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# Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging, re, time
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.server import site_linux_router
class LinuxBridgeRouter(site_linux_router.LinuxRouter):
Linux/mac80211-style WiFi Router support for WiFiTest class.
As compared to LinuxRouter, LinuxBridgeRouter adds support for
bridging. Specifically: the wireless and wired interfaces are
bridged together.
def __init__(self, host, params, test_name):
site_linux_router.LinuxRouter.__init__(self, host, params, test_name)
self.bridgeif = params.get('bridgedev', "br-lan")
self.wiredif = params.get('wiredev', "eth0")
self.cmd_brctl = "/usr/sbin/brctl"
self.hostapd['conf']['bridge'] = self.bridgeif
self.default_config['bridge'] = self.bridgeif
# Remove all bridges.
output ="%s show" % self.cmd_brctl).stdout
test = re.compile("^(\S+).*")
for line in output.splitlines()[1:]:
m = test.match(line)
if m:
device ="%s link set %s down" % (self.cmd_ip, device))"%s delbr %s" % (self.cmd_brctl, device))
def _pre_start_hook(self, params):
if 'multi_interface' not in params:"Initializing bridge...")"%s addbr %s" %
(self.cmd_brctl, self.bridgeif))"%s setfd %s %d" %
(self.cmd_brctl, self.bridgeif, 0))"%s stp %s %d" %
(self.cmd_brctl, self.bridgeif, 0))
def _post_start_hook(self, params):
if 'multi_interface' not in params:"Setting up the bridge...")"%s addif %s %s" %
(self.cmd_brctl, self.bridgeif, self.wiredif))"%s link set %s up" %
(self.cmd_ip, self.wiredif))"%s link set %s up" %
(self.cmd_ip, self.bridgeif))
def deconfig(self, params={}):
""" De-configure the AP (will also bring wlan and the bridge down) """
site_linux_router.LinuxRouter.deconfig(self, params)
# Try a couple times to remove the bridge; hostapd may still be exiting
for attempt in range(3):"%s link set %s down" %
(self.cmd_ip, self.bridgeif), ignore_status=True)
result ="%s delbr %s" %
(self.cmd_brctl, self.bridgeif),
if not result.stderr or 'No such device' in result.stderr:
raise error.TestFail("Unable to delete bridge %s: %s" %
(self.bridgeif, result.stderr))