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AUTHOR = ' (Ryan Harper)'
NAME = 'KVM Test with KVM module build'
TEST_TYPE = 'client'
TEST_CLASS = 'Kernel'
TEST_CATEGORY = 'Functional'
DOC = '''
Run kvm-test after first downloading, building and installing the KVM module.
# CHANGEME - point to kvm release tarball
# nightly kvm snapshot base URL
#CHAGEME - point to your kvmtest test dir
TESTDIR = '/opt/kvmtest_tests'
# change this value to point to older snapshots , defaults to
# look for yesterday's snapshot
import test
import os, sys
from datetime import *
from utils import *
def install_kvm_external_modules(tarball=None, base=SNAPBASE, daysold=DAYSOLD):
dldir = os.environ['AUTODIR']+'/tmp'
srcdir = os.environ['AUTODIR']+'/tmp/kvm'
print "kvm dldir->%s"%(dldir)
print "kvm srcdir->%s"%(srcdir)
# ex:
if tarball is None:
d = ( - timedelta(days=daysold)).strftime('%Y%m%d')
tarball = base+'kvm-snapshot-%s.tar.gz' %(d)
sys.stderr.write("tarball url: %s\n" %(tarball))
tarball = unmap_url("/", tarball, dldir)
extract_tarball_to_dir(tarball, srcdir)
print "detecting cpu vendor..."
vendor = "intel"
if os.system("grep vmx /proc/cpuinfo 1>/dev/null") != 0:
vendor = "amd"
print "detected cpu vendor as '%s'" %(vendor)
print "building kvm..."
system('make install')
print "done building and installing kvm"
# remove existing in kernel kvm modules
print "unloading loaded kvm modules (if present) ..."
if system("grep kvm_%s /proc/modules 1>/dev/null" %(vendor), 1) == 0:
system("rmmod -f kvm_%s" %(vendor))
if system("grep kvm /proc/modules 1>/dev/null", 1) == 0:
system("rmmod -f kvm")
# load new modules
print "loading new kvm modules..."
system("insmod ./kvm.ko && sleep 1 && insmod ./kvm-%s.ko" %(vendor))
# build and install kvm external modules
# run kvmtest on all tests in testdir
job.run_test('kvmtest', testdir=TESTDIR)