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import logging
import socket
from urlparse import urljoin
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.server import autoserv_parser
from autotest_lib.server.hosts import base_classes
parser = autoserv_parser.autoserv_parser
class ChromiumOSError(error.AutotestError):
"""Generic error for ChromiumOS-specific exceptions."""
class ChromiumOSHost(base_classes.Host):
"""ChromiumOSHost is a special subclass of SSHHost that supports
additional install and reboot methods.
def __initialize(self, hostname, *args, **dargs):
Construct a ChromiumOSHost object
hostname: network hostname or address of remote machine
super(ChromiumOSHost, self)._initialize(hostname, *args, **dargs)
def machine_install(self, update_url=None, biosflash=None):
image = parser.options.image
version_string = None
if image:
#TODO(seano): set version, deal with blank version elsewhere'Install %s to host: %s' % (image, self.hostname))
version_string = image
else:'Install %s to host: %s' % ('latest', self.hostname))
if not update_url:
# Assume we're running the mock autoupdate server on the
# autotest host.
update_url = 'http://%s:8080/update' % socket.gethostname()
# The mock autoupdater in devserver has been modified to
# accept an additional url under /update/VERSION
if version_string:
update_url = urljoin(update_url, 'update/%s' % version_string)
# Prepare to host a update image.
# Check that a devserver is available on our preferred URL.
# Check that requested image version exists.
# Run autoupdate command. This tells the autoupdate process on
# the host to look for an update at a specific URL and version
# string.
# TODO(seano): remove reconfig_cmd, change autoupdate_cmd to use
# memento_updater's flags
autoupdate_cmd = [UPDATER_BIN, '--omaha_url=%s' % update_url,
cmd = ' '.join(autoupdate_cmd)
except error.AutoservRunError, e:
raise ChromiumOSError('OS Updater failed on %s', self.hostname)
# Now, check that the installer completed as expected.
cmd = ''
except error.AutoservRunError, e:
raise ChromiumOSError('Failed to install OS image to host %s',
# Updater has returned. reboot.
self.reboot(timeout=30, wait=True)
# TODO(seano): verify that image version is in fact installed,
# after reboot.
def reset(self):
"""Reboots the machine."""
except error.AutoservRunError:
# TODO(seano): figure out possible hard resets.