[autotest] Commit host attributes when provision via devserver

A case of bad indentation and blocking of code.
This was allowing provision to work in my local setup and moblab, but
failing to update host attributes in the lab.

TEST=None. I'm going blind.

Change-Id: I198759ed57cdc844c5b125ab51dcf31ac4fcc456
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diff --git a/server/afe_utils.py b/server/afe_utils.py
index 7c62151..a4fa201 100644
--- a/server/afe_utils.py
+++ b/server/afe_utils.py
@@ -208,10 +208,8 @@
             *args, **dargs)
         image_name, host_attributes = host.machine_install(*args, **dargs)
-        info = host.host_info_store.get()
-        info.attributes.update(host_attributes)
-        host.host_info_store.commit(info)
     info = host.host_info_store.get()
+    info.attributes.update(host_attributes)
     info.set_version_label(host.VERSION_PREFIX, image_name)