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# Copyright 2019 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import json
import logging
import re
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import utils as cutils
from autotest_lib.server import utils
from autotest_lib.server.cros.update_engine import chromiumos_test_platform
from autotest_lib.server.cros.update_engine import update_engine_test
class autoupdate_StatefulCompatibility(update_engine_test.UpdateEngineTest):
version = 1
def _get_target_uri(self, target_board, version_regex, max_image_checks):
"""Checks through all valid builds for the latest green build
@param target_board: the name of the board to test against
@param version_regex: the version regex to test against
@param max_image_checks: the number of images to check for stability
@return the URI for the most recent passing build to test against
candidate_uris = self._get_candidate_uris(target_board, version_regex)
candidate_uris = candidate_uris[:max_image_checks]
metadata_uri = None
most_recent_version = None
most_recent_channel = None
for uri in candidate_uris:
uri = self._to_real_path(uri)
metadata = self._get_metadata_dict(uri)
chan = self._get_image_channel(metadata)
version = cutils.parse_gs_uri_version(uri)
if not self._stateful_payload_exists(chan, target_board, version):
# Keep track of the first image found that has an available payload
if most_recent_version is None:
most_recent_version = version
most_recent_channel = chan
if self._is_build_green(metadata):
metadata_uri = uri
if most_recent_version is None:
raise error.TestError('Could not find an acceptable image for %s.' %
if metadata_uri is None:
logging.warning('No image met quality criteria. Checked %d images' %
# At this point we've checked as many images as possible up to the
# specified maximum, and none of them have qualified with our pass/
# fail criteria. Any image is as good as any other, so we might as
# well continue with the most recent image. The only other option is
# to fail this test
version = most_recent_version
chan = most_recent_channel
payload = self._get_payload_uri(chan, target_board, version)
if payload is not None:
return payload
raise error.TestError('Could not find an acceptable payload for %s.' %
def _get_candidate_uris(self, target_board, version_regex):
"""Retrieves a list of GS URIs that match the target board and version
@param target_board: the name of the board to get image URIs for
@param version_regex: a regex passed to 'gsutil ls' to match GS URIs
@return: a list of boards that match the target_board and version_regex
"""'Going to find candidate image for %s.', target_board)
payload_uri = 'gs://chromeos-image-archive/%s-release/%s/' % (
target_board, version_regex)
candidate_uris = utils.system_output('gsutil ls -d %s' %
candidate_uris.sort(cutils.compare_gs_uri_build_versions, reverse=True)
return candidate_uris
def _to_real_path(uri):
"""Converts a target image URI from the form LATEST-* to R##-*
Target images can be referenced by matching against LATEST-* rather than
the actual milestone. The LATEST-* files are actually text files that
contain the name of the actual GS bucket that contains the image data.
@param uri: the GS bucket URI of the LATEST-* bucket path
@return the URI of the dereferenced GS bucket
latest_pos = uri.find('LATEST')
if latest_pos < 0:
# Path is not in the form 'gs://../../LATEST-*'
return uri
relative_path = utils.system_output('gsutil cat %s' % uri).strip()
return uri[:latest_pos] + relative_path
def _stateful_payload_exists(channel, target_board, version):
"""Checks that stateful.tgz exists for the given board and version
@param channel: The release channel (canary, dev, beta, or stable)
@param target_board: The name of the target board
@param version: A string containing the build version ('12345.6.7')
@return True if stateful.gz exists for this image, otherwise False
if channel is None:
return False
channel_payload_uri = 'gs://chromeos-releases/%s-channel/%s/%s' % (
channel, target_board, version)
exists = not utils.system('gsutil -q stat %s/stateful.tgz' %
channel_payload_uri, ignore_status=True)
return exists
def _get_payload_uri(channel, board, version):
"""Gets the location of the update payload for staging on the dev server
For a given release channel, board, and release version this will return
the location for the full signed payload (as opposed to delta payloads).
@param channel: The release channel (canary, dev, beta, or stable)
@param board: The name of the target board
@param version: A string containing the build version ('12345.6.7')
@return The GS URI for the full payload to be staged on the devserver
payload_uri = 'gs://chromeos-releases/%s-channel/%s/%s/payloads' % (
channel, board, version)
payloads = utils.system_output('gsutil ls -d %s/*%s*full_test*' % (
payload_uri, version)).splitlines()
logging.debug('Payloads: %s', str(payloads))
for payload in payloads:
if re.match('.*-[a-z|0-9]{32}$', payload) is not None:
return payload
return None
def _get_metadata_dict(payload_uri):
"""Fetches the build metadata from the associated GS bucket
@param payload_uri: the URI for the GS bucket the image is from.
@return a dictionary of values representing the metadata json values
metadata_uri = payload_uri.strip('/') + '/metadata.json''Going to fetch image metadata (%s)', metadata_uri)
cat_result ='gsutil cat %s' % metadata_uri,
if cat_result.exit_status != 0:'''Couldn't find metadata at %s.''', metadata_uri)
return None
metadata = json.loads(cat_result.stdout)
return metadata
def _get_image_channel(metadata):
"""Returns the release channel from the image metadata
@param metadata: A dict of values representing the image metadata
@return the release channel for the image (canary, dev, beta, stable)
all_channels = ['Stable', 'Beta', 'Dev', 'Canary']
if 'tags' not in metadata:
return None
# The metadata tags contains the status for paygen stages on all
# channels paygen was run for. This should tell us what channels the
# payload is available under.
# These tags use the form 'stage_status:PaygenBuild<Channel>'
paygen_tags = [t for t in metadata['tags'] if 'PaygenBuild' in t]
# Find all the channels paygen was run for on this image
channels = [c for c in all_channels for t in paygen_tags if c in t]
if not channels:
return None
# The channels list contains some subset of the elements in the
# all_channels list, presented in the same order. If both the Beta and
# Stable channels are available, this will return "stable", for example.
return channels[0].lower()
def _is_build_green(metadata):
"""Inspects the image metadata to see if the build is "green"
@param metadata A dict of values representing the image metadata
@return True if the image appears to be good enough to test against.
if metadata is None:
return False
if not ('tags' in metadata and 'status' in metadata['tags']):
return False
return metadata['tags']['status'] == 'pass'
def _stage_payloads_onto_devserver(self):
"""Stages payloads that will be used by the test onto the devserver."""'Staging images onto autotest devserver (%s)',
self._stage_payloads(self._source_payload_uri, None)
self._stage_payloads(self._target_payload_uri, None)
def run_once(self, test_conf, max_image_checks):
logging.debug("Using test_conf: %s", test_conf)
self._source_payload_uri = test_conf['source_payload_uri']
self._target_payload_uri = test_conf['target_payload_uri']
if self._target_payload_uri is None:
target_board = test_conf['target_board']
target_version_regex = test_conf['target_version_regex']
self._target_payload_uri = self._get_target_uri(
target_board, target_version_regex, max_image_checks)
logging.debug('Using source image %s' % self._source_payload_uri)
logging.debug('Using target image %s' % self._target_payload_uri)
self._autotest_devserver = self._get_least_loaded_devserver(
{'target_payload_uri': self._target_payload_uri})
# Get an object representing the CrOS DUT.
cros_device = chromiumos_test_platform.ChromiumOSTestPlatform(
self._host, self._autotest_devserver, self.job.resultdir)
if self._source_payload_uri is not None:
logging.debug('Going to install source image on DUT.')
logging.debug('Going to install target image on DUT.')