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# Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging
import os
import time
from autotest_lib.server import test
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib.cros import tpm_utils
from autotest_lib.server.cros.multimedia import remote_facade_factory
class CfmBaseTest(test.test):
Base class for Cfm enterprise tests.
CfmBaseTest provides common setup and cleanup methods. This base class is
agnostic with respect to 'hangouts classic' vs. 'hangouts meet' - it works
for both flavors.
def initialize(self, host, run_test_only=False, skip_enrollment=False):
Initializes common test properties.
@param host: a host object representing the DUT.
@param run_test_only: Wheter to run only the test or to also perform
deprovisioning, enrollment and system reboot. If set to 'True',
the DUT must already be enrolled and past the OOB screen to be able
to execute the test.
@param skip_enrollment: Whether to skip the enrollment step. Cleanup
at the end of the test is done regardless.
super(CfmBaseTest, self).initialize()
self._host = host
self._run_test_only = run_test_only
self._skip_enrollment = skip_enrollment
self._facade_factory = remote_facade_factory.RemoteFacadeFactory(
self._host, no_chrome = True)
self.cfm_facade = self._facade_factory.create_cfm_facade()
def setup(self):
Performs common test setup operations:
- clears the TPM
- sets up servo
- enrolls the device
- skips OOBE
super(CfmBaseTest, self).setup()
if self._host.servo:
if self._run_test_only or self._skip_enrollment:
# We need to restart the browser to obtain the handle for it when
# running in test_only mode.
else:'Clearing TPM & rebooting afterwards...')
tpm_utils.ClearTPMOwnerRequest(self._host)'Enrolling device')
self.cfm_facade.enroll_device()'Skipping OOBE')
def _setup_servo(self):
Enables the USB port such that any peripheral connected to it is visible
to the DUT.
# Servos have a USB key connected for recovery. The following code
# sets up the servo so that the DUT (and not the servo) sees this
# USB key as a device.
# We do not generally need this in tests, why we ignore any
# errors here. This also seems to fail on Servo V4 but we
# don't need it in any tests with that setup.
self._host.servo.set('usb_mux_sel3', 'dut_sees_usbkey')
self._host.servo.set('dut_hub1_rst1', 'off')
except error.TestFail:
logging.warn('Failed to configure servo. This is not fatal unless '
'your test is explicitly using the servo.',
def cleanup(self, run_test_only=False):
"""Takes a screenshot, saves log files and clears the TPM."""
self.take_screenshot('%s' % self.tagged_testname)
if not self._run_test_only:'[CLEAN UP] Clearing TPM (without reboot)...')
super(CfmBaseTest, self).cleanup()
def _only_clear_tpm(self):
if not'crossystem clear_tpm_owner_request=1',
ignore_status=True).exit_status == 0:
raise error.TestFail('Unable to clear TPM.')
def take_screenshot(self, screenshot_name):
Takes a screenshot (in .png format) and saves it in the debug dir.
@param screenshot_name: Name of the screenshot file without extension.
target_dir = self.debugdir'Taking screenshot and saving under %s...',
remote_path = self.cfm_facade.take_screenshot()
if remote_path:
# Copy the screenshot from the DUT.
os.path.join(target_dir, screenshot_name + '.png'))
logging.warning('Taking screenshot failed')
except Exception as e:
logging.exception('Exception while taking a screenshot.')
def save_callgrok_logs(self):
Copies the callgrok logs from the client to test's debug directory.
callgrok_log_path = self.cfm_facade.get_latest_callgrok_file_path()
if callgrok_log_path:
os.path.join(self.debugdir, 'callgrok_logs.txt'))
logging.warning('No callgrok logs found on DUT.')
def save_packaged_app_logs(self):
Copies the packaged app logs from the client to test's debug directory.
pa_log_path = self.cfm_facade.get_latest_pa_logs_file_path()
if pa_log_path:
os.path.join(self.debugdir, 'packaged_app_logs.txt'))
logging.warning('No packaged app logs found on DUT.')
def save_all_packaged_app_logs(self):
Copies the packaged app logs from the client to test's debug directory.
pa_log_paths = self.cfm_facade.get_all_pa_logs_file_path()
if not pa_log_paths:
logging.warning('No packaged app logs found on DUT.')
for log_file in pa_log_paths:
log_filename = (
'packaged_app_log_%s.txt' % os.path.basename(log_file))
log_file, os.path.join(self.debugdir, log_filename))
def _safe_copy_file(self, remote_path, local_path):
Copies the packaged app log file from CFM to test's debug directory.
try:'Copying file "%s" from client to "%s"...',
remote_path, local_path)
self._host.get_file(remote_path, local_path)
except Exception as e:
'Exception while copying file "%s"', remote_path)