch
./plusplusplus tmp/i915_drv.c.patch per-file-changes/i915_drv.c
# This is the only way I can make sure the right file gets patched!
# someone tell me why. It keeps picking the wrong one.
(cd per-file-changes/; patch -p1 -R ) < tmp/i915_drv.c.patch.pat
spatch --in-place -sp_file spatches/fixcalls.cocci per-file-changes/i915_drv.c
# Finally, a basic spatch sequence!
spatch --in-place -sp_file \
spatches/intel_display.c.cocci per-file-changes/intel_display.c \
> /dev/null
spatch --in-place -sp_file spatches/i915_drv.cocci \
per-file-changes/i915_drv.h >/dev/null
# Now do the common changes to all files.
cp per-file-changes/* final
spatch --in-place -sp_file spatches/ringbuffer.cocci \
final/intel_ringbuffer.h >/dev/null
spatch --in-place -sp_file spatches/removeinclude.cocci \
final/intel_display.c > /dev/null
spatch --in-place -sp_file spatches/fixcalls.cocci final/intel_display.c \
spatch --in-place -sp_file spatches/ringbuffer.cocci final/drm_dp_helper.h\
spatch --in-place -sp_file spatches/removeinclude.cocci final/drm_dp_helper.h\
spatch --in-place -sp_file spatches/i915_drv.cocci final/intel_ringbuffer.h\
spatch --in-place -sp_file spatches/deldev.cocci final/intel_bios.c \
final/intel_bios.h final/i915_drv.h final/intel_ringbuffer.h>/dev/null
spatch --in-place -sp_file spatches/fixcalls.cocci final/intel_bios.c \
spatch --in-place -sp_file spatches/drm_crtc.cocci final/drm_crtc.h >/dev/null