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# Copyright (c) 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging
import os
from autotest_lib.client.bin import utils
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.client.cros import touch_playback_test_base
class touch_WakeupSource(touch_playback_test_base.touch_playback_test_base):
"""Check that touchpad/touchscreen are set/not set as wake sources."""
version = 1
# Devices whose touchpads should not be a wake source.
# Note, starting with octopus platform, convertibles should enable touchpad
# wake. If you wish to enable on previous devices, see furquan@ doc
# go/cros-trackpad-wake and/or consult chromeos-platform-power@ for more
# details.
_NO_TOUCHPAD_WAKE = ['clapper', 'glimmer', 'veyron_minnie', 'caroline',
'eve', 'kevin', 'pyro']
# Devices with Synaptics touchpads that do not report wake source,
# or reference platforms like Rambi which are broken but do not ship,
# or devices like Cyan which don't report this way:
_INVALID_TOUCHPADS = ['x86-alex', 'x86-alex_he', 'x86-zgb', 'x86-zgb_he',
'x86-mario', 'stout', 'rambi', 'cyan']
_INVALID_TOUCHSCREENS = ['cyan', 'nocturne', 'sumo', 'ultima']
def _find_wakeup_file(self, input_type):
"""Return path to wakeup file or None.
If the file does not exist, check the parent bus for wakeup rules
as well, as is the setup for some devices.
@param input_type: e.g. 'touchpad' or 'mouse'. See parent class for
all options.
@raises: TestError if input_type lacks required information.
device_dir = self.player.devices[input_type].device_dir
if not device_dir:
raise error.TestError('No device directory for %s!' % input_type)
filename = os.path.join(device_dir, 'power', 'wakeup')
if not os.path.isfile(filename):'%s not found for %s', filename, input_type)
# Look for wakeup file on parent bus instead.
event = self.player.devices[input_type].node.split('/')[-1]
parent = None
i2c_devices_dir = os.path.join('/', 'sys', 'bus', 'i2c', 'devices')
for device_dir in os.listdir(i2c_devices_dir):
event_search = os.path.join(i2c_devices_dir, device_dir, '*',
'input', 'input*', event)
match_count ='ls %s 2>/dev/null | wc -l' % (
if int(match_count) > 0:
parent = os.path.join(i2c_devices_dir, device_dir)
if parent is None:'Could not find parent bus for %s.', input_type)
return None'Parent bus of %s is %s.', input_type, parent)
filename = os.path.join(parent, 'power', 'wakeup')
if not os.path.isfile(filename):'%s not found either.', filename)
return None
return filename
def _is_wake_source(self, input_type):
"""Return True if the given device is a wake source, else False.
If the file does not exist, return False.
@param input_type: e.g. 'touchpad' or 'mouse'. See parent class for
all options.
@raises: TestError if test cannot interpret the file contents.
filename = self._find_wakeup_file(input_type)
if filename is None:
return False
result ='cat %s' % filename).stdout.strip()
if result == 'enabled':'Found that %s is a wake source.', input_type)
return True
elif result == 'disabled':'Found that %s is not a wake source.', input_type)
return False
raise error.TestError('Wakeup file for %s said "%s".' %
(input_type, result))
def run_once(self):
"""Entry point of this test."""
# Check that touchpad is a wake source for all but the excepted boards.
if (self._has_touchpad and
self._platform not in self._INVALID_TOUCHPADS):
if self._platform in self._NO_TOUCHPAD_WAKE:
if self._is_wake_source('touchpad'):
raise error.TestFail('Touchpad is a wake source!')
if not self._is_wake_source('touchpad'):
raise error.TestFail('Touchpad is not a wake source!')
# Check that touchscreen is not a wake source (if present).
# Devices without a touchpad should have touchscreen as wake source.
if (self._has_touchscreen and
self._platform not in self._INVALID_TOUCHSCREENS):
touchscreen_wake = self._is_wake_source('touchscreen')
if self._has_touchpad and touchscreen_wake:
raise error.TestFail('Touchscreen is a wake source!')
if not self._has_touchpad and not touchscreen_wake:
raise error.TestFail('Touchscreen is not a wake source!')