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* This file is part of the coreboot project.
* Copyright 2013 Google Inc.
* Copyright (C) 2012 Samsung Electronics
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; version 2 of the License.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#include <stdint.h>
#include "cpu.h"
enum periph_id;
/* This master list of PLLs is ordered arbitrarily. */
#define APLL 0
#define MPLL 1
#define EPLL 2
#define HPLL 3
#define VPLL 4
#define BPLL 5
#define RPLL 6
#define SPLL 7
#define CPLL 8
#define DPLL 9
#define IPLL 10
unsigned long get_pll_clk(int pllreg);
unsigned long get_arm_clk(void);
unsigned long get_pwm_clk(void);
unsigned long get_uart_clk(int dev_index);
void set_mmc_clk(int dev_index, unsigned int div);
* get the clk frequency of the required peripherial
* @param peripherial Peripherial id
* @return frequency of the peripherial clk
unsigned long clock_get_periph_rate(enum periph_id peripheral);
#include "pinmux.h"
#define MCT_HZ 24000000
* Set mshci controller instances clock drivder
* @param enum periph_id instance of the mshci controller
* Return 0 if ok else -1
int clock_set_mshci(enum periph_id peripheral);
* Set dwmci controller instances clock drivder
* @param enum periph_id instance of the dwmci controller
* Return 0 if ok else -1
int clock_set_dwmci(enum periph_id peripheral);
* Sets the epll clockrate
* @param rate Required clock rate to the presacaler in Hz
* Return 0 if ok else -1
int clock_epll_set_rate(unsigned long rate);
* selects the clk source for I2S MCLK
void clock_select_i2s_clk_source(void);
* Set prescaler division based on input and output frequency
* for i2s audio clock
* @param src_frq Source frequency in Hz
* @param dst_frq Required MCLK frequency in Hz
* Return 0 if ok else -1
int clock_set_i2s_clk_prescaler(unsigned int src_frq, unsigned int dst_frq);
struct exynos5420_clock {
uint32_t apll_lock; /* 0x10010000 */
uint8_t res1[0xfc];
uint32_t apll_con0;
uint32_t apll_con1;
uint8_t res2[0xf8];
uint32_t clk_src_cpu;
uint8_t res3[0x1fc];
uint32_t clk_mux_stat_cpu;
uint8_t res4[0xfc];
uint32_t clk_div_cpu0; /* 0x10010500 */
uint32_t clk_div_cpu1;
uint8_t res5[0xf8];
uint32_t clk_div_stat_cpu0;
uint32_t clk_div_stat_cpu1;
uint8_t res6[0xf8];
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_cpu;
uint8_t res7[0xfc];
uint32_t clk_gate_sclk_cpu;
uint8_t res8[0x1fc];
uint32_t clkout_cmu_cpu; /* 0x10010a00 */
uint32_t clkout_cmu_cpu_div_stat;
uint8_t res9[0x5f8];
uint32_t armclk_stopctrl;
uint8_t res10[0x4];
uint32_t arm_ema_ctrl;
uint32_t arm_ema_status;
uint8_t res11[0x10];
uint32_t pwr_ctrl;
uint32_t pwr_ctrl2;
uint8_t res12[0xd8];
uint32_t apll_con0_l8; /* 0x1001100 */
uint32_t apll_con0_l7;
uint32_t apll_con0_l6;
uint32_t apll_con0_l5;
uint32_t apll_con0_l4;
uint32_t apll_con0_l3;
uint32_t apll_con0_l2;
uint32_t apll_con0_l1;
uint32_t iem_control;
uint8_t res13[0xdc];
uint32_t apll_con1_l8; /* 0x10011200 */
uint32_t apll_con1_l7;
uint32_t apll_con1_l6;
uint32_t apll_con1_l5;
uint32_t apll_con1_l4;
uint32_t apll_con1_l3;
uint32_t apll_con1_l2;
uint32_t apll_con1_l1;
uint8_t res14[0xe0];
uint32_t clkdiv_iem_l8;
uint32_t clkdiv_iem_l7; /* 0x10011304 */
uint32_t clkdiv_iem_l6;
uint32_t clkdiv_iem_l5;
uint32_t clkdiv_iem_l4;
uint32_t clkdiv_iem_l3;
uint32_t clkdiv_iem_l2;
uint32_t clkdiv_iem_l1;
uint8_t res15[0xe0];
uint32_t l2_status;
uint8_t res16[0x0c];
uint32_t cpu_status; /* 0x10011410 */
uint8_t res17[0x0c];
uint32_t ptm_status;
uint8_t res18[0xbdc];
uint32_t cmu_cpu_spare0;
uint32_t cmu_cpu_spare1;
uint32_t cmu_cpu_spare2;
uint32_t cmu_cpu_spare3;
uint32_t cmu_cpu_spare4;
uint8_t res19[0x1fdc];
uint32_t cmu_cpu_version;
uint8_t res20[0x20c];
uint32_t clk_src_cperi0; /* 0x10014200 */
uint32_t clk_src_cperi1;
uint8_t res21[0xf8];
uint32_t clk_src_mask_cperi;
uint8_t res22[0x100];
uint32_t clk_mux_stat_cperi1;
uint8_t res23[0xfc];
uint32_t clk_div_cperi1;
uint8_t res24[0xfc];
uint32_t clk_div_stat_cperi1;
uint8_t res25[0xf8];
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_cperi0; /* 0x10014700 */
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_cperi1;
uint8_t res26[0xf8];
uint32_t clk_gate_sclk_cperi;
uint8_t res27[0xfc];
uint32_t clk_gate_ip_cperi;
uint8_t res28[0xfc];
uint32_t clkout_cmu_cperi;
uint32_t clkout_cmu_cperi_div_stat;
uint8_t res29[0x5f8];
uint32_t dcgidx_map0; /* 0x10015000 */
uint32_t dcgidx_map1;
uint32_t dcgidx_map2;
uint8_t res30[0x14];
uint32_t dcgperf_map0;
uint32_t dcgperf_map1;
uint8_t res31[0x18];
uint32_t dvcidx_map;
uint8_t res32[0x1c];
uint32_t freq_cpu;
uint32_t freq_dpm;
uint8_t res33[0x18];
uint32_t dvsemclk_en; /* 0x10015080 */
uint32_t maxperf;
uint8_t res34[0x2e78];
uint32_t cmu_cperi_spare0;
uint32_t cmu_cperi_spare1;
uint32_t cmu_cperi_spare2;
uint32_t cmu_cperi_spare3;
uint32_t cmu_cperi_spare4;
uint32_t cmu_cperi_spare5;
uint32_t cmu_cperi_spare6;
uint32_t cmu_cperi_spare7;
uint32_t cmu_cperi_spare8;
uint8_t res35[0xcc];
uint32_t cmu_cperi_version; /* 0x10017ff0 */
uint8_t res36[0x50c];
uint32_t clk_div_g2d;
uint8_t res37[0xfc];
uint32_t clk_div_stat_g2d;
uint8_t res38[0xfc];
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_g2d;
uint8_t res39[0xfc];
uint32_t clk_gate_ip_g2d;
uint8_t res40[0x1fc];
uint32_t clkout_cmu_g2d;
uint32_t clkout_cmu_g2d_div_stat;/* 0x10018a04 */
uint8_t res41[0xf8];
uint32_t cmu_g2d_spare0;
uint32_t cmu_g2d_spare1;
uint32_t cmu_g2d_spare2;
uint32_t cmu_g2d_spare3;
uint32_t cmu_g2d_spare4;
uint8_t res42[0x34dc];
uint32_t cmu_g2d_version;
uint8_t res43[0x30c];
uint32_t clk_div_cmu_isp0;
uint32_t clk_div_cmu_isp1;
uint32_t clk_div_isp2; /* 0x1001c308 */
uint8_t res44[0xf4];
uint32_t clk_div_stat_cmu_isp0;
uint32_t clk_div_stat_cmu_isp1;
uint32_t clk_div_stat_isp2;
uint8_t res45[0x2f4];
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_isp0;
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_isp1;
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_isp2;
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_isp3;
uint8_t res46[0xf0];
uint32_t clk_gate_ip_isp0;
uint32_t clk_gate_ip_isp1;
uint8_t res47[0xf8];
uint32_t clk_gate_sclk_isp;
uint8_t res48[0x0c];
uint32_t mcuisp_pwr_ctrl; /* 0x1001c910 */
uint8_t res49[0x0ec];
uint32_t clkout_cmu_isp;
uint32_t clkout_cmu_isp_div_stat;
uint8_t res50[0xf8];
uint32_t cmu_isp_spare0;
uint32_t cmu_isp_spare1;
uint32_t cmu_isp_spare2;
uint32_t cmu_isp_spare3;
uint8_t res51[0x34e0];
uint32_t cmu_isp_version;
uint8_t res52[0x2c];
uint32_t cpll_lock; /* 10020020 */
uint8_t res53[0xc];
uint32_t dpll_lock;
uint8_t res54[0xc];
uint32_t epll_lock;
uint8_t res55[0xc];
uint32_t rpll_lock;
uint8_t res56[0xc];
uint32_t ipll_lock;
uint8_t res57[0xc];
uint32_t spll_lock;
uint8_t res58[0xc];
uint32_t vpll_lock;
uint8_t res59[0xc];
uint32_t mpll_lock;
uint8_t res60[0x8c];
uint32_t cpll_con0; /* 10020120 */
uint32_t cpll_con1;
uint32_t dpll_con0;
uint32_t dpll_con1;
uint32_t epll_con0;
uint32_t epll_con1;
uint32_t epll_con2;
uint8_t res601[0x4];
uint32_t rpll_con0;
uint32_t rpll_con1;
uint32_t rpll_con2;
uint8_t res602[0x4];
uint32_t ipll_con0;
uint32_t ipll_con1;
uint8_t res61[0x8];
uint32_t spll_con0;
uint32_t spll_con1;
uint8_t res62[0x8];
uint32_t vpll_con0;
uint32_t vpll_con1;
uint8_t res63[0x8];
uint32_t mpll_con0;
uint32_t mpll_con1;
uint8_t res64[0x78];
uint32_t clk_src_top0; /* 0x10020200 */
uint32_t clk_src_top1;
uint32_t clk_src_top2;
uint32_t clk_src_top3;
uint32_t clk_src_top4;
uint32_t clk_src_top5;
uint32_t clk_src_top6;
uint32_t clk_src_top7;
uint8_t res65[0xc];
uint32_t clk_src_disp10; /* 0x1002022c */
uint8_t res66[0x10];
uint32_t clk_src_mau;
uint32_t clk_src_fsys;
uint8_t res67[0x8];
uint32_t clk_src_peric0;
uint32_t clk_src_peric1;
uint8_t res68[0x18];
uint32_t clk_src_isp;
uint8_t res69[0x0c];
uint32_t clk_src_top10;
uint32_t clk_src_top11;
uint32_t clk_src_top12;
uint8_t res70[0x74];
uint32_t clk_src_mask_top0;
uint32_t clk_src_mask_top1;
uint32_t clk_src_mask_top2;
uint8_t res71[0x10];
uint32_t clk_src_mask_top7;
uint8_t res72[0xc];
uint32_t clk_src_mask_disp10; /* 0x1002032c */
uint8_t res73[0x4];
uint32_t clk_src_mask_mau;
uint8_t res74[0x8];
uint32_t clk_src_mask_fsys;
uint8_t res75[0xc];
uint32_t clk_src_mask_peric0;
uint32_t clk_src_mask_peric1;
uint8_t res76[0x18];
uint32_t clk_src_mask_isp;
uint8_t res77[0x8c];
uint32_t clk_mux_stat_top0; /* 0x10020400 */
uint32_t clk_mux_stat_top1;
uint32_t clk_mux_stat_top2;
uint32_t clk_mux_stat_top3;
uint32_t clk_mux_stat_top4;
uint32_t clk_mux_stat_top5;
uint32_t clk_mux_stat_top6;
uint32_t clk_mux_stat_top7;
uint8_t res78[0x60];
uint32_t clk_mux_stat_top10;
uint32_t clk_mux_stat_top11;
uint32_t clk_mux_stat_top12;
uint8_t res79[0x74];
uint32_t clk_div_top0; /* 0x10020500 */
uint32_t clk_div_top1;
uint32_t clk_div_top2;
uint8_t res80[0x20];
uint32_t clk_div_disp10;
uint8_t res81[0x14];
uint32_t clk_div_mau;
uint32_t clk_div_fsys0;
uint32_t clk_div_fsys1;
uint32_t clk_div_fsys2;
uint8_t res82[0x4];
uint32_t clk_div_peric0;
uint32_t clk_div_peric1;
uint32_t clk_div_peric2;
uint32_t clk_div_peric3;
uint32_t clk_div_peric4; /* 0x10020568 */
uint8_t res83[0x14];
uint32_t clk_div_isp0;
uint32_t clk_div_isp1;
uint8_t res84[0x8];
uint32_t clkdiv2_ratio;
uint8_t res850[0xc];
uint32_t clkdiv4_ratio;
uint8_t res85[0x5c];
uint32_t clk_div_stat_top0;
uint32_t clk_div_stat_top1;
uint32_t clk_div_stat_top2;
uint8_t res86[0x20];
uint32_t clk_div_stat_disp10;
uint8_t res87[0x14];
uint32_t clk_div_stat_mau; /* 0x10020644 */
uint32_t clk_div_stat_fsys0;
uint32_t clk_div_stat_fsys1;
uint32_t clk_div_stat_fsys2;
uint8_t res88[0x4];
uint32_t clk_div_stat_peric0;
uint32_t clk_div_stat_peric1;
uint32_t clk_div_stat_peric2;
uint32_t clk_div_stat_peric3;
uint32_t clk_div_stat_peric4;
uint8_t res89[0x14];
uint32_t clk_div_stat_isp0;
uint32_t clk_div_stat_isp1;
uint8_t res90[0x8];
uint32_t clkdiv2_stat0;
uint8_t res91[0xc];
uint32_t clkdiv4_stat;
uint8_t res92[0x5c];
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_top; /* 0x10020700 */
uint8_t res93[0xc];
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_gscl0;
uint8_t res94[0xc];
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_gscl1;
uint8_t res95[0x4];
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_disp1;
uint8_t res96[0x4];
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_wcore;
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_mfc;
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_g3d;
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_gen;
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_fsys0;
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_fsys1;
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_fsys2;
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_mscl;
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_peric;
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_peric1;
uint8_t res97[0x8];
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_peris0;
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_peris1; /* 0x10020764 */
uint8_t res98[0x8];
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_noc;
uint8_t res99[0xac];
uint32_t clk_gate_top_sclk_gscl;
uint8_t res1000[0x4];
uint32_t clk_gate_top_sclk_disp1;
uint8_t res100[0x10];
uint32_t clk_gate_top_sclk_mau;
uint32_t clk_gate_top_sclk_fsys;
uint8_t res101[0xc];
uint32_t clk_gate_top_sclk_peric;
uint8_t res102[0xc];
uint32_t clk_gate_top_sclk_cperi;
uint8_t res103[0xc];
uint32_t clk_gate_top_sclk_isp;
uint8_t res104[0x9c];
uint32_t clk_gate_ip_gscl0;
uint8_t res105[0xc];
uint32_t clk_gate_ip_gscl1;
uint8_t res106[0x4];
uint32_t clk_gate_ip_disp1;
uint32_t clk_gate_ip_mfc;
uint32_t clk_gate_ip_g3d;
uint32_t clk_gate_ip_gen; /* 0x10020934 */
uint8_t res107[0xc];
uint32_t clk_gate_ip_fsys;
uint8_t res108[0x8];
uint32_t clk_gate_ip_peric;
uint8_t res109[0xc];
uint32_t clk_gate_ip_peris;
uint8_t res110[0xc];
uint32_t clk_gate_ip_mscl;
uint8_t res111[0xc];
uint32_t clk_gate_ip_block;
uint8_t res112[0xc];
uint32_t bypass;
uint8_t res113[0x6c];
uint32_t clkout_cmu_top;
uint32_t clkout_cmu_top_div_stat;
uint8_t res114[0xf8];
uint32_t clkout_top_spare0;
uint32_t clkout_top_spare1;
uint32_t clkout_top_spare2;
uint32_t clkout_top_spare3;
uint8_t res115[0x34e0];
uint32_t clkout_top_version;
uint8_t res116[0xc01c];
uint32_t bpll_lock; /* 0x10030010 */
uint8_t res117[0xfc];
uint32_t bpll_con0;
uint32_t bpll_con1;
uint8_t res118[0xe8];
uint32_t clk_src_cdrex;
uint8_t res119[0x1fc];
uint32_t clk_mux_stat_cdrex;
uint8_t res120[0xfc];
uint32_t clk_div_cdrex0;
uint32_t clk_div_cdrex1;
uint8_t res121[0xf8];
uint32_t clk_div_stat_cdrex;
uint8_t res1211[0xfc];
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_cdrex;
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_cdrex1;
uint8_t res122[0x1f8];
uint32_t clk_gate_ip_cdrex;
uint8_t res123[0x10];
uint32_t dmc_freq_ctrl; /* 0x10030914 */
uint8_t res124[0x4];
uint32_t pause;
uint32_t ddrphy_lock_ctrl;
uint8_t res125[0xdc];
uint32_t clkout_cmu_cdrex;
uint32_t clkout_cmu_cdrex_div_stat;
uint8_t res126[0x8];
uint32_t lpddr3phy_ctrl;
uint32_t lpddr3phy_con0;
uint32_t lpddr3phy_con1;
uint32_t lpddr3phy_con2;
uint32_t lpddr3phy_con3;
uint32_t lpddr3phy_con4;
uint32_t lpddr3phy_con5; /* 0x10030a28 */
uint32_t pll_div2_sel;
uint8_t res127[0xd0];
uint32_t cmu_cdrex_spare0;
uint32_t cmu_cdrex_spare1;
uint32_t cmu_cdrex_spare2;
uint32_t cmu_cdrex_spare3;
uint32_t cmu_cdrex_spare4;
uint8_t res128[0x34dc];
uint32_t cmu_cdrex_version; /* 0x10033ff0 */
uint8_t res129[0x400c];
uint32_t kpll_lock;
uint8_t res130[0xfc];
uint32_t kpll_con0;
uint32_t kpll_con1;
uint8_t res131[0xf8];
uint32_t clk_src_kfc;
uint8_t res132[0x1fc];
uint32_t clk_mux_stat_kfc; /* 0x10038400 */
uint8_t res133[0xfc];
uint32_t clk_div_kfc0;
uint8_t res134[0xfc];
uint32_t clk_div_stat_kfc0;
uint8_t res135[0xfc];
uint32_t clk_gate_bus_cpu_kfc;
uint8_t res136[0xfc];
uint32_t clk_gate_sclk_cpu_kfc;
uint8_t res137[0x1fc];
uint32_t clkout_cmu_kfc;
uint32_t clkout_cmu_kfc_div_stat;/* 0x10038a04 */
uint8_t res138[0x5f8];
uint32_t armclk_stopctrl_kfc;
uint8_t res139[0x4];
uint32_t armclk_ema_ctrl_kfc;
uint32_t armclk_ema_status_kfc;
uint8_t res140[0x10];
uint32_t pwr_ctrl_kfc;
uint32_t pwr_ctrl2_kfc;
uint8_t res141[0xd8];
uint32_t kpll_con0_l8;
uint32_t kpll_con0_l7;
uint32_t kpll_con0_l6;
uint32_t kpll_con0_l5;
uint32_t kpll_con0_l4;
uint32_t kpll_con0_l3;
uint32_t kpll_con0_l2;
uint32_t kpll_con0_l1;
uint32_t iem_control_kfc; /* 0x10039120 */
uint8_t res142[0xdc];
uint32_t kpll_con1_l8;
uint32_t kpll_con1_l7;
uint32_t kpll_con1_l6;
uint32_t kpll_con1_l5;
uint32_t kpll_con1_l4;
uint32_t kpll_con1_l3;
uint32_t kpll_con1_l2;
uint32_t kpll_con1_l1;
uint8_t res143[0xe0];
uint32_t clkdiv_iem_l8_kfc; /* 0x10039300 */
uint32_t clkdiv_iem_l7_kfc;
uint32_t clkdiv_iem_l6_kfc;
uint32_t clkdiv_iem_l5_kfc;
uint32_t clkdiv_iem_l4_kfc;
uint32_t clkdiv_iem_l3_kfc;
uint32_t clkdiv_iem_l2_kfc;
uint32_t clkdiv_iem_l1_kfc;
uint8_t res144[0xe0];
uint32_t l2_status_kfc;
uint8_t res145[0xc];
uint32_t cpu_status_kfc; /* 0x10039410 */
uint8_t res146[0xc];
uint32_t ptm_status_kfc;
uint8_t res147[0xbdc];
uint32_t cmu_kfc_spare0;
uint32_t cmu_kfc_spare1;
uint32_t cmu_kfc_spare2;
uint32_t cmu_kfc_spare3;
uint32_t cmu_kfc_spare4;
uint8_t res148[0x1fdc];
uint32_t cmu_kfc_version; /* 0x1003bff0 */
static struct exynos5420_clock * const exynos_clock =
struct exynos5_mct {
uint32_t mct_cfg;
uint8_t reserved0[0xfc];
uint32_t g_cnt_l;
uint32_t g_cnt_u;
uint8_t reserved1[0x8];
uint32_t g_cnt_wstat;
uint8_t reserved2[0xec];
uint32_t g_comp0_l;
uint32_t g_comp0_u;
uint32_t g_comp0_addr_incr;
uint8_t reserved3[0x4];
uint32_t g_comp1_l;
uint32_t g_comp1_u;
uint32_t g_comp1_addr_incr;
uint8_t reserved4[0x4];
uint32_t g_comp2_l;
uint32_t g_comp2_u;
uint32_t g_comp2_addr_incr;
uint8_t reserved5[0x4];
uint32_t g_comp3_l;
uint32_t g_comp3_u;
uint32_t g_comp3_addr_incr;
uint8_t reserved6[0x4];
uint32_t g_tcon;
uint32_t g_int_cstat;
uint32_t g_int_enb;
uint32_t g_wstat;
uint8_t reserved7[0xb0];
uint32_t l0_tcntb;
uint32_t l0_tcnto;
uint32_t l0_icntb;
uint32_t l0_icnto;
uint32_t l0_frcntb;
uint32_t l0_frcnto;
uint8_t reserved8[0x8];
uint32_t l0_tcon;
uint8_t reserved9[0xc];
uint32_t l0_int_cstat;
uint32_t l0_int_enb;
uint8_t reserved10[0x8];
uint32_t l0_wstat;
uint8_t reserved11[0xbc];
uint32_t l1_tcntb;
uint32_t l1_tcnto;
uint32_t l1_icntb;
uint32_t l1_icnto;
uint32_t l1_frcntb;
uint32_t l1_frcnto;
uint8_t reserved12[0x8];
uint32_t l1_tcon;
uint8_t reserved13[0xc];
uint32_t l1_int_cstat;
uint32_t l1_int_enb;
uint8_t reserved14[0x8];
uint32_t l1_wstat;
static struct exynos5_mct * const exynos_mct =
#define EXYNOS5_EPLLCON0_LOCKED_SHIFT 29 /* EPLL Locked bit position*/
#define EPLL_SRC_CLOCK 24000000 /*24 MHz Cristal Input */
#define TIMEOUT_EPLL_LOCK 1000
#define AUDIO_0_RATIO_MASK 0x0f
#define AUDIO_1_RATIO_MASK 0x0f
#define CLK_SRC_PERIC1 0x254
#define AUDIO1_SEL_MASK 0xf
#define CLK_SRC_XXTI 0x1
#define CLK_SRC_SCLK_EPLL 0x7
/* CON0 bit-fields */
#define EPLL_CON0_MDIV_MASK 0x1ff
#define EPLL_CON0_PDIV_MASK 0x3f
#define EPLL_CON0_SDIV_MASK 0x7
/* structure for epll configuration used in audio clock configuration */
struct st_epll_con_val {
unsigned int freq_out; /* frequency out */
unsigned int en_lock_det; /* enable lock detect */
unsigned int m_div; /* m divider value */
unsigned int p_div; /* p divider value */
unsigned int s_div; /* s divider value */
unsigned int k_dsm; /* k value of delta signal modulator */
* Low-level function to set the clock pre-ratio for a peripheral
* @param periph_id Peripheral ID of peripheral to change
* @param divisor New divisor for this peripheral's clock
void clock_ll_set_pre_ratio(enum periph_id periph_id, unsigned divisor);
* Low-level function to set the clock ratio for a peripheral
* @param periph_id Peripheral ID of peripheral to change
* @param divisor New divisor for this peripheral's clock
void clock_ll_set_ratio(enum periph_id periph_id, unsigned divisor);
* Low-level function that selects the best clock scalars for a given rate and
* sets up the given peripheral's clock accordingly.
* @param periph_id Peripheral ID of peripheral to change
* @param rate Desired clock rate in Hz
* @return zero on success, negative on error
int clock_set_rate(enum periph_id periph_id, unsigned int rate);
/* Clock gate unused IP */
void clock_gate(void);
void mct_start(void);
uint64_t mct_raw_value(void);
#include "dmc.h"
/* These are the ratio's for configuring ARM clock */
struct arm_clk_ratios {
unsigned int arm_freq_mhz; /* Frequency of ARM core in MHz */
unsigned int apll_mdiv;
unsigned int apll_pdiv;
unsigned int apll_sdiv;
unsigned int arm2_ratio;
unsigned int apll_ratio;
unsigned int pclk_dbg_ratio;
unsigned int atb_ratio;
unsigned int periph_ratio;
unsigned int acp_ratio;
unsigned int cpud_ratio;
unsigned int arm_ratio;
* Get the clock ratios for CPU configuration
* @return pointer to the clock ratios that we should use
struct arm_clk_ratios *get_arm_clk_ratios(void);
* Initialize clock for the device
struct mem_timings;
void system_clock_init(void);