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# (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 2006
# Author: Dustin Kirkland <>
# Description:
# Input: Two or more files containing results from different executions of
# the LTP. The input can either be file names or the url location
# of the ltp.results file.
# Output: A report on the following:
# - The total number of tests executed in each run
# - The testname, sequence number, and output of each run
# where the results of those runs differ
# Return:
# 0 if all runs had identical results
# Non-zero if results differ, or bad input
import sys, re
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import utils
def usage():
"""Show script help text."""
print "\nUsage: \n\
ltp-diff results1 results2 ... locationN \n\
Note: location[1,2,N] may be local files or URLs of LTP results\n"
def get_results(results_files):
Download the results if needed.
Return results of each run in a numerically-indexed dictionary
of dictionaries keyed on testnames.
Return dictionary keyed on unique testnames across all runs.
@param results_files: list of result-file names (or url locations).
r = re.compile('(\S+\s+\S+)\s+(\S+)\s+:')
i = 0
runs = {}
testnames = {}
for file in results_files:
runs[i] = {}
fh = utils.urlopen(file)
results = fh.readlines()
print "ERROR: reading results resource [%s]" % (file)
for line in results:
s = r.match(line)
testname =
status =
runs[i][testname] = status
testnames[testname] = 1
i += 1
return (runs, testnames)
def compare_results(runs):
Loop through all testnames alpahbetically.
Print any testnames with differing results across runs.
Return 1 if any test results across runs differ.
Return 0 if all test results match.
@param runs: dict of test status from get_results().
rc = 0
print "LTP Test Results to Compare"
for i in range(len(runs)):
print " Run[%d]: %d" % (i, len(runs[i].keys()))
print ""
header = 0
all_testnames = testnames.keys()
for testname in all_testnames:
differ = 0
for i in range(1,len(runs)):
# Must handle testcases that executed in one run
# but not another by setting status to "null"
if not runs[i].has_key(testname):
runs[i][testname] = "null"
if not runs[i-1].has_key(testname):
runs[i-1][testname] = "null"
# Check for the results inconsistencies
if runs[i][testname] != runs[i-1][testname]:
differ = 1
if differ:
if header == 0:
# Print the differences header only once
print "Tests with Inconsistent Results across Runs"
print " %-35s:\t%s" % ("Testname,Sequence", "Run Results")
header = 1
# Print info if results differ
rc = 1
testname_cleaned = re.sub('\s+', ',', testname)
print " %-35s:\t" % (testname_cleaned),
all_results = ""
for i in range(len(runs)):
all_results += runs[i][testname]
if i+1<len(runs):
all_results += "/"
print all_results
if rc == 0:
print "All LTP results are identical"
return rc
# Main #
if (len(sys.argv) < 2):
(runs, testnames) = get_results(sys.argv)
rc = compare_results(runs)