saft: Don't invoke mosys with -f

The -f flag forces mosys to ignore the global IPC lock and sanity
checking which can be really bad if stuff like flashrom is running
at the same time.

If -f is needed due to flashrom (or something) holding the lock, then
that may indicate another issue and should be addressed.


Change-Id: I860add89c884e238c960f706ee2ae05fb0282805
Reviewed-by: Wai-Hong Tam <>
Commit-Queue: David Hendricks <>
Tested-by: David Hendricks <>
diff --git a/client/cros/faft/utils/ b/client/cros/faft/utils/
index 19bc3a1..6c6ea82 100644
--- a/client/cros/faft/utils/
+++ b/client/cros/faft/utils/
@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@
         "<name>"="value" pairs, all this output is passed to the caller.
-        mosys_cmd = 'mosys -f -k eeprom map %s' % file_name
+        mosys_cmd = 'mosys -k eeprom map %s' % file_name
         return self.os_if.run_shell_command_get_output(mosys_cmd)
     def _line_to_dictionary(self, line):