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import os
from autotest_lib.client.bin import test, utils
class flail(test.test):
This autotest module runs the flail system call fuzzer.
Fuzzing is slang for fault injection . It runs all system calls for that
kernel version with random args. The goal is to find bugs in software
without reading code or designing detailed test cases.
@author: Pradeep K Surisetty (
@see: (Website of Ramon Valle, flail's creator)
version = 1
def initialize(self):
def setup(self, tarball = 'flail-0.2.0.tar.gz'):
Compiles flail with the appropriate parameters.
@param tarball: Path or URL for the flail tarball.
tarball = utils.unmap_url(self.bindir, tarball, self.tmpdir)
utils.extract_tarball_to_dir(tarball, self.srcdir)
def run_once(self, fstype = 'iso9660'):
Runs flail with the appropriate parameters.
@param fstype: Filesystem type you wish to run flail on.
args = fstype + ' 1'
flail_cmd = os.path.join(self.srcdir, 'flail %s' % args)