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# Lint as: python2, python3
# Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import json, logging, os, pwd, shutil, subprocess, time
import dbus
import common
from autotest_lib.client.bin import utils
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.client.cros import semiauto_framework
from autotest_lib.client.cros.power import sys_power
_USER_TIMEOUT_TIME = 321 # Seconds a tester has to respond to prompts
_DEVICE_TIMEOUT_TIME = 321 # Seconds a tester has to pair or connect device
_ADAPTER_INTERFACE = 'org.bluez.Adapter1' # Name of adapter in DBus interface
_DEVICE_INTERFACE = 'org.bluez.Device1' # Name of a device in DBus interface
_TIME_FORMAT = '%d %b %Y %H:%M:%S' # Human-readable time format for logs
class BluetoothSemiAutoHelper(semiauto_framework.semiauto_test):
"""Generic Bluetooth SemiAutoTest.
Contains functions needed to implement an actual Bluetooth SemiAutoTest,
such as accessing the state of Bluetooth adapter/devices via dbus,
opening dialogs with tester via Telemetry browser, and getting log data.
version = 1
# Boards without Bluetooth support.
_INVALID_BOARDS = ['x86-alex', 'x86-alex_he', 'lumpy']
def _err(self, message):
"""Raise error after first collecting more information.
@param message: error message to raise and add to logs.
self.collect_logs('ERROR HAS OCCURED: %s' % message)
raise error.TestError(message)
def supports_bluetooth(self):
"""Return True if this device has Bluetooth capabilities; else False."""
device = utils.get_board()
if device in self._INVALID_BOARDS:'%s does not have Bluetooth.', device)
return False
return True
def _get_objects(self):
"""Return the managed objects for this chromebook."""
manager = dbus.Interface(
self._bus.get_object('org.bluez', '/'),
return manager.GetManagedObjects()
def _get_adapter_info(self):
"""Return the adapter interface objects, or None if not found."""
objects = self._get_objects()
for path, interfaces in objects.items():
if _ADAPTER_INTERFACE in interfaces:
self._adapter_path = path
return interfaces[_ADAPTER_INTERFACE]
return None
def _get_device_info(self, addr):
"""Return the device interface objects, or None if not found."""
objects = self._get_objects()
for _, interfaces in objects.items():
if _DEVICE_INTERFACE in interfaces:
if interfaces[_DEVICE_INTERFACE]['Address'] == addr:
return interfaces[_DEVICE_INTERFACE]
return None
def _verify_adapter_power(self, adapter_power_status):
"""Return True/False if adapter power status matches given value."""
info = self._get_adapter_info()
if not info:
self._err('No adapter found!')
return True if info['Powered'] == adapter_power_status else False
def _verify_device_connection(self, addr, paired_status=True,
"""Return True/False if device statuses match given values."""
def _check_info():
info = self._get_device_info(addr)
if info:
if (info['Paired'] != paired_status or
info['Connected'] != connected_status):
return False
return True
# Return True if no entry was found for an unpaired device
return not paired_status and not connected_status
results = _check_info()
# To avoid spotting brief connections, sleep and check again.
if results:
results = _check_info()
return results
def set_adapter_power(self, adapter_power_status):
"""Set adapter power status to match given value via dbus call.
Block until the power is set.
@param adapter_power_status: True to turn adapter on; False for off.
info = self._get_adapter_info()
if not info:
self._err('No adapter found!')
properties = dbus.Interface(
self._bus.get_object('org.bluez', self._adapter_path),
properties.Set(_ADAPTER_INTERFACE, 'Powered', adapter_power_status)
def poll_adapter_presence(self):
"""Raise error if adapter is not found after some time."""
complete = lambda: self._get_adapter_info() is not None
condition=complete, timeout=15, sleep_interval=1)
except utils.TimeoutError:
self._err('No adapter found after polling!')
def poll_adapter_power(self, adapter_power_status=True):
"""Wait until adapter power status matches given value.
@param adapter_power_status: True for adapter is on; False for off.
complete = lambda: self._verify_adapter_power(
adapter_str = 'ON' if adapter_power_status else 'OFF'
condition=complete, timeout=_DEVICE_TIMEOUT_TIME,
desc=('Timeout for Bluetooth Adapter to be %s' % adapter_str))
def _poll_connection(self, addr, paired_status, connected_status):
"""Wait until device statuses match given values."""
paired_str = 'PAIRED' if paired_status else 'NOT PAIRED'
conn_str = 'CONNECTED' if connected_status else 'NOT CONNECTED'
message = 'Waiting for device %s to be %s and %s' % (addr, paired_str,
complete = lambda: self._verify_device_connection(
addr, paired_status=paired_status,
condition=complete, timeout=_DEVICE_TIMEOUT_TIME,
sleep_interval=1, desc=('Timeout while %s' % message))
def poll_connections(self, paired_status=True, connected_status=True):
"""Wait until all Bluetooth devices have the given statues.
@param paired_status: True for device paired; False for unpaired.
@param connected_status: True for device connected; False for not.
for addr in self._addrs:
self._poll_connection(addr, paired_status=paired_status,
def login_and_open_browser(self):
"""Log in to machine, open browser, and navigate to dialog template.
Assumes the existence of 'client/cros/audio/music.mp3' file, and will
fail if not found.
# Open browser and interactive tab
# Find mounted home directory
user_home = None
for udir in os.listdir(os.path.join('/', 'home', 'user')):
d = os.path.join('/', 'home', 'user', udir)
if os.path.ismount(d):
user_home = d
if user_home is None:
raise error.TestError('Could not find mounted home directory')
# Setup Audio File
audio_dir = os.path.join(self.bindir, '..', '..', 'cros', 'audio')
loop_file = os.path.join(audio_dir, 'loop.html')
music_file = os.path.join(audio_dir, 'music.mp3')
dl_dir = os.path.join(user_home, 'Downloads')
self._added_loop_file = os.path.join(dl_dir, 'loop.html')
self._added_music_file = os.path.join(dl_dir, 'music.mp3')
shutil.copyfile(loop_file, self._added_loop_file)
shutil.copyfile(music_file, self._added_music_file)
uid = pwd.getpwnam('chronos').pw_uid
gid = pwd.getpwnam('chronos').pw_gid
os.chmod(self._added_loop_file, 0o755)
os.chmod(self._added_music_file, 0o755)
os.chown(self._added_loop_file, uid, gid)
os.chown(self._added_music_file, uid, gid)
# Open Test Dialog tab, Settings tab, and Audio file
self._settings_tab = self._browser.tabs.New()
music_tab = self._browser.tabs.New()
def ask_user(self, message):
"""Ask the user a yes or no question in an open tab.
Reset dialog page to be a question (message param) with 'PASS' and
'FAIL' buttons. Wait for answer. If no, ask for more information.
@param message: string sent to the user via browswer interaction.
"""'Asking user "%s"', message)
sandbox = 'SANDBOX:<input type="text"/>'
html = '<h3>%s</h3>%s' % (message, sandbox)
self.set_tab_with_buttons(html, buttons=['PASS', 'FAIL'])
# Intepret results.
result = self.wait_for_tab_result(timeout=_USER_TIMEOUT_TIME)
if result == 1:
# Ask for more information on error.
html='<h3>Please provide more info:</h3>'
# Get explanation of error, clear output, and raise error.
result = self.wait_for_tab_result(timeout=_USER_TIMEOUT_TIME)
self._err('Testing %s. "%s".' % (self._test_type, result))
elif result != 0:
raise error.TestError('Bad dialog value: %s' % result)'Answer was PASS')
# Clear user screen.
def tell_user(self, message):
"""Tell the user the given message in an open tab.
@param message: the text string to be displayed.
"""'Telling user "%s"', message)
html = '<h3>%s</h3>' % message
def check_working(self, message=None):
"""Steps to check that all devices are functioning.
Ask user to connect all devices, verify connections, and ask for
user input if they are working.
@param message: string of text the user is asked. Defaults to asking
the user to connect all devices.
if not message:
message = ('Please connect all devices.<br>(You may need to '
'click mice, press keyboard keys, or use the '
'Connect button in Settings.)')
self.poll_connections(paired_status=True, connected_status=True)
self.ask_user('Are all Bluetooth devices working?<br>'
'Is audio playing only through Bluetooth devices?<br>'
'Do onboard keyboard and trackpad work?')
def ask_not_working(self):
"""Ask the user pre-defined message about NOT working."""
self.ask_user('No Bluetooth devices work.<br>Audio is NOT playing '
'through onboard speakers or wired headphones.')
def start_dump(self, message=''):
"""Run btmon in subprocess.
Kill previous btmon (if needed) and start new one using current
test type as base filename. Dumps stored in results folder.
@param message: string of text added to top of log entry.
if hasattr(self, '_dump') and self._dump:
if not hasattr(self, '_test_type'):
self._test_type = 'test''Starting btmon')
filename = '%s_btmon' % self._test_type
path = os.path.join(self.resultsdir, filename)
with open(path, 'a') as f:
f.write('%s\n' % _SECTION_BREAK)
f.write('%s: Starting btmon\n' % time.strftime(_TIME_FORMAT))
f.write('%s\n' % message)
btmon_path = '/usr/bin/btmon'
self._dump = subprocess.Popen([btmon_path], stdout=f,
except Exception as e:
raise error.TestError('btmon: %s' % e)
def collect_logs(self, message=''):
"""Store results of dbus GetManagedObjects and hciconfig.
Use current test type as base filename. Stored in results folder.
@param message: string of text added to top of log entry.
"""'Collecting dbus info')
if not hasattr(self, '_test_type'):
self._test_type = 'test'
filename = '%s_dbus' % self._test_type
path = os.path.join(self.resultsdir, filename)
with open(path, 'a') as f:
f.write('%s\n' % _SECTION_BREAK)
f.write('%s: %s\n' % (time.strftime(_TIME_FORMAT), message))
f.write(json.dumps(list(self._get_objects().items()), indent=2))
f.write('\n')'Collecting hciconfig info')
filename = '%s_hciconfig' % self._test_type
path = os.path.join(self.resultsdir, filename)
with open(path, 'a') as f:
f.write('%s\n' % _SECTION_BREAK)
f.write('%s: %s\n' % (time.strftime(_TIME_FORMAT), message))
hciconfig_path = '/usr/bin/hciconfig'
subprocess.check_call([hciconfig_path, '-a'], stdout=f)
except Exception as e:
raise error.TestError('hciconfig: %s' % e)
def os_idle_time_set(self, reset=False):
"""Function to set short idle time or to reset to normal.
Not using sys_power so that user can use Bluetooth to wake machine.
@param reset: true to reset to normal idle time, false for short.
powerd_path = '/usr/bin/set_short_powerd_timeouts'
flag = '--reset' if reset else ''
subprocess.check_call([powerd_path, flag])
except Exception as e:
raise error.TestError('idle cmd: %s' % e)
def os_suspend(self):
"""Function to suspend ChromeOS using sys_power."""
# Sleep
def initialize(self):
self._bus = dbus.SystemBus()
def warmup(self, addrs='', test_phase='client', close_browser=True):
"""Warmup setting paramters for semi-automated Bluetooth Test.
Actual test steps are implemened in run_once() function.
@param: addrs: list of MAC address of Bluetooth devices under test.
@param: test_phase: for use by server side tests to, for example, call
the same test before and after a reboot.
@param: close_browser: True if client side test should close browser
at end of test.
self._addrs = addrs
self._test_type = 'start'
self._test_phase = test_phase
self._will_close_browser = close_browser
def cleanup(self):
"""Cleanup of various files/processes opened during test.
Closes running btmon, closes browser (if asked to at start), and
deletes files added during test.
if hasattr(self, '_dump'):
if hasattr(self, '_will_close_browser') and self._will_close_browser:
if (hasattr(self, '_added_loop_file')
and os.path.exists(self._added_loop_file)):
if (hasattr(self, '_added_music_file')
and os.path.exists(self._added_music_file)):