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# Copyright 2019 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""This is a temporary module to help scheduling paygen suites in trampoline.
In trampoline, paygen suites are scheduled via skylab create-test, to schedule
every paygen test independently, instead of creating a paygen suite via
skylab create-suite.
import re
import common
from autotest_lib.server.cros.dynamic_suite import control_file_getter
from autotest_lib.server.cros.dynamic_suite import suite_common
def is_paygen_suite(suite_name):
"""Check if it's to run a paygen suite in trampoline."""
paygen_au_regexp = 'paygen_au_*'
return re.match(paygen_au_regexp, suite_name) is not None
def get_paygen_tests(build, suite_name):
"""Parse paygen tests from au control files."""
if not is_paygen_suite(suite_name):
raise ValueError('Cannot download paygen test control files for '
'non-paygen suite %s' % suite_name)
ds, _ = suite_common.stage_build_artifacts(
build, artifacts=['%s_suite' % suite_name])
cf_getter = control_file_getter.DevServerGetter(build, ds)
tests = suite_common.retrieve_for_suite(cf_getter, suite_name)
return suite_common.filter_tests(
tests, suite_common.name_in_tag_predicate(suite_name))
def paygen_skylab_args(test, suite_name, image, pool, board, model,
timeout_mins, qs_account, service_account):
"""Form args for requesting paygen tests in skylab."""
args = ['-image', image]
args += ['-pool', pool]
if board is not None:
args += ['-board', board]
if model is not None:
args += ['-model', model]
args += ['-timeout-mins', str(timeout_mins)]
tags = ['skylab:run_suite_trampoline',
'build:%s' % image,
'suite:%s' % suite_name]
for t in tags:
args += ['-tag', t]
keyvals = ['build:%s' % image,
'suite:%s' % suite_name,
'label:%s/%s/%s' % (image, suite_name,]
for k in keyvals:
args += ['-keyval', k]
# Paygen test expects a space-separated string of name=value pairs.
# See http://shortn/_C8r3rC0rOP.
test_args = ['name=%s' % test.suite,
'update_type=%s' % test.update_type,
'source_release=%s' % test.source_release,
'target_release=%s' % test.target_release,
'target_payload_uri=%s' % test.target_payload_uri,
'source_payload_uri=%s' % test.source_payload_uri,
'suite=%s' % test.suite,
'source_archive_uri=%s' % test.source_archive_uri]
args += ['-test-args', ' '.join(test_args)]
if qs_account:
args += ['-qs-account', qs_account]
args += ['-service-account-json', service_account]
return args + ['autoupdate_EndToEndTest']