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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Definition of a CrOS suite in skylab.
This file is a simplicication of dynamic_suite.suite without any useless
features for skylab suite.
Suite class in this file mainly has 2 features:
1. Integrate parameters from control file & passed in arguments.
2. Find proper child tests for a given suite.
Use case:
See _run_suite() in skylab_suite.run_suite_skylab.
from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function
import collections
import logging
import os
from lucifer import autotest
from skylab_suite import errors
from skylab_suite import swarming_lib
SuiteSpec = collections.namedtuple(
SuiteHandlerSpec = collections.namedtuple(
TestHandlerSpec = collections.namedtuple(
TestSpec = collections.namedtuple(
class SuiteHandler(object):
"""The class for handling a CrOS suite run.
Its responsibility includes handling retries for child tests.
def __init__(self, specs, client):
self._suite_name = specs.suite_name
self._wait = specs.wait
self._timeout_mins = specs.timeout_mins
# TODO(akeshet): Delete this variable and references to it.
self._provision_num_required = specs.provision_num_required
self._test_retry = specs.test_retry
self._max_retries = specs.max_retries
# The swarming task id of the suite that this suite_handler is handling,
# which is not yet known at SuiteHandler creation time.
self._suite_id = None
# The swarming task id of current run_suite_skylab process. It could be
# different from self._suite_id if a suite_id is passed in.
self._task_id = os.environ.get('SWARMING_TASK_ID')
self._task_to_test_maps = {}
self.successfully_provisioned_duts = set()
self._client = client
# It only maintains the swarming task of the final run of each
# child task, i.e. it doesn't include failed swarming tasks of
# each child task which will get retried later.
self._active_child_tasks = []
def should_wait(self):
"""Return whether to wait for a suite's result."""
return self._wait
def is_provision(self):
"""Return whether the suite handler is for provision suite."""
return self._suite_name == 'provision'
def set_suite_id(self, suite_id):
"""Set swarming task id for a suite.
@param suite_id: The swarming task id of this suite.
self._suite_id = suite_id
def add_test_by_task_id(self, task_id, test_handler_spec):
"""Record a child test and its swarming task id.
@param task_id: the swarming task id of a child test.
@param test_handler_spec: a TestHandlerSpec object.
self._task_to_test_maps[task_id] = test_handler_spec
def get_test_by_task_id(self, task_id):
"""Get a child test by its swarming task id.
@param task_id: the swarming task id of a child test.
return self._task_to_test_maps[task_id]
def remove_test_by_task_id(self, task_id):
"""Delete a child test by its swarming task id.
@param task_id: the swarming task id of a child test.
self._task_to_test_maps.pop(task_id, None)
def set_max_retries(self, max_retries):
"""Set the max retries for a suite.
@param max_retries: The current maximum retries to set.
self._max_retries = max_retries
def task_to_test_maps(self):
"""Get the task_to_test_maps of a suite."""
return self._task_to_test_maps
def timeout_mins(self):
"""Get the timeout minutes of a suite."""
return self._timeout_mins
def suite_id(self):
"""Get the swarming task id of a suite."""
return self._suite_id
def task_id(self):
"""Get swarming task id of current process."""
return self._task_id
def max_retries(self):
"""Get the max num of retries of a suite."""
return self._max_retries
def get_active_child_tasks(self, suite_id):
"""Get the child tasks which is actively monitored by a suite.
The active child tasks list includes tasks which are currently running
or finished without following retries. E.g.
Suite task X:
child task 1: x1 (first try x1_1, second try x1_2)
child task 2: x2 (first try: x2_1)
The final active child task list will include task x1_2 and x2_1, won't
include x1_1 since it's a task which is finished but get retried later.
all_tasks = self._client.get_child_tasks(suite_id)
return [t for t in all_tasks if t['task_id'] in self._task_to_test_maps]
def handle_results(self, suite_id):
"""Handle child tasks' results."""
self._active_child_tasks = self.get_active_child_tasks(suite_id)
self.retried_tasks = [t for t in self._active_child_tasks
if self._should_retry(t)]'Found %d tests to be retried.', len(self.retried_tasks))
def _check_all_tasks_finished(self):
"""Check whether all tasks are finished, including retried tasks."""
finished_tasks = [t for t in self._active_child_tasks if
t['state'] in swarming_lib.TASK_FINISHED_STATUS]'%d/%d child tasks finished, %d got retried.',
len(finished_tasks), len(self._active_child_tasks),
return (len(finished_tasks) == len(self._active_child_tasks)
and not self.retried_tasks)
def _any_task_succeeded(self):
"""Determines if any child completed with success."""
for t in self._active_child_tasks:
if (swarming_lib.get_task_final_state(t) ==
return True
return False
def is_provision_successfully_finished(self):
"""Check whether provision succeeds."""'Found %d successfully provisioned duts, '
'the minimum requirement is %d',
return (len(self.successfully_provisioned_duts) >=
def is_finished_waiting(self):
"""Check whether the suite should finish its waiting."""
if self.is_provision():
if self._any_task_succeeded():
return True
return self._check_all_tasks_finished()
def _should_retry(self, test_result):
"""Check whether a test should be retried.
We will retry a test if:
1. The test-level retry is enabled for this suite.
2. The test fails.
3. The test is currently monitored by the suite, i.e.
it's not a previous retried test.
4. The test has remaining retries based on JOB_RETRIES in
its control file.
5. The suite-level max retries isn't hit.
@param test_result: A json test result from swarming API.
@return True if we should retry the test.
task_id = test_result['task_id']
state = test_result['state']
is_failure = test_result['failure']
return (self._test_retry and
((state == swarming_lib.TASK_COMPLETED and is_failure)
or (state in swarming_lib.TASK_STATUS_TO_RETRY))
and (task_id in self._task_to_test_maps)
and (self._task_to_test_maps[task_id].remaining_retries > 0)
and (self._max_retries > 0))
class Suite(object):
"""The class for a CrOS suite."""
def __init__(self, spec, client):
"""Initialize a suite.
@param spec: A SuiteSpec object.
@param client: A swarming_lib.Client instance.
self._ds = None
self.control_file = ''
self.test_specs = []
self.builds = spec.builds
self.test_source_build = spec.test_source_build
self.suite_name = spec.suite_name
self.suite_file_name = spec.suite_file_name
self.priority = spec.priority
self.board = spec.board
self.model = spec.model
self.pool = spec.pool
self.job_keyvals = spec.job_keyvals
self.minimum_duts = spec.minimum_duts
self.timeout_mins = spec.timeout_mins
self.quota_account = spec.quota_account
self._client = client
def ds(self):
"""Getter for private |self._ds| property.
This ensures that once self.ds is called, there's a devserver ready
for it.
if self._ds is None:
raise errors.InValidPropertyError(
'Property self.ds is None. Please call stage_suite_artifacts() '
'before calling it.')
return self._ds
def _get_cros_build(self):
provision = autotest.load('server.cros.provision')
return self.builds.get(provision.CROS_VERSION_PREFIX,
def _create_suite_keyvals(self):
constants = autotest.load('server.cros.dynamic_suite.constants')
provision = autotest.load('server.cros.provision')
cros_build = self._get_cros_build()
keyvals = {
constants.JOB_BUILD_KEY: cros_build,
constants.JOB_SUITE_KEY: self.suite_name,
constants.JOB_BUILDS_KEY: self.builds
if (cros_build != self.test_source_build or
len(self.builds) > 1):
keyvals[constants.JOB_TEST_SOURCE_BUILD_KEY] = (
for prefix, build in self.builds.iteritems():
if prefix == provision.FW_RW_VERSION_PREFIX:
keyvals[constants.FWRW_BUILD]= build
elif prefix == provision.FW_RO_VERSION_PREFIX:
keyvals[constants.FWRO_BUILD] = build
for key in self.job_keyvals:
if key in constants.INHERITED_KEYVALS:
keyvals[key] = self.job_keyvals[key]
return keyvals
def prepare(self):
"""Prepare a suite job for execution."""
keyvals = self._create_suite_keyvals()
available_bots = self._get_available_bots()
if len(available_bots) < self.minimum_duts:
raise errors.NoAvailableDUTsError(
self.board, self.pool, len(available_bots),
tests = self._find_tests(available_bots_num=len(available_bots))
self.test_specs = self._get_test_specs(tests, available_bots, keyvals)
def _create_test_spec(self, test, keyvals):
return TestSpec(
expiration_secs=self.timeout_mins * 60,
def _get_test_specs(self, tests, available_bots, keyvals):
return [self._create_test_spec(test, keyvals) for test in tests]
def _stage_suite_artifacts(self):
"""Stage suite control files and suite-to-tests mapping file.
@param build: The build to stage artifacts.
suite_common = autotest.load('server.cros.dynamic_suite.suite_common')
ds, _ = suite_common.stage_build_artifacts(self.test_source_build)
self._ds = ds
def _parse_suite_args(self):
"""Get the suite args.
The suite args includes:
a. suite args in suite control file.
b. passed-in suite args by user.
suite_common = autotest.load('server.cros.dynamic_suite.suite_common')
self.control_file = suite_common.get_control_file_by_build(
self.test_source_build, self.ds, self.suite_file_name)
def _find_tests(self, available_bots_num=0):
"""Fetch the child tests."""
control_file_getter = autotest.load(
suite_common = autotest.load('server.cros.dynamic_suite.suite_common')
cf_getter = control_file_getter.DevServerGetter(
self.test_source_build, self.ds)
tests = suite_common.retrieve_for_suite(
cf_getter, self.suite_name)
return suite_common.filter_tests(
tests, suite_common.name_in_tag_predicate(self.suite_name))
def _get_available_bots(self):
"""Get available bots for suites."""
dimensions = {'pool': swarming_lib.SKYLAB_DRONE_POOL,
'label-board': self.board}
swarming_pool_deps = swarming_lib.task_dependencies_from_labels(
['pool:%s' % self.pool])
bots = self._client.query_bots_list(dimensions)
return [bot for bot in bots if swarming_lib.bot_available(bot)]
class ProvisionSuite(Suite):
"""The class for a CrOS provision suite."""
# Create at most this many dummy tasks for provisioning purposes. This is
# a somewhat arbitrary choice, and is selected independently of the size
# of the device pool. It should be high enough to provide a bit of
# protection from 1-off provision flake, but low enough that it doesn't
# expand to an entire device pool, which would be undesirable for large
# pools like the quotascheduler pool.
def __init__(self, spec, client):
super(ProvisionSuite, self).__init__(spec, client)
def _find_tests(self, available_bots_num=0):
"""Fetch the child tests for provision suite."""
control_file_getter = autotest.load(
suite_common = autotest.load('server.cros.dynamic_suite.suite_common')
cf_getter = control_file_getter.DevServerGetter(
self.test_source_build, self.ds)
dummy_test = suite_common.retrieve_control_data_for_test(
cf_getter, 'dummy_Pass')'Found %d available DUTs for provision.',
if available_bots_num == 0:
logging.warning('0 DUTs available for provision, need at least 1')
raise errors.NoAvailableDUTsError(
self.board, self.pool, available_bots_num, 1)
tasks_to_create = min(self.MAX_TASKS_TO_CREATE, available_bots_num)'Provision suite consists of %d dummy tasks.',
return [dummy_test] * tasks_to_create
def _get_test_specs(self, tests, available_bots, keyvals):
test_specs = []
for test in tests:
test_specs.append(self._create_test_spec(test, keyvals))
return test_specs