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Used to analyze the chaos logs & packet captures and produce a consolidated analysis of each test attempt in a text file.
Look at the "Sample output" below for a sample output.
Requirements: Needs tshark/wireshark installed on the host machine.
1. Install pyshark python module on the host machine. There are couple of bug fixes that are yet to be accepted upstream for us to use the vanilla version.
Download the source tarball from here:
tar xvzf pyshark.tgz
cd pyshark-master/src
python build
python install
2. Run the analyzer script from the collected log directory.
cd <Log Dir>
3. The analysis output for each attempt is stored in the same folder as the packet captures with the name: chaos_analyzer_try_[0-9].log.
Sample Output:
Packet Capture File: connect_try_4_fail.trc
AP Beacon count: 274, BSSIDs: ['00:1b:2f:d3:fb:18']
DUT packet count Tx : 4, Rx : 0, DUT: 14:7d:c5:e6:41:24
WLAN Protocol Verification
Current state: INIT. Next state: WLAN PROBE REQUEST.
Current state: WLAN PROBE REQUEST. Next state: WLAN PROBE RESPONSE. Packet number: 74, Data rate: 1Mbps.
Missing ACK for state: WLAN PROBE REQUEST!
State Machine halted at WLAN PROBE RESPONSE state!
Filtered Packet Capture Summary
74 0.319619 14:7d:c5:e6:41:24 ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff 802.11 121 Probe Request, SN=218, FN=0, Flags=........C, SSID=wnr854t_g_ch5_wpa2
99 0.377054 14:7d:c5:e6:41:24 ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff 802.11 121 Probe Request, SN=219, FN=0, Flags=........C, SSID=wnr854t_g_ch5_wpa2
102 0.387697 14:7d:c5:e6:41:24 ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff 802.11 121 Probe Request, SN=220, FN=0, Flags=........C, SSID=wnr854t_g_ch5_wpa2
141 0.557165 14:7d:c5:e6:41:24 ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff 802.11 121 Probe Request, SN=225, FN=0, Flags=........C, SSID=wnr854t_g_ch5_wpa2
Extracted Messages Log
2015-04-06T19:35:07.151703-07:00 NOTICE autotest[12338]: Connection attempt 4
2015-04-06T19:35:08.767978-07:00 WARNING kernel: [ 481.248389] mwifiex_sdio mmc2:0001:1: assoc: requested bss not found in scan results
Extracted Net Log
2015-04-06T19:35:06.963021-07:00 INFO shill[1214]: [] PushProfileInternal finished; 2 profile(s) now present.