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from __future__ import unicode_literals
# NOTE: send bvt to BVT
# send everything else to SUITES
# This decision has to be made on a pool by pool basis.
"bvt": "DUT_POOL_BVT",
"suites": "DUT_POOL_SUITES",
"labstation_main": "DUT_POOL_SUITES",
"lab_automation": "DUT_POOL_SUITES",
"wificell": "DUT_POOL_SUITES",
"cros": "EC_TYPE_CHROME_OS",
class Labels(object):
"""a queryable interface to labels taken from autotest"""
def __init__(self, labels=None):
self.bools = set()
self.strings = {}
if isinstance(labels, Labels):
elif labels:
for label in labels:
def __len__(self):
return len(self.bools) + len(self.strings)
def __eq__(self, other):
return self.bools == other.bools and self.strings == other.strings
def _add_label(self, name):
"""add a label with a name of the autotest form:
key or key:value.
key, sep, value = name.partition(":")
if sep:
self.strings.setdefault(key, [])
def get_bool(self, x):
return x in self.bools
def get_string(self, x, default=None):
item = self.strings.get(x, [])
# TODO(gregorynisbet) -- what should we actually do if there's more than
# one value associated with the same key?
if item:
return item[0]
return default
def get_all_strings(self, x, default=None):
return self.strings.get(x, [])
def get_enum(self, x, default=None, prefix=None):
if default is None:
default = "INVALID"
raw = self.get_string(x, default=default)
return prefix + raw.upper()
def get_enum_or_none(self, x, prefix=None):
assert prefix.endswith("_")
raw = self.get_string(x, default=None)
if raw is None:
return None
return prefix + raw.upper()
def bool_keys_starting_with(self, prefix):
"""get the boolean keys beginning with
a certain prefix.
Takes time proportional to the number of boolean keys.
for x in self.bools:
if x.startswith(prefix):
yield x
def _critical_pools(l):
atest_pools = l.get_all_strings("pool")
out = []
for value in atest_pools:
return out
def _cr50_phase(l):
return l.get_enum("cr50", prefix="CR50_PHASE_")
def _cts_abi(l):
"""The ABI has the structure cts_abi_x86 and cts_abi_arm
instead of the expected cts_abi:x86 and cts_abi_arm
out = []
for abi in ["cts_abi_x86", "cts_abi_arm"]:
if l.get_bool(abi):
return out
def _ec_type(l):
"""Get the ec type."""
name = l.get_string("ec")
return EC_TYPE_ATEST_TO_SK.get(name, None)
def _video_acceleration(l):
"""produce a list of enums corresponding
to the video_acc_ keys in the atest format
out = []
for key in l.bool_keys_starting_with("video_acc"):
_, delim, suffix = key.rpartition("video_acc_")
assert delim == "video_acc_"
out.append("VIDEO_ACCELERATION" + _ + suffix.upper())
return out
def _platform(l):
return l.get_string("platform") or l.get_string("Platform")
def process_labels(labels, platform):
"""produce a JSON object of the kind accepted by skylab add-dut
for the labels from autotest
l = Labels(labels)
# The enum-type keys below default to None
# except for 'telephony' and 'modem', which default to ''
# This is intentional.
# This function will always return a json-like Python data object,
# even in cases where some normally required fields are missing.
# The explicit None is there as an explicit placeholder.
return {
# boolean keys in label
"arc": l.get_bool("arc"),
# string keys in label
"board": l.get_string("board", default=None),
"cr50Phase": _cr50_phase(l),
"model": l.get_string("model", default=None),
"platform": platform,
"referenceDesign": l.get_string("reference_design"),
# enum keys
"ecType": _ec_type(l),
"osType": l.get_enum("os", prefix="OS_TYPE_"),
"phase": l.get_enum("phase", prefix="PHASE_"),
# list of enum keys
"criticalPools": _critical_pools(l),
"ctsAbi": _cts_abi(l),
# capabilities substructure
"capabilities": {
# boolean keys in capabilities
"atrus": l.get_bool("atrus"),
"bluetooth": l.get_bool("bluetooth"),
"detachablebase": l.get_bool("detachablebase"),
"flashrom": l.get_bool("flashrom"),
"hotwording": l.get_bool("hotwording"),
"internalDisplay": l.get_bool("internal_display"),
"lucidsleep": l.get_bool("lucidsleep"),
"touchpad": l.get_bool("touchpad"),
"webcam": l.get_bool("webcam"),
# string keys in capabilities
"brand": l.get_string("brand-code", default=None),
"modem": l.get_string("modem", default=""),
"power": l.get_string("power", default=None),
"sku": l.get_string("sku", default=None),
"storage": l.get_string("storage", default=None),
"telephony": l.get_string("telephony", default=""),
# enum keys in capabilities
"carrier": l.get_enum("carrier", prefix="CARRIER_"),
# peripherals substructure
"peripherals": {
"audioBoard": l.get_bool("audio_board"),
"audioBox": l.get_bool("audio_box"),
"audioLoopbackDongle": l.get_bool("audio_loopback_dongle"),
"chameleon": l.get_bool("chameleon"),
"chameleonType": l.get_enum("chameleon", prefix="CHAMELEON_TYPE_"),
"conductive": l.get_bool("conductive"),
"huddly": l.get_bool("huddly"),
"mimo": l.get_bool("mimo"),
"servo": l.get_bool("servo"),
"stylus": l.get_bool("stylus"),
"wificell": l.get_bool("wificell"),
# test hints substructure
"testCoverageHints": {
"chaosDut": l.get_bool("chaos_dut"),
"chromesign": l.get_bool("chromesign"),
"hangoutApp": l.get_bool("hangout_app"),
"meetApp": l.get_bool("meet_app"),
"recoveryTest": l.get_bool("recovery_test"),
"testAudiojack": l.get_bool("test_audio_jack"),
"testHdmiaudio": l.get_bool("test_hdmiaudio"),
"testUsbprinting": l.get_bool("test_usbprinting"),
"usbDetect": l.get_bool("usb_detect"),