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# Copyright (c) 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import os
import tempfile
from PIL import Image
from autotest_lib.client.cros.multimedia.display_helper import DisplayInfo
class DisplayClient(object):
"""DisplayClient is a layer to control display logic over a remote DUT.
The Autotest host object representing the remote DUT, passed to this
class on initialization, can be accessed from its _client property.
def __init__(self, host, multimedia_client_connection):
"""Construct a DisplayClient.
@param host: Host object representing a remote host.
@param multimedia_client_connection: MultimediaClientConnection object.
self._client = host
self._connection = multimedia_client_connection
def _display_proxy(self):
"""Gets the proxy to DUT display utility.
@return XML RPC proxy to DUT display utility.
return self._connection.xmlrpc_proxy.display
def connect(self):
"""Connects the XML-RPC proxy on the client again."""
# TODO(waihong): Move this method to a better place.
def get_external_connector_name(self):
"""Gets the name of the external output connector.
@return The external output connector name as a string; None if nothing
is connected.
result = self._display_proxy.get_external_connector_name()
return result if result else None
def get_internal_connector_name(self):
"""Gets the name of the internal output connector.
@return The internal output connector name as a string.
return self._display_proxy.get_internal_connector_name()
def load_calibration_image(self, resolution):
"""Load a full screen calibration image from the HTTP server.
@param resolution: A tuple (width, height) of resolution.
def close_tab(self, index=-1):
"""Closes the tab of the given index.
@param index: The tab index to close. Defaults to the last tab.
return self._display_proxy.close_tab(index)
def is_mirrored_enabled(self):
"""Checks the mirrored state.
@return True if mirrored mode is enabled.
return self._display_proxy.is_mirrored_enabled()
def set_mirrored(self, is_mirrored):
"""Sets mirrored mode.
@param is_mirrored: True or False to indicate mirrored state.
return self._display_proxy.set_mirrored(is_mirrored)
def suspend_resume(self, suspend_time=10):
"""Suspends the DUT for a given time in second.
@param suspend_time: Suspend time in second, default: 10s.
# TODO(waihong): Use other general API instead of this RPC.
return self._display_proxy.suspend_resume(suspend_time)
def suspend_resume_bg(self, suspend_time=10):
"""Suspends the DUT for a given time in second in the background.
@param suspend_time: Suspend time in second, default: 10s.
# TODO(waihong): Use other general API instead of this RPC.
return self._display_proxy.suspend_resume_bg(suspend_time)
def wait_for_output(self, output):
"""Waits for the specified output to be connected.
@param output: The output name as a string.
def hide_cursor(self):
"""Hides mouse cursor by sending a keystroke."""
def _read_root_window_rect(self, w, h, x, y):
"""Reads the given rectangle from the X root window.
@param w: The width of the rectangle to read.
@param h: The height of the rectangle to read.
@param x: The x coordinate.
@param y: The y coordinate.
@return: An Image object.
with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(suffix='.rgb') as f:
basename = os.path.basename(
remote_path = os.path.join('/tmp', basename)
box = (x, y, x + w, y + h)
self._display_proxy.take_screenshot_crop(remote_path, box)
return Image.fromstring('RGB', (w, h), open(
def get_internal_display_resolution(self):
"""Gets the resolution of internal display on framebuffer.
@return The resolution tuple (width, height). None if any error.
connector = self.get_internal_connector_name()
if not connector:
return None
w, h, _, _ = self._display_proxy.get_resolution(connector)
return (w, h)
def capture_internal_screen(self):
"""Captures the internal screen framebuffer.
@return: An Image object. None if any error.
connector = self.get_internal_connector_name()
if not connector:
return None
return self._read_root_window_rect(
def capture_external_screen(self):
"""Captures the external screen framebuffer.
@return: An Image object.
output = self.get_external_connector_name()
w, h, x, y = self._display_proxy.get_resolution(output)
return self._read_root_window_rect(w, h, x, y)
def get_resolution(self, connector=None):
"""Gets the resolution of the specified screen.
@param connector: name of the connector of the target screen; if not
specified, get_external_connector_name() is used.
@return The resolution tuple (width, height)
if not connector:
connector = self.get_external_connector_name()
width, height, _, _ = self._display_proxy.get_resolution(connector)
return (width, height)
def set_resolution(self, display_index, width, height):
"""Sets the resolution on the specified display.
@param display_index: index of the display to set resolutions for.
@param width: width of the resolution
@param height: height of the resolution
display_index, width, height)
def get_display_info(self):
"""Gets the information of all the displays that are connected to the
@return: list of object DisplayInfo for display informtion
return map(DisplayInfo, self._display_proxy.get_display_info())
def get_display_modes(self, display_index):
"""Gets the display modes of the specified display.
@param display_index: index of the display to get modes from; the index
is from the DisplayInfo list obtained by get_display_info().
@return: list of DisplayMode dicts.
return self._display_proxy.get_display_modes(display_index)
def get_available_resolutions(self, display_index):
"""Gets the resolutions from the specified display.
@return a list of (width, height) tuples.
# Start from M38 (refer to,
# a DisplayMode dict contains 'originalWidth'/'originalHeight'
# in addition to 'width'/'height'.
# OriginalWidth/originalHeight is what is supported by the display
# while width/height is what is shown to users in the display setting.
modes = self.get_display_modes(display_index)
if modes:
if 'originalWidth' in modes[0]:
# M38 or newer
# TODO(tingyuan): fix loading image for cases where original
# width/height is different from width/height.
return list(set([(mode['originalWidth'], mode['originalHeight'])
for mode in modes]))
# pre-M38
return [(mode['width'], mode['height']) for mode in modes
if 'scale' not in mode]