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from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import ui_utils
from autotest_lib.client.cros.input_playback import keyboard
import logging
import time
class UIPrinterHelper(object):
"""Helper lib for ChromeOS UI automation."""
def __init__(self, ui_handler=None, chrome=None):
"""ui_handler or chrome must be provided. ui_handler is an already
existing ui object."""
if not ui_handler and chrome:
self.ui = ui_utils.UI_Handler()
elif not chrome and ui_handler:
self.ui = ui_handler
raise error.TestError(
"Either the chrome object or ui_handler must be provided.")
self._keyboard = None
def print_to_custom_printer(self, printer_name, isPDF=False):
"""Open the printer menu, select the printer given and click print."""
if not self.check_print_window_open():
raise error.TestError("Print not open after setting printer.")
if self._keyboard:
def check_print_window_open(self):
"""Check if the print window is still open."""
start_time = time.time()
# Giving up to 5 seconds for the window to load.
while time.time() - start_time < 5:
if (self.ui.item_present('Destination', role='inlineTextBox') and
self.ui.item_present('Cancel', role='button')) and not (
self.ui.item_present('Loading preview')):
return True"Print Window was not open {}"
return False
def open_printer_menu(self, retry=0):
"""Open the printer menu via the Chrome Dropdown."""
if not self._is_chrome_menu_open():
self.ui.wait_for_ui_obj('/Print/', role='menuItem', isRegex=True)
self.ui.doDefault_on_obj('/Print/', isRegex=True)
if retry == 0:
except error.TestError:
def wait_for_print_ready(self):
"""Wait for the print page to fully load."""
self.ui.wait_for_ui_obj('Fit to width', role='button', timeout=30)
except:"Missing {} in {}".format("Fit to width", self.ui.get_name_role_list()))
raise error.TestError("Fit to width no load")
self.ui.wait_for_ui_obj('Loading preview', remove=True)
def open_see_more_print_sub_menu(self):
"""For now must pivot there with the KB."""
if not self._keyboard:
self._keyboard = keyboard.Keyboard()
# Some tests have a notification which causes the chrome menu
# to remain open, and loose focus on the print page.
if self._is_chrome_menu_open():
def _node_name_above_see_more_menu(self):
Return the name of the node above see more menu.
Right now "See More" is not directly clickable. There is investigation
being done as for why, but still no answer. For now we will instead
get the name of the node above it on the menu list, to "hover" over,
then down arrow + enter to select "See more".
There are some empty items that return off the list query, so we have
to filter these out. Additionally if for some odd reason we do not
find an item directly above the "See more" option, we will default
to "Save as PDF".
temp_list = []
menu_list = self.ui.get_name_role_list(role="menuListOption")
for i, item in enumerate(menu_list):
if item["name"]:
if "See more" in item["name"]:
if len(temp_list) < 2:
return "Save as PDF" # Default item above
return temp_list[-2] # First non empty item name prior.
def _is_chrome_menu_open(self):
"""Return True if the chrome dropdown menu is still open."""
return self.ui.item_present("/Print/", role="menuItem", isRegex=True)
def select_printer_from_see_more_menu(self, printer_name):
"""Click a printer from the "see more" sub menu within print page."""
if not self.is_see_more_menu_open():
raise error.TestError(
"Cannot select printer from sub menu as its not open.")
# Easier to find via regex since the actual cell has the name twice.
if not self.is_str_regex(printer_name):
printer_name = self.make_str_regex(printer_name)
self.ui.wait_for_ui_obj(printer_name, isRegex=True, role='cell')
self.ui.doDefault_on_obj(printer_name, isRegex=True, role='cell')
self.ui.wait_for_ui_obj(printer_name, role='cell', remove=True, isRegex=True)
# Wait for the "Setting up " loading icon to finish
self.ui.wait_for_ui_obj('Setting up ', remove=True)
def click_print(self, isPDF=False):
"""Click the print button. Click save if PDF."""
self.ui.doDefault_on_obj('Save' if isPDF else 'Print', role='button')
if isPDF:
pass # TODO implement the save menu
def is_see_more_menu_open(self):
"""Return True if the print menu is open."""
self.ui.wait_for_ui_obj("Select a destination", role="dialog")
except error.TestError:
return False
return True
def is_print_menu_open(self):
"""Return True if the print menu is open."""
return self.ui.item_present("Print", role="window")
def verify_print_menu_open(self):
"""Verify print menu is open. If not raise TestError."""
if not self.is_print_menu_open():
raise error.TestError(
"Cannot open See more print menu when print screen not open")
def is_str_regex(self, var):
"""Return True if the given var starts and ends with "/"."""
if len(var) < 1:
return False
if var[0] == "/" and var[-1] == "/":
return True
return False
def make_str_regex(self, var):
"""Return the provided var with a leading and ending "/"."""
return ("/" + var + "/")