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# Copyright 2015 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Expects to be run in an environment with sudo and no interactive password
# prompt, such as within the Chromium OS development chroot.
"""This file provides core logic for servo verify/repair process."""
from autotest_lib.server.hosts import servo_host
# Names of the host attributes in the database that represent the values for
# the servo_host and servo_port for a servo connected to the DUT.
PLANKTON_HOST_ATTR = 'plankton_host'
PLANKTON_PORT_ATTR = 'plnakton_port'
def make_plankton_hostname(dut_hostname):
"""Given a DUT's hostname, return the hostname of its servo.
@param dut_hostname: hostname of a DUT.
@return hostname of the DUT's servo.
host_parts = dut_hostname.split('.')
host_parts[0] = host_parts[0] + '-plankton'
return '.'.join(host_parts)
class PlanktonHost(servo_host.ServoHost):
"""Host class for a host that controls a servo, e.g. beaglebone."""
def _initialize(self, plankton_host='localhost', plankton_port=9998,
required_by_test=True, is_in_lab=None, *args, **dargs):
"""Initialize a ServoHost instance.
A ServoHost instance represents a host that controls a servo.
@param plankton_host: Name of the host where the servod process
is running.
@param plankton_port: Port the servod process is listening on.
super(PlanktonHost, self)._initialize(plankton_host, plankton_port,
False, None, *args, **dargs)
def create_plankton_host(plankton_args):
"""Create a PlanktonHost object used to access plankton servo
The `plankton_args` parameter is a dictionary specifying optional
Servo client parameter overrides (i.e. a specific host or port).
When specified, the caller requires that an exception be raised
unless both the PlanktonHost and the Servo are successfully
@param plankton_args: A dictionary that contains args for creating
a PlanktonHost object,
e.g. {'planton_host': '',
'plankton_port': 9999}.
See comments above.
@returns: A PlanktonHost object or None. See comments above.
# TODO Make this work in the lab chromium:564836
if plankton_args is None:
return None
return PlanktonHost(Required_by_test=True, is_in_lab=False, **plankton_args)