FAFT Links

Self-link: go/faft-links

FAFT, short for “Fully Automated Firmware Tests”, refers to the automated firmware end-to-end tests written for ChromiumOS.

FAFT tests were originally written for the remote test driver Tauto. There is a 2021 initiative to convert FAFT tests to another remote driver, Tast. That initiative is called FAFT2Tast.

Tauto-related FAFT links

Note: Go links requires access to the Google interanet.

Link nameGo linkSource location
FAFT Linksgo/faft-linksdocs/faft-links.md
FAFT Design Docgo/faft-design-docdocs/faft-design-doc.md
FAFT PDgo/faft-pddocs/faft-pd.md
FAFT Running manualgo/faft-runningdocs/faft-how-to-run-doc.md
FAFT Code overviewgo/faft-codedocs/faft-code.md

FAFT Users Chat

There is a Google Chat room for FAFT users.

If you are unable to access the chatroom via these links, please get in touch with the ChromeOS Firmware Engprod team. This will definitely happen if you don't have an @google.com email address.