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import datetime
import getpass
import optparse
import os
import socket
def read_loascertstatus():
# prodcertstatus --simple_output returns the #of seconds remaining before the
# cert is expired.
f = os.popen('prodcertstatus --simple_output | grep LOAS')
loas_expire = int(':')[1])
return loas_expire
def main():
parser = optparse.OptionParser()
parser.add_option('--expire_within', help='Send email if cert will expire '
'within this time window in seconds.',
type='int', dest='expire_within', default=24*3600)
parser.add_option('--to', help='Comma separated Email notification TO '
'recipients.', dest='to', type='string', default='')
parser.add_option('--cc', help='Comma separated Email notification CC '
'recipients.', dest='cc', type='string', default='')
options, _ = parser.parse_args()
loas_expire = read_loascertstatus()
host = socket.gethostname()
if loas_expire < options.expire_within:
tt = datetime.timedelta(seconds=loas_expire)
body_text = ('prod access cert (LOAS) for %s will expire within %s on %s.'
% (getpass.getuser(), tt, host))
if not
print body_text
email_to = ['' % to.strip() for to in',')]
p = os.popen('/usr/sbin/sendmail -t', 'w')
p.write('To: %s\n' % ','.join(email_to))
email_cc = ['' % cc.strip()
for cc in',')]
p.write('Cc: %s\n' % ','.join(email_cc))
p.write('Subject: Prod access cert (LOAS) for %s will expire soon on %s.'
'\n' % (getpass.getuser(), host))
p.write('Content-Type: text/plain')
p.write('\n') # blank line separating headers from body
return_code = p.close()
if return_code is not None:
print 'Sendmail exit status %s' % return_code
if __name__ == '__main__':