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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""The client of GS Cache server.
GS Cache server is a server cache the responses from Google Storage to our lab.
It also provides some RPCs to serve files in an archive like tar, tgz, etc.
This client implements some functions used by autotest based on those RPCs.
For details of GS Cache server, see go/cros-gs-cache.
from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function
import json
import logging
import urllib
import urlparse
import requests
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import global_config
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import utils
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib.cros import dev_server
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib.cros import retry
from chromite.lib import metrics
_CONFIG = global_config.global_config
_PORT = _CONFIG.get_config_value(_CONFIG_SECTION, 'server_port', default=8888,
_CONFIG_SECTION, 'gs_image_archive_bucket',
_USE_SSH_CONNECTION = _CONFIG.get_config_value(
'CROS', 'enable_ssh_connection_for_devserver', type=bool,
# Exit code of `curl` when cannot connect to host. Man curl for details.
METRICS_PATH = 'chromeos/autotest/gs_cache_client'
class CommunicationError(Exception):
"""Raised when has errors in communicate with GS Cache server."""
class ResponseContentError(Exception):
"""Error raised when response content has problems."""
class NoGsCacheServerError(Exception):
"""Error raised when we cannot connect to Gs Cache server."""
class _GsCacheAPI(object):
"""A thin wrapper of the GS Cache server API.
Useful for stubbing out GS Cache server calls for unittests.
def __init__(self, gs_cache_server_name):
"""Construct the instance by the information of reference server.
@param gs_cache_server_name: A string of GS Cache server hostname.
self._hostname = gs_cache_server_name
self._netloc = '%s:%s' % (gs_cache_server_name, _PORT)
self._is_in_restricted_subnet = utils.get_restricted_subnet(
gs_cache_server_name, utils.RESTRICTED_SUBNETS
def server_netloc(self):
"""The network location of the Gs Cache server."""
return self._netloc
def _ssh_call(self, url):
"""Helper function to make a 'SSH call'.
@param url: The URL to be called.
@return The output string of the call.
@throws CommunicationError when the SSH command failed.
cmd = 'ssh %s \'curl "%s"\'' % (self._hostname, utils.sh_escape(url))
logging.debug('Gs Cache call: %s', cmd)
result =, timeout=_SSH_CALL_TIMEOUT_SECONDS)
except error.CmdError as err:
if err.result_obj.exit_status == _CURL_RC_CANNOT_CONNECT_TO_HOST:
raise NoGsCacheServerError(
'Cannot connect to Gs Cache at %s via SSH.'
% self._netloc)
raise CommunicationError('Error occurred: rc=%d, cmd=%s' %
(err.result_obj.exit_status, err.command))
return result.stdout
@retry.retry((CommunicationError, ResponseContentError), timeout_min=3,
def _call(self, action, bucket, path, queries):
"""Helper function to make a call to GS Cache server.
There are two ways to call, i.e.
1. via HTTP: We need this because all DUTs have and only have HTTP
access to GS Cache server hosts.
2. via SSH (ssh into the server and run a loopback `curl` call): We
need this for the call from other services, e.g. drones, which have
only SSH access to GS Cache servers.
@param action: The name of RPC to be called, e.g. extract, etc.
@param bucket: The bucket of the file on GS.
@param path: The path of the file on GS. The bucket part is not
included. For example, if the GS path is
'gs://bucket/path/to/file', the `path` here is just
@param queries: A dict of queries (i.e. parameters).
@return The http response content or SSH command output.
@throws CommunicationError if there are errors while talking to GS Cache
url = urlparse.SplitResult(
'http', self._netloc, '/'.join([action, bucket, path]),
urllib.urlencode(queries, doseq=True), None).geturl()
if _USE_SSH_CONNECTION and self._is_in_restricted_subnet:
return self._ssh_call(url)
logging.debug('Gs Cache call: %s', url)
# TODO(guocb): Re-use the TCP connection.
rsp = requests.get(url)
except requests.ConnectionError:
raise NoGsCacheServerError(
'Cannot connect to Gs Cache at %s via HTTP.'
% self._netloc)
if not rsp.ok:
msg = 'HTTP request: GET %s\nHTTP Response: %d: %s' % (
rsp.url, rsp.status_code, rsp.content)
raise CommunicationError(msg)
return rsp.content
def extract(self, bucket, archive, files):
"""API binding of `extract`.
@param bucket: The bucket of the file on GS.
@param archive: The path of archive on GS (bucket part not included).
@param files: A path, or a path list of files to be extracted.
@return A dict of extracted files, in format of
{filename: content, ...}.
@throws ResponseContentError if the response is not in JSON format.
rsp_content = self._call('extract', bucket, archive, {'file': files})
content_dict = json.loads(rsp_content)
except ValueError as err:
raise ResponseContentError(
'Got ValueError "%s" when decoding to JSON format. The '
'response content is: %s' % (err, rsp_content))
return content_dict
class GsCacheClient(object):
"""A client of Google Storage Cache server."""
_CONTROL_FILE_PREFIX = 'autotest/'
def __init__(self, fallback_dev_server, api=None):
@param fallback_dev_server: An instance of dev_server.DevServer which
is only used for fallback to old path in
case GS Cache server call fails.
@param api: A _GsCacheAPI object (to stub out calls for tests).
self._fallback_server = fallback_dev_server
self._api = api or _GsCacheAPI(fallback_dev_server.hostname)
def list_suite_controls(self, build, suite_name=None):
"""Get the list of all control files for |build|.
It tries to get control files from GS Cache server first. If failed,
fall back to devserver.
@param build: A string of build name (e.g. coral-release/R65-10300.0.0).
@param suite_name: The name of the suite for which we require control
files. Pass None to get control files of all suites
of the build.
@return the control files content as a dict, in format of
{path1: content1, path2: content2}.
@throws error.SuiteControlFileException when there is an error while
with metrics.SecondsTimer(
METRICS_PATH + '/call_timer_2', record_on_exception=True,
add_exception_field=True, scale=0.001,
fields={'rpc_name': 'list_suite_controls',
'rpc_server': self._api.server_netloc,
'is_gs_cache_call': True}
return self._list_suite_controls(build, suite_name)
# We have to catch error.TimeoutException here because that's the
# default exception we can get when the code doesn't run in main
# thread.
except Exception as err:
logging.warn('GS Cache Error: %s', err)
'Falling back to devserver call of "list_suite_controls".')
c = metrics.Counter(METRICS_PATH + '/fallback_to_devserver_2')
error_type = ('other' if isinstance(err, NoGsCacheServerError) else
c.increment(fields={'rpc_server': self._api.server_netloc,
'rpc_name': 'list_suite_controls',
'error_type': error_type})
with metrics.SecondsTimer(
METRICS_PATH + '/call_timer_2', record_on_exception=True,
add_exception_field=True, scale=0.001,
fields={'rpc_name': 'list_suite_controls',
'rpc_server': self._api.server_netloc,
'is_gs_cache_call': False}
return self._fallback_server.list_suite_controls(
build, suite_name=suite_name if suite_name else '')
except dev_server.DevServerException as err:
raise error.SuiteControlFileException(err)
def _list_suite_controls(self, build, suite_name=''):
"""'GS Cache' version of list_suite_controls."""
test_suites = '%s/test_suites.tar.bz2' % build
map_file_name = 'autotest/test_suites/suite_to_control_file_map'
content_dict = self._api.extract(_CROS_IMAGE_ARCHIVE_BUCKET,
test_suites, map_file_name)
map_file_content = content_dict[map_file_name]
except KeyError:
# content_dict may have too many keys which makes the exception
# message less readable. So truncate it to reasonable length.
content_dict_str = str(content_dict)
if len(content_dict_str) > _MESSAGE_LENGTH_MAX_CHARS:
content_dict_str = (
'%s...' % content_dict_str[:_MESSAGE_LENGTH_MAX_CHARS])
raise ResponseContentError("File '%s' isn't in response: %s" %
(map_file_name, content_dict_str))
suite_to_control_files = json.loads(map_file_content)
except ValueError as err:
raise ResponseContentError(
'Got ValueError "%s" when decoding to JSON format. The '
'map file content is: %s' % (err, map_file_content))
control_files = suite_to_control_files[suite_name]
# The control files in control_files.tar have 'autotest/' prefix.
control_files = [self._CONTROL_FILE_PREFIX + p
for p in control_files]
except KeyError:
control_files = ['*/control', '*/control.*']
result_dict = self._api.extract(
_CROS_IMAGE_ARCHIVE_BUCKET, '%s/control_files.tar' % build,
# Remove the prefix of 'autotest/' from the control file names.
return {k[self._CONTROL_FILE_PREFIX_LEN:]: v
for k, v in result_dict.items()
if k.startswith(self._CONTROL_FILE_PREFIX)}