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import logging, time, re
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.client.virt import virt_utils, virt_test_utils, aexpect
def run_vlan(test, params, env):
Test 802.1Q vlan of NIC, config it by vconfig command.
1) Create two VMs.
2) Setup guests in 10 different vlans by vconfig and using hard-coded
ip address.
3) Test by ping between same and different vlans of two VMs.
4) Test by TCP data transfer, floop ping between same vlan of two VMs.
5) Test maximal plumb/unplumb vlans.
6) Recover the vlan config.
@param test: KVM test object.
@param params: Dictionary with the test parameters.
@param env: Dictionary with test environment.
vm = []
session = []
ifname = []
vm_ip = []
digest_origin = []
vlan_ip = ['', '']
ip_unit = ['1', '2']
subnet = params.get("subnet")
vlan_num = int(params.get("vlan_num"))
maximal = int(params.get("maximal"))
file_size = params.get("file_size")
for vm_ in vm:
def add_vlan(session, v_id, iface="eth0"):
session.cmd("vconfig add %s %s" % (iface, v_id))
def set_ip_vlan(session, v_id, ip, iface="eth0"):
iface = "%s.%s" % (iface, v_id)
session.cmd("ifconfig %s %s" % (iface, ip))
def set_arp_ignore(session, iface="eth0"):
ignore_cmd = "echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/all/arp_ignore"
def rem_vlan(session, v_id, iface="eth0"):
rem_vlan_cmd = "if [[ -e /proc/net/vlan/%s ]];then vconfig rem %s;fi"
iface = "%s.%s" % (iface, v_id)
return session.cmd_status(rem_vlan_cmd % (iface, iface))
def nc_transfer(src, dst):
nc_port = virt_utils.find_free_port(1025, 5334, vm_ip[dst])
listen_cmd = params.get("listen_cmd")
send_cmd = params.get("send_cmd")
#listen in dst
listen_cmd = listen_cmd % (nc_port, "receive")
#send file from src to dst
send_cmd = send_cmd % (vlan_ip[dst], str(nc_port), "file")
session[src].cmd(send_cmd, timeout=60)
except aexpect.ExpectError:
raise error.TestFail ("Fail to receive file"
" from vm%s to vm%s" % (src+1, dst+1))
#check MD5 message digest of receive file in dst
output = session[dst].cmd_output("md5sum receive").strip()
digest_receive = re.findall(r'(\w+)', output)[0]
if digest_receive == digest_origin[src]:"file succeed received in vm %s", vlan_ip[dst])
else:"digest_origin is %s", digest_origin[src])"digest_receive is %s", digest_receive)
raise error.TestFail("File transfered differ from origin")
session[dst].cmd_output("rm -f receive")
for i in range(2):
timeout=int(params.get("login_timeout", 360))))
if not session[i] :
raise error.TestError("Could not log into guest(vm%d)" % i)"Logged in")
#get guest ip
#produce sized file in vm
dd_cmd = "dd if=/dev/urandom of=file bs=1024k count=%s"
session[i].cmd(dd_cmd % file_size)
#record MD5 message digest of file
output = session[i].cmd("md5sum file", timeout=60)
digest_origin.append(re.findall(r'(\w+)', output)[0])
#stop firewall in vm
session[i].cmd_output("/etc/init.d/iptables stop")
#load 8021q module for vconfig
session[i].cmd("modprobe 8021q")
for i in range(2):
for vlan_i in range(1, vlan_num+1):
add_vlan(session[i], vlan_i, ifname[i])
set_ip_vlan(session[i], vlan_i, "%s.%s.%s" %
(subnet, vlan_i, ip_unit[i]), ifname[i])
set_arp_ignore(session[i], ifname[i])
for vlan in range(1, vlan_num+1):"Test for vlan %s", vlan)"Ping between vlans")
interface = ifname[0] + '.' + str(vlan)
for vlan2 in range(1, vlan_num+1):
for i in range(2):
interface = ifname[i] + '.' + str(vlan)
dest = subnet +'.'+ str(vlan2)+ '.' + ip_unit[(i+1)%2]
s, o =, count=2,
session=session[i], timeout=30)
if ((vlan == vlan2) ^ (s == 0)):
raise error.TestFail ("%s ping %s unexpected" %
(interface, dest))
vlan_ip[0] = subnet + '.' + str(vlan) + '.' + ip_unit[0]
vlan_ip[1] = subnet + '.' + str(vlan) + '.' + ip_unit[1]"Flood ping")
def flood_ping(src, dst):
# we must use a dedicated session becuase the aexpect
# does not have the other method to interrupt the process in
# the guest rather than close the session.
session_flood = vm[src].wait_for_login(timeout=60)[dst], flood=True,
session=session_flood, timeout=10)
flood_ping(0, 1)
flood_ping(1, 0)"Transfering data through nc")
nc_transfer(0, 1)
nc_transfer(1, 0)
for vlan in range(1, vlan_num+1):
rem_vlan(session[0], vlan, ifname[0])
rem_vlan(session[1], vlan, ifname[1])"rem vlan: %s", vlan)
# Plumb/unplumb maximal number of vlan interfaces
i = 1
s = 0
try:"Testing the plumb of vlan interface")
for i in range (1, maximal+1):
add_vlan(session[0], i, ifname[0])
for j in range (1, i+1):
s = s or rem_vlan(session[0], j, ifname[0])
if s == 0:"maximal interface plumb test done")
logging.error("maximal interface plumb test failed")