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# Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging
import time
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.server.cros.faft.firmware_test import FirmwareTest
from autotest_lib.server.cros import vboot_constants as vboot
class firmware_ECUpdateId(FirmwareTest):
Servo based EC test for updating EC ID for verifying EC EFS.
version = 1
def initialize(self, host, cmdline_args, dev_mode=False):
super(firmware_ECUpdateId, self).initialize(host, cmdline_args)
# Don't bother if there is no Chrome EC or if the EC is non-EFS.
if not self.check_ec_capability():
raise error.TestNAError("Nothing needs to be tested on this device")
if not
raise error.TestNAError("Nothing needs to be tested for non-EFS")
if self._no_ec_sync:
raise error.TestNAError(
"User selected to disable EC software sync")
# If EC isn't write-protected, it won't do EFS. Should enable WP.
# In order to test software sync, it must be enabled.
self.clear_set_gbb_flags(vboot.GBB_FLAG_DISABLE_EC_SOFTWARE_SYNC, 0)
self.switcher.setup_mode('dev' if dev_mode else 'normal',
# It makes updater-related RPCs to use the active AP/EC firmware,
# instead of the firmware in the shellball.
self.dev_mode = dev_mode
def cleanup(self):
# The superclass's cleanup() restores the original WP state.
# Do it before restore the firmware.
super(firmware_ECUpdateId, self).cleanup()
if self.is_firmware_saved():
except Exception as e:
logging.error("Caught exception: %s", str(e))
def setup_ec_rw_to_a(self):
"""For EC EFS, make EC boot into RW A."""
active_copy = self.servo.get_ec_active_copy()
if active_copy == 'RW_B':
from_section = 'rw_b'
to_section = 'rw'"Copy EC RW from '%s' to '%s'",
from_section, to_section), to_section)"EC reboot to switch slot. Wait DUT up...")
reboot = lambda:
self.switcher.mode_aware_reboot('custom', reboot)
def get_active_hash(self):
"""Return the current EC hash."""
ec_hash ="Current EC hash: %s", ec_hash)
return ec_hash
def active_hash_checker(self, expected_hash):
"""Check if the current EC hash equals to the given one."""
ec_hash = self.get_active_hash()
result = ec_hash == expected_hash
if not result:"Expected EC hash %s but now %s",
expected_hash, ec_hash)
return result
def active_copy_checker(self, expected_copy):
"""Check if the EC active copy is matched."""
# Get the active copy via servod (EC console).
# The result of crossystem doesn't reflect RW_B.
active_copy = self.servo.get_ec_active_copy()
result = active_copy == expected_copy
if not result:"Expected EC in %s but now in %s",
expected_copy, active_copy)
return result
def corrupt_active_rw(self):
"""Corrupt the active RW portion."""
section = 'rw'
if self.servo.get_ec_active_copy() == 'RW_B':
section = 'rw_b'"Corrupt the EC section: %s", section)
def run_once(self):
"""Execute the main body of the test.
""""Check the current state and record hash.")
self.check_state((self.active_copy_checker, 'RW'))
original_hash = self.get_active_hash()"Modify EC ID and flash it back to BIOS...")
modified_hash = self.faft_client.updater.get_ec_hash()"Reboot EC. Verify if EFS works as intended.")
self.switcher.wait_for_client()"Expect EC in another RW slot (the modified hash).")
self.check_state((self.active_copy_checker, 'RW_B'))
self.check_state((self.active_hash_checker, modified_hash))"Disable EC WP (also reboot)")
lambda:self.set_ec_write_protect_and_reboot(False))"Corrupt the active EC RW.")
self.corrupt_active_rw()"Re-enable EC WP (also reboot)")
lambda:self.set_ec_write_protect_and_reboot(True))"Expect EC recovered.")
# * EC performs EC-EFS, jumps to A, and boots AP.
# * AP software-sync's to EC B. Reboots.
# * EC performs EC-EFS and jumps to B.
self.check_state((self.active_copy_checker, 'RW_B'))
self.check_state((self.active_hash_checker, modified_hash))"Restore the original AP firmware and reboot.")
self.restore_firmware(restore_ec=False)"Expect EC restored back (the original hash).")
# * EC performs EC-EFS, jumps to B, and boots AP.
# * AP software-sync's to EC A. Reboots.
# * EC performs EC-EFS and jumps to A.
self.check_state((self.active_copy_checker, 'RW'))
self.check_state((self.active_hash_checker, original_hash))