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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import collections
import logging
import re
import threading
from autotest_lib.client.bin import utils
class SystemSampler():
"""A sampler class used to probe various system stat along with FPS.
Sample usage:
def get_consumer_pid():
# Returns all memory consumers whose memory usage we care about.
sampler = SystemSampler(get_consumer_pid)
fps = ...
Sample = collections.namedtuple(
'Sample', ['pswpin', 'pswpout', 'free_mem', 'buff_mem', 'cached_mem',
'anon_mem', 'file_mem', 'swap_free', 'swap_used',
'consumer_num', 'consumer_rss', 'consumer_swap',
'cpuload', 'fps'])
VMStat = collections.namedtuple('VMStat', ['pswpin', 'pswpout'])
def __init__(self, get_consumer_pid_func):
self._get_consumer_pid_func = get_consumer_pid_func
self._samples_lock = threading.Lock()
self._samples = []
def reset(self):
"""Resets its internal stats."""
self._prev_vmstat = self.get_vmstat()
self._prev_cpustat = utils.get_cpu_usage()
def get_samples(self):
with self._samples_lock:
return self._samples
def get_last_avg_fps(self, num):
"""Gets average fps rate of last |num| samples.
Returns None if there's not enough samples in hand.
if num <= 0:
logging.warning('Num of samples must be > 0')
with self._samples_lock:
if len(self._samples) >= num:
return sum([s.fps for s in self._samples[-num:]])/float(num)
logging.warning('Not enough samples')
return None
def sample(self, fps_info):
"""Gets a fps sample with system state."""
vmstat = self.get_vmstat()
vmstat_diff = self.VMStat(*[(end - start)
for start, end in zip(self._prev_vmstat, vmstat)])
self._prev_vmstat = vmstat
cpustat = utils.get_cpu_usage()
cpuload = utils.compute_active_cpu_time(
self._prev_cpustat, cpustat)
self._prev_cpustat = cpustat
mem_info_in_kb = utils.get_meminfo()
# Converts mem_info from KB to MB.
mem_info = collections.namedtuple('MemInfo', mem_info_in_kb._fields)(
*[v/float(1024) for v in mem_info_in_kb])
consumer_pids = self._get_consumer_pid_func()'Consumers %s', consumer_pids)
consumer_rss, consumer_swap = self.get_consumer_meminfo(consumer_pids)
# fps_info = (frame_info, frame_times)
fps_count = len([f for f in fps_info[0] if f != ' '])
sample = self.Sample(
anon_mem=mem_info.Active_anon + mem_info.Inactive_anon,
file_mem=mem_info.Active_file + mem_info.Inactive_file,
swap_used=mem_info.SwapTotal - mem_info.SwapFree,
with self._samples_lock:
def parse_meminfo_from_proc_entry(pid):
"""Parses memory related info in /proc/<pid>/totmaps like:
Rss: 144956 kB
Pss: 74923 kB
Shared_Clean: 50596 kB
Shared_Dirty: 41660 kB
Private_Clean: 1032 kB
Private_Dirty: 51668 kB
Referenced: 137424 kB
Anonymous: 91772 kB
AnonHugePages: 30720 kB
Swap: 0 kB
mem_info = {}
line_pattern = re.compile(r'^(\w+):\s+(\d+)\s+kB')
proc_entry = '/proc/%s/totmaps' % pid
with open(proc_entry) as f:
for line in f:
m = line_pattern.match(line)
if m:
key, value = m.groups()
mem_info[key] = float(value)/1024
except IOError as e:
logging.warning('Failed to open %s: %s', proc_entry, e)
return mem_info
def get_consumer_meminfo(cls, pids):
rss = 0.0
swap = 0.0
for pid in pids:
mem_info = cls.parse_meminfo_from_proc_entry(pid)
rss += mem_info.get('Rss', 0)
swap += mem_info.get('Swap', 0)
return rss, swap
def get_vmstat(cls):
with open('/proc/vmstat') as f:
lines = f.readlines()
all_fields = dict([l.strip().split(' ') for l in lines])
return cls.VMStat(
*[int(all_fields.get(f, 0)) for f in cls.VMStat._fields])