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# Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import gobject
from dbus.mainloop.glib import DBusGMainLoop
from autotest_lib.client.bin import test
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib.cros import policy, session_manager
from autotest_lib.client.cros import constants, cros_ui, cryptohome, ownership
class login_GuestAndActualSession(test.test):
"""Ensure that the session_manager correctly handles ownership when a guest
signs in before a real user.
version = 1
def initialize(self):
super(login_GuestAndActualSession, self).initialize()
policy.install_protobufs(self.autodir, self.job)
# Ensure a clean beginning.
bus_loop = DBusGMainLoop(set_as_default=True)
self._session_manager = session_manager.connect(bus_loop)
self._listener = session_manager.OwnershipSignalListener(
def run_once(self):
owner = ''
self._session_manager.StartSession(constants.GUEST_USER, '')
self._session_manager.StartSession(owner, '')
self._listener.wait_for_signals(desc='Device ownership complete.')
# Ensure that the first real user got to be the owner.
retrieved_policy = policy.get_policy(self._session_manager)
if retrieved_policy is None: raise error.TestFail('Policy not found')
policy.compare_policy_response(retrieved_policy, owner=owner)
def cleanup(self):
# Testing is done, so just stop the UI instead of calling StopSession.
# The latter can fail if Chrome is hanging:
cros_ui.start(allow_fail=True, wait_for_login_prompt=False)