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#pylint: disable-msg=C0111
Internal global error types
import sys, traceback
from traceback import format_exception
# Add names you want to be imported by 'from errors import *' to this list.
# This must be list not a tuple as we modify it to include all of our
# the Exception classes we define below at the end of this file.
__all__ = ['format_error']
def format_error():
t, o, tb = sys.exc_info()
trace = format_exception(t, o, tb)
# Clear the backtrace to prevent a circular reference
# in the heap -- as per tutorial
tb = ''
return ''.join(trace)
class TimeoutException(Exception):
"""Generic exception raised on retry timeouts."""
class JobContinue(SystemExit):
"""Allow us to bail out requesting continuance."""
class JobComplete(SystemExit):
"""Allow us to bail out indicating continuation not required."""
class AutotestError(Exception):
"""The parent of all errors deliberatly thrown within the client code."""
class JobError(AutotestError):
"""Indicates an error which terminates and fails the whole job (ABORT)."""
class UnhandledJobError(JobError):
"""Indicates an unhandled error in a job."""
def __init__(self, unhandled_exception):
if isinstance(unhandled_exception, JobError):
JobError.__init__(self, *unhandled_exception.args)
elif isinstance(unhandled_exception, basestring):
JobError.__init__(self, unhandled_exception)
msg = "Unhandled %s: %s"
msg %= (unhandled_exception.__class__.__name__,
msg += "\n" + traceback.format_exc()
JobError.__init__(self, msg)
class TestBaseException(AutotestError):
"""The parent of all test exceptions."""
# Children are required to override this. Never instantiate directly.
exit_status = "NEVER_RAISE_THIS"
class TestError(TestBaseException):
"""Indicates that something went wrong with the test harness itself."""
exit_status = "ERROR"
class TestNAError(TestBaseException):
"""Indictates that the test is Not Applicable. Should be thrown
when various conditions are such that the test is inappropriate."""
exit_status = "TEST_NA"
class TestFail(TestBaseException):
"""Indicates that the test failed, but the job will not continue."""
exit_status = "FAIL"
class TestWarn(TestBaseException):
"""Indicates that bad things (may) have happened, but not an explicit
exit_status = "WARN"
class UnhandledTestError(TestError):
"""Indicates an unhandled error in a test."""
def __init__(self, unhandled_exception):
if isinstance(unhandled_exception, TestError):
TestError.__init__(self, *unhandled_exception.args)
elif isinstance(unhandled_exception, basestring):
TestError.__init__(self, unhandled_exception)
msg = "Unhandled %s: %s"
msg %= (unhandled_exception.__class__.__name__,
msg += "\n" + traceback.format_exc()
TestError.__init__(self, msg)
class UnhandledTestFail(TestFail):
"""Indicates an unhandled fail in a test."""
def __init__(self, unhandled_exception):
if isinstance(unhandled_exception, TestFail):
TestFail.__init__(self, *unhandled_exception.args)
elif isinstance(unhandled_exception, basestring):
TestFail.__init__(self, unhandled_exception)
msg = "Unhandled %s: %s"
msg %= (unhandled_exception.__class__.__name__,
msg += "\n" + traceback.format_exc()
TestFail.__init__(self, msg)
class CmdError(TestError):
"""Indicates that a command failed, is fatal to the test unless caught."""
def __init__(self, command, result_obj, additional_text=None):
TestError.__init__(self, command, result_obj, additional_text)
self.command = command
self.result_obj = result_obj
self.additional_text = additional_text
def __str__(self):
if self.result_obj.exit_status is None:
msg = "Command <%s> failed and is not responding to signals"
msg %= self.command
msg = "Command <%s> failed, rc=%d"
msg %= (self.command, self.result_obj.exit_status)
if self.additional_text:
msg += ", " + self.additional_text
msg += '\n' + repr(self.result_obj)
return msg
def __eq__(self, other):
if type(self) == type(other):
return (self.command == other.command
and self.result_obj == other.result_obj
and self.additional_text == other.additional_text)
return NotImplemented
class CmdTimeoutError(CmdError):
"""Indicates that a command timed out."""
class PackageError(TestError):
"""Indicates an error trying to perform a package operation."""
class BarrierError(JobError):
"""Indicates an error happened during a barrier operation."""
class BarrierAbortError(BarrierError):
"""Indicate that the barrier was explicitly aborted by a member."""
class InstallError(JobError):
"""Indicates an installation error which Terminates and fails the job."""
class AutotestRunError(AutotestError):
"""Indicates a problem running server side control files."""
class AutotestTimeoutError(AutotestError):
"""This exception is raised when an autotest test exceeds the timeout
parameter passed to run_timed_test and is killed.
class GenericHostRunError(Exception):
"""Indicates a problem in the host run() function running in either client
or server code.
Should always be constructed with a tuple of two args (error description
(str), run result object). This is a common class used to create the client
and server side versions of it when the distinction is useful.
def __init__(self, description, result_obj):
self.description = description
self.result_obj = result_obj
Exception.__init__(self, description, result_obj)
def __str__(self):
return self.description + '\n' + repr(self.result_obj)
class HostInstallTimeoutError(JobError):
Indicates the machine failed to be installed after the predetermined
class AutotestHostRunError(GenericHostRunError, AutotestError):
class AutotestHostRunCmdError(AutotestHostRunError):
"""Indicates that the command run via failed.
This is equivalent to CmdError when raised from a Host object instead of
directly on the DUT using
def __init__(self, command, result_obj, additional_text=''):
description = command
if additional_text:
description += ' (%s)' % additional_text
super(AutotestHostRunCmdError, self).__init__(description, result_obj)
self.command = command
self.additional_text = additional_text
class AutotestHostRunTimeoutError(AutotestHostRunCmdError):
"""Indicates that a command run via timed out.
This is equivalent to CmdTimeoutError when raised from a Host object instead
of directly on the DUT using
# server-specific errors
class AutoservError(Exception):
class AutoservSSHTimeout(AutoservError):
"""SSH experienced a connection timeout"""
class AutoservRunError(GenericHostRunError, AutoservError):
class AutoservSshPermissionDeniedError(AutoservRunError):
"""Indicates that a SSH permission denied error was encountered."""
class AutoservUnsupportedError(AutoservError):
"""Error raised when you try to use an unsupported optional feature"""
class AutoservHostError(AutoservError):
"""Error reaching a host"""
class AutoservHostIsShuttingDownError(AutoservHostError):
"""Host is shutting down"""
class AutoservNotMountedHostError(AutoservHostError):
"""Found unmounted partitions that should be mounted"""
class AutoservSshPingHostError(AutoservHostError):
"""SSH ping failed"""
class AutoservDiskFullHostError(AutoservHostError):
"""Not enough free disk space on host"""
def __init__(self, path, want_gb, free_space_gb):
super(AutoservDiskFullHostError, self).__init__(
'Not enough free space on %s - %.3fGB free, want %.3fGB' %
(path, free_space_gb, want_gb))
self.path = path
self.want_gb = want_gb
self.free_space_gb = free_space_gb
class AutoservNoFreeInodesError(AutoservHostError):
"""Not enough free i-nodes on host"""
def __init__(self, path, want_inodes, free_inodes):
super(AutoservNoFreeInodesError, self).__init__(
'Not enough free inodes on %s - %d free, want %d' %
(path, free_inodes, want_inodes))
self.path = path
self.want_inodes = want_inodes
self.free_inodes = free_inodes
class AutoservHardwareHostError(AutoservHostError):
"""Found hardware problems with the host"""
class AutoservRebootError(AutoservError):
"""Error occured while rebooting a machine"""
class AutoservShutdownError(AutoservRebootError):
"""Error occured during shutdown of machine"""
class AutoservSuspendError(AutoservRebootError):
"""Error occured while suspending a machine"""
class AutoservSubcommandError(AutoservError):
"""Indicates an error while executing a (forked) subcommand"""
def __init__(self, func, exit_code):
AutoservError.__init__(self, func, exit_code)
self.func = func
self.exit_code = exit_code
def __str__(self):
return ("Subcommand %s failed with exit code %d" %
(self.func, self.exit_code))
class AutoservRepairTotalFailure(AutoservError):
"""Raised if all attempts to repair the DUT failed."""
class AutoservInstallError(AutoservError):
"""Error occured while installing autotest on a host"""
class AutoservPidAlreadyDeadError(AutoservError):
"""Error occured by trying to kill a nonexistant PID"""
# packaging system errors
class PackagingError(AutotestError):
'Abstract error class for all packaging related errors.'
class PackageUploadError(PackagingError):
'Raised when there is an error uploading the package'
class PackageFetchError(PackagingError):
'Raised when there is an error fetching the package'
class PackageRemoveError(PackagingError):
'Raised when there is an error removing the package'
class PackageInstallError(PackagingError):
'Raised when there is an error installing the package'
class RepoDiskFullError(PackagingError):
'Raised when the destination for packages is full'
class RepoWriteError(PackagingError):
"Raised when packager cannot write to a repo's desitnation"
class RepoUnknownError(PackagingError):
"Raised when packager cannot write to a repo's desitnation"
class RepoError(PackagingError):
"Raised when a repo isn't working in some way"
class StageControlFileFailure(Exception):
"""Exceptions encountered staging control files."""
class CrosDynamicSuiteException(Exception):
Base class for exceptions coming from dynamic suite code in
class StageBuildFailure(CrosDynamicSuiteException):
"""Raised when the dev server throws 500 while staging a build."""
class ControlFileEmpty(CrosDynamicSuiteException):
"""Raised when the control file exists on the server, but can't be read."""
class ControlFileMalformed(CrosDynamicSuiteException):
"""Raised when an invalid control file is read."""
class AsynchronousBuildFailure(CrosDynamicSuiteException):
"""Raised when the dev server throws 500 while finishing staging of a build.
class SuiteArgumentException(CrosDynamicSuiteException):
"""Raised when improper arguments are used to run a suite."""
class MalformedDependenciesException(CrosDynamicSuiteException):
"""Raised when a build has a malformed dependency_info file."""
class InadequateHostsException(CrosDynamicSuiteException):
"""Raised when there are too few hosts to run a suite."""
class NoHostsException(CrosDynamicSuiteException):
"""Raised when there are no healthy hosts to run a suite."""
class ControlFileNotFound(CrosDynamicSuiteException):
"""Raised when a control file cannot be found and/or read."""
class NoControlFileList(CrosDynamicSuiteException):
"""Raised to indicate that a listing can't be done."""
class SuiteControlFileException(CrosDynamicSuiteException):
"""Raised when failing to list the contents of all control file."""
class HostLockManagerReuse(CrosDynamicSuiteException):
"""Raised when a caller tries to re-use a HostLockManager instance."""
class ReimageAbortedException(CrosDynamicSuiteException):
"""Raised when a Reimage job is aborted"""
class UnknownReimageType(CrosDynamicSuiteException):
"""Raised when a suite passes in an invalid reimage type"""
class NoUniquePackageFound(Exception):
"""Raised when an executable cannot be mapped back to a single package."""
class RPCException(Exception):
"""Raised when an RPC encounters an error that a client might wish to
handle specially."""
class NoEligibleHostException(RPCException):
"""Raised when no host could satisfy the requirements of a job."""
class UnmodifiableLabelException(RPCException):
"""Raised when an RPC tries to modify static labels."""
class UnmodifiableAttributeException(RPCException):
"""Raised when an RPC tries to modify static attributes."""
class InvalidBgJobCall(Exception):
"""Raised when an invalid call is made to a BgJob object."""
class HeartbeatOnlyAllowedInShardModeException(Exception):
"""Raised when a heartbeat is attempted but not allowed."""
class UnallowedRecordsSentToMaster(Exception):
"""Raised when an illegal record was sent from shard to master."""
class IgnorableUnallowedRecordsSentToMaster(UnallowedRecordsSentToMaster):
"""Raised when non-fatal illegal record was sent from shard.
This exception may be raised by rpc model logic on master, but will
not be returned back to heartbeat client. It indicates that some records
may have been illegal, but the master is ignoring those records and
proceeding with the rest of the heartbeat handling.
class InvalidDataError(Exception):
"""Exception raised when invalid data provided for database operation."""
class ContainerError(Exception):
"""Exception raised when program runs into error using container."""
class IllegalUser(Exception):
"""Exception raise when a program runs as an illegal user."""
class AutoservDirectoryNotFoundError(AutoservHostError):
"""Exception raised when an expected directory is not found."""
class AutoservDiskSizeUnknownError(AutoservHostError):
"""Exception raised when the disk space could not be determined."""
# This MUST remain at the end of the file.
# Limit 'from error import *' to only import the exception instances.
for _name, _thing in locals().items():
if issubclass(_thing, Exception):
except TypeError:
pass # _thing not a class
__all__ = tuple(__all__)