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#!/usr/bin/python -u
# Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
Check an autotest control file for required variables.
This wrapper is invoked through autotest's PRESUBMIT.cfg for every commit
that edits a control file.
import argparse
import glob
import os
import re
import subprocess
import common
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import control_data
from autotest_lib.server.cros.dynamic_suite import reporting_utils
SUITES_NEED_RETRY = set(['bvt-arc', 'bvt-cq', 'bvt-inline'])
TESTS_NEED_ARC = 'cheets_'
class ControlFileCheckerError(Exception):
"""Raised when a necessary condition of this checker isn't satisfied."""
def IsInChroot():
"""Return boolean indicating if we are running in the chroot."""
return os.path.exists("/etc/debian_chroot")
def CommandPrefix():
"""Return an argv list which must appear at the start of shell commands."""
if IsInChroot():
return []
return ['cros_sdk', '--']
def GetOverlayPath(overlay=None):
Return the path to the overlay directory.
If the overlay path is not given, the default chromiumos-overlay path
will be returned instead.
@param overlay: The overlay repository path for autotest ebuilds.
@return normalized absolutized path of the overlay repository.
if not overlay:
ourpath = os.path.abspath(__file__)
overlay = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(ourpath),
return os.path.normpath(overlay)
def GetAutotestTestPackages(overlay=None):
Return a list of ebuilds which should be checked for test existance.
@param overlay: The overlay repository path for autotest ebuilds.
@return autotest packages in overlay repository.
overlay = GetOverlayPath(overlay)
packages = glob.glob(os.path.join(overlay, "chromeos-base/autotest-*"))
# Return the packages list with the leading overlay path removed.
return [x[(len(overlay) + 1):] for x in packages]
def GetEqueryWrappers():
"""Return a list of all the equery variants that should be consulted."""
# Note that we can't just glob.glob('/usr/local/bin/equery-*'), because
# we might be running outside the chroot.
pattern = '/usr/local/bin/equery-*'
cmd = CommandPrefix() + ['sh', '-c', 'echo %s' % pattern]
wrappers = subprocess.check_output(cmd).split()
# If there was no match, we get the literal pattern string echoed back.
if wrappers and wrappers[0] == pattern:
wrappers = []
return ['equery'] + wrappers
def GetUseFlags(overlay=None):
"""Get the set of all use flags from autotest packages.
@param overlay: The overlay repository path for autotest ebuilds.
@returns: useflags
useflags = set()
for equery in GetEqueryWrappers():
cmd_args = (CommandPrefix() + [equery, '-qC', 'uses'] +
child = subprocess.Popen(cmd_args, stdout=subprocess.PIPE,
new_useflags = child.communicate()[0].splitlines()
if child.returncode == 0:
useflags = useflags.union(new_useflags)
return useflags
def CheckSuites(ctrl_data, test_name, useflags):
Check that any test in a SUITE is also in an ebuild.
Throws a ControlFileCheckerError if a test within a SUITE
does not appear in an ebuild. For purposes of this check,
the psuedo-suite "manual" does not require a test to be
in an ebuild.
@param ctrl_data: The control_data object for a test.
@param test_name: A string with the name of the test.
@param useflags: Set of all use flags from autotest packages.
@returns: None
if (hasattr(ctrl_data, 'suite') and ctrl_data.suite and
ctrl_data.suite != 'manual'):
# To handle the case where a developer has cros_workon'd
# e.g. autotest-tests on one particular board, and has the
# test listed only in the -9999 ebuild, we have to query all
# the equery-* board-wrappers until we find one. We ALSO have
# to check plain 'equery', to handle the case where e.g. a
# developer who has never run setup_board, and has no
# wrappers, is making a quick edit to some existing control
# file already enabled in the stable ebuild.
for flag in useflags:
if flag.startswith('-') or flag.startswith('+'):
flag = flag[1:]
if flag == 'tests_%s' % test_name:
raise ControlFileCheckerError(
'No ebuild entry for %s. To fix, please do the following: 1. '
'Add your new test to one of the ebuilds referenced by '
'autotest-all. 2. cros_workon --board=<board> start '
'<your_ebuild>. 3. emerge-<board> <your_ebuild>' % test_name)
def CheckValidAttr(ctrl_data, whitelist, test_name):
Check whether ATTRIBUTES are in the whitelist.
Throw a ControlFileCheckerError if tags in ATTRIBUTES don't exist in the
@param ctrl_data: The control_data object for a test.
@param whitelist: whitelist set parsed from the attribute_whitelist file.
@param test_name: A string with the name of the test.
@returns: None
if not (whitelist >= ctrl_data.attributes):
attribute_diff = ctrl_data.attributes - whitelist
raise ControlFileCheckerError(
'Attribute(s): %s not in the whitelist in control file for test '
'named %s. If this is a new attribute, please add it into '
'AUTOTEST_DIR/site_utils/attribute_whitelist.txt file'
% (attribute_diff, test_name))
def CheckSuiteLineRemoved(ctrl_file_path):
Check whether the SUITE line has been removed since it is obsolete.
@param ctrl_file_path: The path to the control file.
@raises: ControlFileCheckerError if check fails.
with open(ctrl_file_path, 'r') as f:
for line in f.readlines():
if line.startswith('SUITE'):
raise ControlFileCheckerError(
'SUITE is an obsolete variable, please remove it from %s. '
'Instead, add suite:<your_suite> to the ATTRIBUTES field.'
% ctrl_file_path)
def CheckRetry(ctrl_data, test_name):
Check that any test in SUITES_NEED_RETRY has turned on retry.
@param ctrl_data: The control_data object for a test.
@param test_name: A string with the name of the test.
@raises: ControlFileCheckerError if check fails.
if hasattr(ctrl_data, 'suite') and ctrl_data.suite:
suites = set(x.strip() for x in ctrl_data.suite.split(',') if x.strip())
if ctrl_data.job_retries < 2 and SUITES_NEED_RETRY.intersection(suites):
raise ControlFileCheckerError(
'Setting JOB_RETRIES to 2 or greater for test in '
'%s is recommended. Please set it in the control '
'file for %s.' % (' or '.join(SUITES_NEED_RETRY), test_name))
def CheckDependencies(ctrl_data, test_name):
Check if any dependencies of a test is required
@param ctrl_data: The control_data object for a test.
@param test_name: A string with the name of the test.
@raises: ControlFileCheckerError if check fails.
if test_name.startswith(TESTS_NEED_ARC):
if not DEPENDENCY_ARC in ctrl_data.dependencies:
raise ControlFileCheckerError(
'DEPENDENCIES = \'arc\' for %s is needed' % test_name)
def main():
Checks if all control files that are a part of this commit conform to the
ChromeOS autotest guidelines.
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Process overlay arguments.')
parser.add_argument('--overlay', default=None, help='the overlay directory path')
args = parser.parse_args()
file_list = os.environ.get('PRESUBMIT_FILES')
if file_list is None:
raise ControlFileCheckerError('Expected a list of presubmit files in '
'the PRESUBMIT_FILES environment variable.')
# Parse the whitelist set from file, hardcode the filepath to the whitelist.
path_whitelist = os.path.join(common.autotest_dir,
with open(path_whitelist, 'r') as f:
whitelist = {line.strip() for line in f.readlines() if line.strip()}
# Delay getting the useflags. The call takes long time, so init useflags
# only when needed, i.e., the script needs to check any control file.
useflags = None
for file_path in file_list.split('\n'):
control_file ='.*/control(?:\.\w+)?$', file_path)
if control_file:
ctrl_file_path =
ctrl_data = control_data.parse_control(ctrl_file_path,
test_name = os.path.basename(os.path.split(file_path)[0])
except AttributeError:
# The control file may not have bug template defined.
if not useflags:
useflags = GetUseFlags(args.overlay)
CheckSuites(ctrl_data, test_name, useflags)
CheckValidAttr(ctrl_data, whitelist, test_name)
CheckRetry(ctrl_data, test_name)
CheckDependencies(ctrl_data, test_name)
if __name__ == '__main__':