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1.11 --
* Fix compilation with PIC
* polling hint now refers to /dev/cdrom instead of /dev/scd0
* fix calculations for systems that vary in power draw proc info
* Display mwait usage
* fix EOF at input
* add --version|-v option
* spelling error in tips.
1.10 --
* add the "P" key to show the PIDs of the processes when possible
* Add support for reading C-state info via sysfs
(Kevin Hilman, Venki Pallipadi)
* Show USB suspend statistics of USB devices in "-d" dump mode
* Show USB suspend statistics as a low priority hint for busy
* Add support for using the sysfs power supply class
(Donnie Berkholz)
* Fix USB suspend suggestion to take semi blacklisted stuff into
* Add support for Intel's 4965 wireless power saving mode
* On new enough cpus (and kernel 2.6.25), report which C-states the
cpu and bios report/support.
1.9 --
* add support for mac80211 based wireless power saving
* improve bluetooth inactivity detection (David Woodhouse)
* report USB activity (needs 2.6.24-rc kernel)
* support the newly reported interrupt events in 2.6.24-rc
1.8 --
* add suggestion to increase VM writeback timeout
* add suggestion to enable INOTIFY in the kernel
* fix socket fd leak, found by Nikerabbit on #powertop
* Add support for deferrable timers (Scott Lamb)
* Add active hint to enable USB autosuspend on Fedora 7
* Show blue color if the cpu is 25% or more busy to indicate
that idle wakeups no longer is the nr 1 power causer
(Santiago Gala)
* merge the -d option from Bill Nottingham (Fedora) to allow
automated collection of data
1.7 -- Jun 17th, 2007
* add suggestion to disable TV out
* add suggestion to disable Wake-On-Lan for unused ethernet
* Show P-states (frequencies)
1.6 -- Jun 8th, 2007
* Add suggestion to rf_kill unused wireless interfaces
* Propose killing "sealert"; this is a new thing in F7 that wakes up
10 times per second for no reason
* avoid showing the laptop mode hint when on AC - Val Henson
* suggest enabling noatime to save disk IO's
* suggest enabling SATA AHCI Link powermanagement
* suggest enabling the SMP Power Aware Scheduler
1.5 -- May 27th, 2007
* fix resize-corrupts-screen-content bug
* add interrupts to the wakeups/second data in the emulated
(non-mobile) case
* calculate a long term power usage from battery charge deltas;
this should help people whos battery doesn't report discharge
rates, and also will provide a less noisy datapoint
* Add option to use `kill` on some known power hogs if they are
actually waking up a lot:
- beagle (even latest wakes up 10 times/second when not indexing)
- hal (suggest to stop cdrom polling)
- gnome-power-manager
These only show if these actually wake up the cpu 'a lot'; so if
these get fixed then the suggestion will not display.
1.4 -- May 25th, 2007
* use gettext to allow translation
(with lots of thanks to the various translators, especially
to Benjamin Pineau who showed me how to use gettext tools)
* fix bluethooth-checks-cause-autload-of-bluetooth bug
* use ncurses (Sebastian Kuzminsky)
* rotate through the suggestions randomly, so that all of them
will show over time
* Fix the CONFIG_SND_AC97_POWER_SAVE check to only report on ac97 hw
* report "hidden but suprious" timer ticks (due to missing hpet or
lack of NO_HZ)
* check for HPET being present; if not suggest user to toggle in
BIOS or apply the patch
* Some suggestions have become "active", you can press a key to
tune it right away.
* Add active suggestion to enable AC97 powersave mode at runtime
* Add active suggestion to enable wireless powersave mode at runtime
* Add active suggestion to enable ondemand
1.3 -- May 21st, 2007
* Add suggestion for CONFIG_SND_AC97_POWER_SAVE
* Fix inefficient code for readdir (Vince Pinter)
* Highlight the worst offenders in bold (Vince Pinter)
* Fix crash when running on 2.4 kernels (Harald Fernengel)
* Check fgets() return values (Timom Hoenig @ SuSE)
* add suggestion to enable laptop mode (when disabled)
* add suggestion to disable bluetooth when unused
1.2 -- May 14th, 2007
* Manpage contributed by Carlo Segre from the Debian project
* Fix "shows power usage even on AC" bug, spotted by Steinar
* Fix for batteries that report mA instead of mW from Friedrich
1.1 -- May 13th, 2007
* Fix bug that shows "you don't have C-states" on mobile CPUs when
the cpu is 100% busy as reported by Friedrich
* Cosmetic code cleanups (Lindent) as suggested by David Brownell
* Get rid of popen() and the static sized events array
(Keith Packard)
* Add some more tips for kernel config options based on various
* Improve "you are not root so can't get timerstats" message to say
that you need to be root rather than that you need to change your
kernel config
* Make a better effort at locating the kernel .config file
* Don't show "please turn CONFIG_FOO off" if the kernel you have
doesn't even support CONFIG_FOO (yet)
* Show absolute per-second wakeup counts too (multiple requestors)
* Add capability to suggest disabling daemons and the like
1.0 -- May 11th, 2007
* Initial Release