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"""Utility class representing the spec for a USB device.
The file lists all known USB device specs.
class UsbDeviceSpec(object):
"""Utility class representing the spec for a CfM USB device."""
# Dictionary of all UsbDeviceSpec instance that have been created.
# Mapping from vid_pid to UsbDeviceSpec instance.
_all_specs = {}
def __init__(self, vid, pid, product, interfaces):
@param vid: Vendor ID. String.
@param pid: Product ID. String.
@param product: Product description. String
@param interfaces: List of strings
self._vid = vid
self._pid = pid
self._product = product
self._interfaces = interfaces
self.__class__._all_specs[self.vid_pid] = self
def get_usb_device_spec(cls, vid_pid):
"""Looks up UsbDeviceSpec by vid_pid."""
return cls._all_specs.get(vid_pid)
def vendor_id(self):
"""Returns the vendor id for this USB device."""
return self._vid
def product_id(self):
"""Returns the product id for this USB device."""
return self._pid
def vid_pid(self):
"""Return the <vendor_id>:<product_id> as a string."""
return '%s:%s' % (self._vid, self._pid)
def product(self):
"""Returns the product name."""
return self._product
def interfaces(self):
"""Returns the list of interfaces."""
return self._interfaces
def __str__(self):
return self.__repr__()
def __repr__(self):
return "%s (%s)" % (self._product, self.vid_pid)