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#pylint: disable-msg=C0111
# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Fakes for dynamic_suite-related unit tests."""
import common
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import control_data
class FakeControlData(control_data.ControlData):
"""A fake parsed control file data structure."""
def __init__(self, suite, attributes, data, time='LONG', expr=False,
dependencies=None, job_retries=0):
self.string = 'text-' + data = 'name-' + data
self.path = None # Will be set during 'parsing'. = data
self.suite = suite
self.attributes = attributes
self.test_type = 'Client'
self.experimental = expr
if not dependencies:
self.dependencies = dependencies
self.time = time
self.sync_count = 1
self.job_retries = job_retries
self.bug_template = {}
self.require_ssp = None
self.priority = 10 = False
class FakeJob(object):
"""Faked out RPC-client-side Job object."""
def __init__(self, id=0, statuses=[], hostnames=[], parent_job_id=None): = id
self.hostnames = hostnames if hostnames else ['host%d' % id]
self.owner = 'tester' = 'Fake Job %d' %
self.statuses = statuses
self.parent_job_id = parent_job_id
class FakeHost(object):
"""Faked out RPC-client-side Host object."""
def __init__(self, hostname='', status='Ready', locked=False, locked_by=''):
self.hostname = hostname
self.status = status
self.locked = locked
self.locked_by = locked_by
def __str__(self):
return '%s: %s. %s%s' % (
self.hostname, self.status,
'Locked' if self.locked else 'Unlocked',
' by %s' % self.locked_by if self.locked else '')
class FakeLabel(object):
"""Faked out RPC-client-side Label object."""
def __init__(self, id=0): = id
class FakeStatus(object):
"""Fake replacement for server-side job status objects.
@var status: 'GOOD', 'FAIL', 'ERROR', etc.
@var test_name: name of the test this is status for
@var reason: reason for failure, if any
@var aborted: present and True if the job was aborted. Optional.
def __init__(self, code, name, reason, aborted=None,
hostname=None, subdir='fake_Test.tag.subdir_tag',
self.status = code
self.test_name = name
self.reason = reason
self.hostname = hostname if hostname else 'hostless'
self.entry = {}
self.test_started_time = '2012-11-11 11:11:11'
self.test_finished_time = '2012-11-11 12:12:12'
if aborted:
self.entry['aborted'] = True
if hostname:
self.entry['host'] = {'hostname': hostname}
def __repr__(self):
return '%s\t%s\t%s: %s' % (self.status, self.test_name, self.reason,
def equals_record(self, status):
"""Compares this object to a recorded status."""
if 'aborted' in self.entry and self.entry['aborted']:
return status._status == 'ABORT'
return (self.status == status._status and
status._test_name.endswith(self.test_name) and
self.reason == status._reason)
def equals_hostname_record(self, status):
"""Compares this object to a recorded status.
Expects the test name field of |status| to contain |self.hostname|.
return (self.status == status._status and
self.hostname in status._test_name and
self.reason == status._reason)
def record_all(self, record):
def is_good(self):
def name(self):
return self.test_name
class FakeMultiprocessingPool(object):
"""Fake multiprocessing pool to mock out the map method."""
def __init__(self, processes=None, initializer=None, initargs=(),
def map(self, func, iterable, chunksize=None):
"""Use the standard map() built-in instead of"""
return map(func, iterable)
def close(self):
def join(self):