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import django.http
from django.contrib.syndication import views
from autotest_lib.frontend.afe import models
# Copied from django/contrib/syndication/ The default view doesn't
# give the feed any way to access the request object, and we need to access it
# to get the server hostname. So we're forced to copy the code here and modify
# it to pass in the request.
from django.http import HttpResponse, Http404
# name changed from feed to feed_view
def feed_view(request, url, feed_dict=None):
if not feed_dict:
raise Http404, "No feeds are registered."
slug, param = url.split('/', 1)
except ValueError:
slug, param = url, ''
f = feed_dict[slug]
except KeyError:
raise Http404, "Slug %r isn't registered." % slug
# this line is changed from the Django library version to pass
# in request instead of request.path
feedgen = f(slug, request).get_feed(param)
except views.FeedDoesNotExist:
raise Http404, "Invalid feed parameters. Slug %r is valid, but other parameters, or lack thereof, are not." % slug
response = HttpResponse(mimetype=feedgen.mime_type)
feedgen.write(response, 'utf-8')
return response
# end copied code
class JobFeed(views.Feed):
Common feed functionality.
link = "/results"
title_template = "feeds/job_feed_title.html"
description_template = "feeds/job_feed_description.html"
def __init__(self, slug, request):
super(JobFeed, self).__init__(slug, request)
server_hostname = django.http.get_host(request)
self.full_link = 'http://' + server_hostname +
def title(self, obj):
return "Automated Test Framework %s Jobs" % obj.capitalize()
def get_object(self, bits):
# bits[0] should be a job status
return bits[0]
def items(self, obj):
item_list = models.HostQueueEntry.objects.filter(
return item_list.order_by('-id')[:self.NUM_ITEMS]
def item_link(self, obj):
return '%s/%s-%s' % (self.full_link,, obj.job.owner)