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cd $(dirname $(readlink -f $0))/..
if [[ $# -ne 1 ]]; then
echo "usage: $(basename $0) <boardname>" >&2
exit 1
# We set BOARD to be the name of the non-freon board we're
# working to swap, and FREON to the name of the corresponding
# freon board.
# For the sake of users who seem to have trouble remembering
# what to say, we allow either the freon or the non-freon
# board to be named.
case "${BOARD}" in
*?freon) FREON=${BOARD} BOARD=${FREON%?freon} ;;
*_*) FREON=${BOARD}-freon ;;
*) FREON=${BOARD}_freon ;;
# The default platform name is derived from a string in the
# firmware, not the board name. wmatrix reports results based
# on the platform name, so we can't change pre-existing platform
# names, and the freon names have to be different.
# So, calculate the non-freon platform name based on some static
# rules, and use the (freon) board name as the platform for freon
# boards.
case "${BOARD}" in
x86-*) PLATFORM=${BOARD#x86-} ;;
daisy) PLATFORM=snow ;;
daisy_spring) PLATFORM=spring ;;
daisy_skate) PLATFORM=skate ;;
parrot_ivb) PLATFORM=parrot_2 ;;
falco_li) PLATFORM=falco ;;
# BROKEN is set to the list of all broken freon boards.
BROKEN=( $(site_utils/ -n -b $FREON) )
if [[ ${#BROKEN[@]} -eq 0 ]]; then
echo "No broken DUTs for $FREON" >&2
exit 0
echo "Found ${#BROKEN[@]} broken $FREON DUTs" >&2
# Extract a list of non-freon DUTs that can be used as spares.
# Requirements for inclusion;
# - Correct board:label
# - In pool:suites
# - Not in any other pool
# - Working (according to dut_status)
# The list of working DUTs is limited to the number of
# broken DUTs to be replaced.
# HOST_FILTER is an awk program to print host names from the output
# of the `atest` command. It removes the atest command header, and
# also filters hosts with more than one pool: label.
NR == 1 || /pool:.*pool:/ {next}
{print $1}
ELIGIBLE=( $(cli/atest host list -b board:$BOARD,pool:suites |
awk "${HOST_FILTER}") )
WORKING=( $(site_utils/ -w "${ELIGIBLE[@]}" |
tail -${#BROKEN[@]}) )
if [[ ${#WORKING[@]} -eq 0 ]]; then
echo "No working $BOARD spares for $FREON" >&2
exit 1
echo "Found ${#WORKING[@]} working $BOARD DUTs" >&2
# At thos point BROKEN is a list of broken freon DUTs that need to
# be replaced, and WORKING is a list of working non-freon DUTs that
# will replace them. Check for and report any shortfall.
# If there's a shortfall, remove excess DUTs from the BROKEN list,
# so that the size of BROKEN and WORKING will be the same.
if [[ ${#WORKING[@]} -lt ${#BROKEN[@]} ]]; then
echo "$BOARD is short by $(( ${#BROKEN[@]} - ${#WORKING[@]} )) spares" >&2
echo "Not all broken DUTs will be swapped" >&2
while [[ ${#WORKING[@]} -lt ${#BROKEN[@]} ]]; do
unset BROKEN[$(( ${#BROKEN[@]} - 1 ))]
# We're good to go! Remove the freon labels from the broken freon
# DUTs, and replace them with non-freon labels. Do the reverse for
# the working non-freon DUTs.
# Ordering of the `atest` commands matters here, because you have
# to remove the old platform label before adding the new one.
BROKEN_M=$(echo "${BROKEN[@]}" | sed 's/ /,/g')
WORKING_M=$(echo "${WORKING[@]}" | sed 's/ /,/g')
cli/atest label remove -m $BROKEN_M pool:bvt board:$FREON $FREON
cli/atest label add -m $BROKEN_M pool:suites board:$BOARD $PLATFORM
cli/atest label remove -m $WORKING_M pool:suites board:$BOARD $PLATFORM
cli/atest label add -m $WORKING_M pool:bvt board:$FREON $FREON