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# Copyright 2020 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""The autotest performing uart_stress_tester on EC uart port. """
import logging
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.server.cros.faft.cr50_test import Cr50Test
FLAG_FILENAME = '/tmp/chargen_testing'
# A ChromeOS TPM command to burden CR50.
TPM_CMD = ('trunks_client --stress_test')
# A command line to burden Cr50 with TPM_CMD as long as FLAG_FILENAME exists.
CR50_LOAD_GEN_CMD = 'while [ -f %s ]; do %s; done &' % (FLAG_FILENAME, TPM_CMD)
# Character generator
CHARGEN_CMD = 'chargen'
class firmware_Cr50CCDUartStress(Cr50Test):
"""A test that checks character loss with a UART and TPM stress workload."""
version = 1
flag_filename = '/tmp/chargen_testing'
def initialize(self, host, cmdline_args, full_args):
"""Initialize the test
TestNAError: if the test environment is not properly set.
e.g. the servo type doesn't support this test, or
EC Uart command, chargen is not available.
self).initialize(host, cmdline_args, full_args)
# Don't bother if there is no Chrome EC or if EC hibernate doesn't work.
if not self.check_ec_capability():
raise error.TestNAError('Nothing needs to be tested on this device')
# Check EC chargen is available.
if not
raise error.TestNAError('chargen command is not available in EC.')'Checked EC has the uart command, %r.', CHARGEN_CMD)
# Check CCD is in servo_type.
servo_type = self.servo.get_servo_version()
if 'ccd_cr50' not in servo_type:
raise error.TestNAError('unsupported servo type: %s' % servo_type)'Checked the servo type is %r.', servo_type)
# Fast open cr50 and enable testlab.
self.fast_ccd_open(enable_testlab=True)'CCD opened.')
# Change active device as ccd_cr50.
if self.servo.has_control('active_v4_device'):
self.active_dev = 'ccd_cr50'
self.servo.set('active_v4_device', self.active_dev)
except error.TestFail as e:
raise error.TestNAError('cannot change active_v4_device: %s' %
str(e))'Set the active v4 device as %r.', self.active_dev)
self.active_dev = ''
# Store the original status of EC ec3po_interp_connect.
self.ec_ec3po_connect = self.servo.get('ec_ec3po_interp_connect',
# turn off EC ec3po_interp_connect
self.servo.set('ec_ec3po_interp_connect', 'off', prefix=self.active_dev)'Turned off ec3po.')
def cleanup(self):
"""Clean up Uart stress test, then cleanup Cr50Test"""
# Terminate cr50 stressing command run.'rm -f ' + FLAG_FILENAME)
# Restore EC ec3po interpreter connect config.
if hasattr(self, 'ec_ec3po_connect'):
self.servo.set('ec_ec3po_interp_connect', self.ec_ec3po_connect,
prefix=self.active_dev)'Recovered ec3po.')
# Cleanup super class
super(firmware_Cr50CCDUartStress, self).cleanup()
def run_once(self, duration):
"""The method called by the control file to start the test.
duration: time in seconds to run uart_stress_tester.
TestFail: uart_stress_tester returned non-zero exit code for
character loss or other reasons.
# Run TPM command to stress cr50 in CPU.'Start to stress cr50 with TPM commands.')'touch ' + FLAG_FILENAME)'nohup sh -c %r &> /dev/null' % CR50_LOAD_GEN_CMD)
# Run uart_stress_tester.
uart_pty = self.servo.get('raw_ec_uart_pty', prefix=self.active_dev)
testcmd = ' -t %d -d %s' % (duration, uart_pty)'Run Uart stress tester for %d seconds.', duration)
self.servo.system(testcmd, timeout=duration*2)
except error.AutoservRunError:
raise error.TestFail('Uart stress tester failed.')'Uart stress tester passed.')