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# Copyright 2007 IBM Corp. Released under the GPL v2
# Authors: Ryan Harper <>
This module defines the GitKernel class
__author__ = """ (Ryan Harper)
import os
import git, source_kernel
class GitKernel(git.GitRepo):
This class represents a git kernel repo.
It is used to pull down a local copy of a git repo, check if the local repo
is up-to-date, if not update and then build the kernel from the git repo.
def __init__(self, repodir, giturl, weburl):
git.GitRepo.__init__(self, repodir, giturl, weburl)
self.__patches = []
self.__config = None
self.__build = None
def configure(self, config):
self.__config = config
def patch(self, patch):
def install(self, host, build=True, builddir=None):
# use tmpdir if no builddir specified
# NB: pass a builddir to install() method if you
# need to ensure the build remains after the completion
# of a job
if not builddir:
self.__build = os.path.join(host.get_tmp_dir(),"build")
print 'warning: builddir %s is not persistent' %(self.__build)
# push source to host for install
print 'pushing %s to host' %(self.source_material)
host.send_file(self.source_material, self.__build)
remote_source_material= os.path.join(self.__build,
# use a source_kernel to configure, patch, build and install.
sk = source_kernel.SourceKernel(remote_source_material)
if build:
# apply patches
for p in self.__patches:
# configure
# build
# install