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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Feedback client implementation for interacting with a human tester."""
import xmlrpclib
import common
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from import client
# Query return codes.
class Client(client.Client):
"""Human tester feedback implementation."""
def __init__(self, test_name, dut_name, remote_addr):
"""Constructs the client object.
@param test_name: The name of the test.
@param dut_name: The name of the DUT.
@param remote_addr: The 'name:port' of the remote feedback service host.
super(Client, self).__init__()
self._client_id = '%s:%s' % (test_name, dut_name)
self._remote_addr = remote_addr
self._query_num = 0
self._rpc_proxy = None
self.tmp_dir = None
self.dut_tmp_dir = None
def _make_query_call(self, query_num, query_method, **kwargs):
"""Make an RPC query call (used by query objects).
@param query_num: The unique query identifying number.
@param query_method: The query method being called.
@raise xmlrpclib.Error: An error during RPC call processing.
# XML-RPC does not support kwargs, so we just pass it as a dictionary.
return self._rpc_proxy.query_call(self._client_id, query_num,
query_method, kwargs)
# Interface overrides.
def _initialize_impl(self, test, host):
"""Initializes the feedback object.
Initializes an XML-RPC proxy and registers the client at the remote end.
@param test: An object representing the test case.
@param host: An object representing the DUT.
self._rpc_proxy = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy('http://%s' % self._remote_addr)
except xmlrpclib.Error as e:
raise error.TestError('Feedback client registration error: %s' % e)
self.tmp_dir = test.tmpdir
self.dut_tmp_dir = host.get_tmp_dir()
def _new_query_impl(self, query_id):
"""Instantiates a new query.
@param query_id: A query identifier.
@return A query object.
if query_id in client.INPUT_QUERIES:
query_cls = InputQuery
elif query_id in client.OUTPUT_QUERIES:
query_cls = OutputQuery
raise error.TestError('Unknown query (%s)' % query_id)
# Create, register and return a new query.
self._query_num += 1
self._rpc_proxy.new_query(self._client_id, query_id, self._query_num)
except xmlrpclib.Error as e:
raise error.TestError('Feedback query registration error: %s' % e)
return query_cls(self, self._query_num)
def _finalize_impl(self):
"""Finalizes the feedback object."""
except xmlrpclib.Error as e:
raise error.TestError(
'Feedback client deregistration error: %s' % e)
class _Query(object):
"""Human tester feedback query base class."""
def __init__(self, client, query_num):
super(_Query, self).__init__()
self.client = client
self.query_num = query_num
def _make_query_call(self, query_method, **kwargs):
ret, desc = self.client._make_query_call(self.query_num,
query_method, **kwargs)
except xmlrpclib.Error as e:
ret, desc = QUERY_RET_ERROR, str(e)
if ret == QUERY_RET_FAIL:
raise error.TestFail('Tester feedback request failed: %s' % desc)
if ret == QUERY_RET_ERROR:
raise error.TestError('Tester feedback request error: %s' % desc)
raise error.TestError('Unknown feedback call return code (%s)' % ret)
# Interface overrides.
def _prepare_impl(self, **kwargs):
self._make_query_call('prepare', **kwargs)
def _validate_impl(self, **kwargs):
self._make_query_call('validate', **kwargs)
class OutputQuery(_Query, client.OutputQuery):
"""Human tester feedback output query."""
def __init__(self, client, query_num):
super(OutputQuery, self).__init__(client, query_num)
class InputQuery(_Query, client.InputQuery):
"""Human tester feedback input query."""
def __init__(self, client, query_num):
super(InputQuery, self).__init__(client, query_num)
# Interface override.
def _emit_impl(self):