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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging
import os
import time
import urllib
from autotest_lib.client.bin import test, utils
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib.cros import chrome
from autotest_lib.client.cros import backchannel
from autotest_lib.client.cros import httpd
from autotest_lib.client.cros import service_stopper
from import graphics_utils
from autotest_lib.client.cros.networking import wifi_proxy
from autotest_lib.client.cros.power import power_rapl, power_status, power_utils
class power_Consumption(test.test):
"""Measure power consumption for different types of loads.
This test runs a series of different tasks like media playback, flash
animation, large file download etc. It measures and reports power
consumptions during each of those tasks.
version = 2
def initialize(self, ac_ok=False):
"""Initialize test.
ac_ok: boolean to allow running on AC
# Objects that need to be taken care of in cleanup() are initialized
# here to None. Otherwise we run the risk of AttributeError raised in
# cleanup() masking a real error that caused the test to fail during
# initialize() before those variables were assigned.
self._backlight = None
self._tmp_keyvals = {}
self._services = service_stopper.ServiceStopper(
# Time to exclude from calculation after firing a task [seconds]
self._stabilization_seconds = 5
self._power_status = power_status.get_status()
self._tmp_keyvals['b_on_ac'] = self._power_status.on_ac()
if not ac_ok:
# Verify that we are running on battery and the battery is
# sufficiently charged
# Local data and web server settings. Tarballs with traditional names
# like *.tgz don't get copied to the image by ebuilds (see
# AUTOTEST_FILE_MASK in autotest-chrome ebuild).
self._static_sub_dir = 'static_sites'
os.path.join(self.bindir, self._static_sub_dir))
self._media_dir = '/home/chronos/user/Downloads/'
self._httpd_port = 8000
self._url_base = 'http://localhost:%s/' % self._httpd_port
self._test_server = httpd.HTTPListener(self._httpd_port,
# initialize various interesting power related stats
self._statomatic = power_status.StatoMatic()'initialize() finished')
def _download_test_data(self):
"""Download audio and video files.
This is also used as payload for download test.
Note, can reach payload via browser at
Start with README
repo = ''
file_list = [repo + 'big_buck_bunny/big_buck_bunny_trailer_400p.mp4', ]
if not self.short:
file_list += [
repo + 'big_buck_bunny/big_buck_bunny_trailer_400p.ogg',
repo + 'big_buck_bunny/big_buck_bunny_trailer_400p.vp8.webm',
repo + 'big_buck_bunny/big_buck_bunny_trailer_400p.vp9.webm',
repo + 'big_buck_bunny/big_buck_bunny_trailer_720p.mp4',
repo + 'big_buck_bunny/big_buck_bunny_trailer_720p.ogg',
repo + 'big_buck_bunny/big_buck_bunny_trailer_720p.vp8.webm',
repo + 'big_buck_bunny/big_buck_bunny_trailer_720p.vp9.webm',
repo + 'big_buck_bunny/big_buck_bunny_trailer_1080p.mp4',
repo + 'big_buck_bunny/big_buck_bunny_trailer_1080p.ogg',
repo + 'big_buck_bunny/big_buck_bunny_trailer_1080p.vp8.webm',
repo + 'big_buck_bunny/big_buck_bunny_trailer_1080p.vp9.webm',
repo + 'wikimedia/Greensleeves.ogg',
for url in file_list:'Downloading %s', url)
utils.unmap_url('', url, self._media_dir)
def _toggle_fullscreen(self):
"""Toggle full screen mode."""
# Note: full screen mode toggled with F11 is different from clicking the
# full screen icon on video player controls. This needs improvement.
# Bug:
# Below are a series of generic sub-test runners. They run a given task
# and record the task name and start-end timestamps for future computation
# of power consumption during the task.
def _run_func(self, name, func, repeat=1, save_checkpoint=True):
"""Run a given python function as a sub-test."""
start_time = time.time() + self._stabilization_seconds
for _ in xrange(repeat):
ret = func()
if save_checkpoint:
self._plog.checkpoint(name, start_time)
return ret
def _run_sleep(self, name, seconds=60):
"""Just sleep and record it as a named sub-test"""
start_time = time.time() + self._stabilization_seconds
self._plog.checkpoint(name, start_time)
def _run_cmd(self, name, cmd, repeat=1):
"""Run command in a shell as a sub-test"""
start_time = time.time() + self._stabilization_seconds
for _ in xrange(repeat):'Executing command: %s', cmd)
exit_status = utils.system(cmd, ignore_status=True)
if exit_status != 0:
logging.error('run_cmd: the following command terminated with'
'a non zero exit status: %s', cmd)
self._plog.checkpoint(name, start_time)
return exit_status
def _run_until(self, name, predicate, timeout=60):
"""Probe the |predicate| function and wait until it returns true.
Record the waiting time as a sub-test
start_time = time.time() + self._stabilization_seconds
utils.poll_for_condition(predicate, timeout=timeout)
self._plog.checkpoint(name, start_time)
def _run_url(self, name, url, duration):
"""Navigate to URL, sleep for some time and record it as a sub-test."""'Navigating to %s', url)
self._run_sleep(name, duration)
tab_title = self._tab.EvaluateJavaScript('document.title')'Sub-test name: %s Tab title: %s.', name, tab_title)
def _run_url_bg(self, name, url, duration):
"""Run a web site in background tab.
Navigate to the given URL, open an empty tab to put the one with the
URL in background, then sleep and record it as a sub-test.
name: sub-test name.
url: url to open in background tab.
duration: number of seconds to sleep while taking measurements.
bg_tab = self._tab
# Let it load and settle
time.sleep(self._stabilization_seconds / 2.)
tab_title = bg_tab.EvaluateJavaScript('document.title')'App name: %s Tab title: %s.', name, tab_title)
# Open a new empty tab to cover the one with test payload.
fg_tab = self._browser.tabs.New()
self._run_sleep(name, duration)
def _run_group_download(self):
"""Download over ethernet. Using video test data as payload."""
# For short run, the payload is too small to take measurement
self._download_test_data ,
def _run_group_webpages(self):
"""Runs a series of web pages as sub-tests."""
data_url = self._url_base + self._static_sub_dir + '/'
# URLs to be only tested in foreground tab.
# Can't use about:blank here -
# but chrome://version is just as good for our needs.
urls = [('ChromeVer', 'chrome://version/')]
# URLs to be tested in both, background and foreground modes.
bg_urls = []
more_urls = [('BallsDHTML',
data_url + 'balls/DHTMLBalls/dhtml.htm'),
data_url + 'balls/FlexBalls/flexballs.html'),
if self.short:
urls += more_urls
bg_urls += more_urls
bg_urls += [('Parapluesch',
'/blog-files/3d-transforms/poster-circle.html'), ]
for name, url in urls + bg_urls:
self._run_url(name, url, duration=self._duration_secs)
for name, url in bg_urls:
self._run_url_bg('bg_' + name, url, duration=self._duration_secs)
def _run_group_speedometer(self):
"""Run the Speedometer benchmark suite as a sub-test.
Fire it up and wait until it displays "Score".
# TODO: check in a local copy of the test if we can get permission if
# the network causes problems.
url = ''
start_js = 'startTest()'
score_js = "document.getElementById('result-number').innerText"
tab = self._tab
def speedometer_func():
"""To be passed as the callable to self._run_func()"""
# Speedometer test should be done in less than 15 minutes (actual
# runs are closer to 5).
is_done = lambda: tab.EvaluateJavaScript(score_js) != ""
utils.poll_for_condition(is_done, timeout=900,
desc='Speedometer score found')
self._run_func('Speedometer', speedometer_func, repeat=self._repeats)
# Write speedometer score from the last run to log
score = tab.EvaluateJavaScript(score_js)'Speedometer Score: %s', score)
def _run_group_video(self):
"""Run video and audio playback in the browser."""
# Note: for perf keyvals, key names are defined as VARCHAR(30) in the
# results DB. Chars above 30 are truncated when saved to DB.
urls = [('vid400p_h264', 'big_buck_bunny_trailer_400p.mp4'), ]
fullscreen_urls = []
bg_urls = []
if not self.short:
urls += [
('vid400p_ogg', 'big_buck_bunny_trailer_400p.ogg'),
('vid400p_vp8', 'big_buck_bunny_trailer_400p.vp8.webm'),
('vid400p_vp9', 'big_buck_bunny_trailer_400p.vp9.webm'),
('vid720_h264', 'big_buck_bunny_trailer_720p.mp4'),
('vid720_ogg', 'big_buck_bunny_trailer_720p.ogg'),
('vid720_vp8', 'big_buck_bunny_trailer_720p.vp8.webm'),
('vid720_vp9', 'big_buck_bunny_trailer_720p.vp9.webm'),
('vid1080_h264', 'big_buck_bunny_trailer_1080p.mp4'),
('vid1080_ogg', 'big_buck_bunny_trailer_1080p.ogg'),
('vid1080_vp8', 'big_buck_bunny_trailer_1080p.vp8.webm'),
('vid1080_vp9', 'big_buck_bunny_trailer_1080p.vp9.webm'),
('audio', 'Greensleeves.ogg'),
fullscreen_urls += [
('vid720_h264_fs', 'big_buck_bunny_trailer_720p.mp4'),
('vid720_vp8_fs', 'big_buck_bunny_trailer_720p.vp8.webm'),
('vid720_vp9_fs', 'big_buck_bunny_trailer_720p.vp9.webm'),
('vid1080_h264_fs', 'big_buck_bunny_trailer_1080p.mp4'),
('vid1080_vp8_fs', 'big_buck_bunny_trailer_1080p.vp8.webm'),
('vid1080_vp9_fs', 'big_buck_bunny_trailer_1080p.vp9.webm'),
bg_urls += [
('bg_vid400p', 'big_buck_bunny_trailer_400p.vp8.webm'),
# The video files are run from a file:// url. In order to work properly
# from an http:// url, some careful web server configuration is needed
def full_url(filename):
"""Create a file:// url for the media file and verify it exists.
@param filename: string
p = os.path.join(self._media_dir, filename)
if not os.path.isfile(p):
raise error.TestError('Media file %s is missing.', p)
return 'file://' + p
js_loop_enable = """ve = document.getElementsByTagName('video')[0];
ve.loop = true;;
for name, url in urls:'Playing video %s', url)
self._run_sleep(name, self._duration_secs)
for name, url in fullscreen_urls:
self._run_sleep(name, self._duration_secs)
for name, url in bg_urls:'Playing video in background tab %s', url)
fg_tab = self._browser.tabs.New()
self._run_sleep(name, self._duration_secs)
def _run_group_sound(self):
"""Run non-UI sound test using 'speaker-test'."""
# For some reason speaker-test won't work on CrOS without a reasonable
# buffer size specified with -b.
cmd = 'speaker-test -l %s -t sine -c 2 -b 16384' % (self._repeats * 6)
self._run_cmd('speaker_test', cmd)
def _run_group_lowlevel(self):
"""Low level system stuff"""
mb = min(1024, 32 * self._repeats)
self._run_cmd('memtester', '/usr/local/sbin/memtester %s 1' % mb)
# one rep of dd takes about 15 seconds
root_dev = utils.get_root_partition()
cmd = 'dd if=%s of=/dev/null' % root_dev
self._run_cmd('dd', cmd, repeat=2 * self._repeats)
def _run_group_backchannel(self):
"""WiFi sub-tests."""
shill = wifi_proxy.WifiProxy()
for _ in xrange(3):
succeeded, _, _, _, _ = shill.connect_to_wifi_network(
if succeeded:
if not succeeded:
logging.error("Could not connect to WiFi")
return'Starting Backchannel')
with backchannel.Backchannel():
# Wifi needs some time to recover after backchanel is activated
# TODO (kamrik) remove this sleep, once backchannel handles this
cmd = 'ping -c %s' % (self._duration_secs)
self._run_cmd('ping_wifi', cmd)
# This URL must be visible from WiFi network used for test
big_file_url = (''
cmd = 'curl %s > /dev/null' % big_file_url
self._run_cmd('download_wifi', cmd, repeat=self._repeats)
def _run_group_backlight(self):
"""Vary backlight brightness and record power at each setting."""
for i in [100, 50, 0]:
start_time = time.time() + self._stabilization_seconds
time.sleep(30 * self._repeats)
self._plog.checkpoint('backlight_%03d' % i, start_time)
def _web_echo(self, msg):
""" Displays a message in the browser."""
url = self._url_base + 'echo.html?'
url += urllib.quote(msg)
def _run_test_groups(self, groups):
""" Run all the test groups.
groups: list of sub-test groups to run. Each sub-test group refers
to a _run_group_...() function.
for group in groups:'Running group %s', group)
# The _web_echo here is important for some tests (esp. non UI)
# it gets the previous web page replaced with an almost empty one.
self._web_echo('Running test %s' % group)
test_func = getattr(self, '_run_group_%s' % group)
def run_once(self, short=False, test_groups=None, reps=1):
# Some sub-tests have duration specified directly, _base_secs * reps
# is used in this case. Others complete whenever the underlying task
# completes, those are manually tuned to be roughly around
# reps * 30 seconds. Don't change _base_secs unless you also
# change the manual tuning in sub-tests
self._base_secs = 30
self._repeats = reps
self._duration_secs = self._base_secs * reps
# Lists of default tests to run
UI_TESTS = ['backlight', 'download', 'webpages', 'video', 'speedometer']
NONUI_TESTS = ['backchannel', 'sound', 'lowlevel']
DEFAULT_SHORT_TESTS = ['download', 'webpages', 'video']
self.short = short
if test_groups is None:
if self.short:
test_groups = DEFAULT_TESTS'Test groups to run: %s', ', '.join(test_groups))
self._backlight = power_utils.Backlight()
measure = []
if not self._power_status.on_ac():
measure += \
if power_utils.has_powercap_support():
measure += power_rapl.create_powercap()
elif power_utils.has_rapl_support():
measure += power_rapl.create_rapl()
self._plog = power_status.PowerLogger(measure)
# Log in.
with chrome.Chrome() as cr:
self._browser = cr.browser
# Most of the tests will be running in this tab.
self._tab = cr.browser.tabs[0]
# Verify that we have a functioning browser and local web server.
# Video test must have the data from download test
if ('video' in test_groups):
iv = test_groups.index('video')
if 'download' not in test_groups[:iv]:
msg = '"download" test must run before "video".'
raise error.TestError(msg)
# Run all the test groups
# Wrap up
keyvals = self._plog.calc()
# check AC status is still the same as init
on_ac = self._power_status.on_ac()
if keyvals['b_on_ac'] != on_ac:
raise error.TestError('on AC changed between start & stop of test')
if not on_ac:
whrs = self._power_status.battery[0].energy_full_design"energy_full_design = %0.3f Wh", whrs)
# Calculate expected battery life time with ChromeVer power draw
idle_name = 'ChromeVer_system_pwr_avg'
if idle_name in keyvals:
hours_life = whrs / keyvals[idle_name]
keyvals['hours_battery_ChromeVer'] = hours_life
# Calculate a weighted power draw and battery life time. The weights
# are intended to represent "typical" usage. Some video, some Flash
# ... and most of the time idle. see,
weights = {'vid400p_h264_system_pwr_avg':0.1,
weights[idle_name] = 1 - sum(weights.values())
if set(weights).issubset(set(keyvals)):
p = sum(w * keyvals[k] for (k, w) in weights.items())
keyvals['w_Weighted_system_pwr_avg'] = p
keyvals['hours_battery_Weighted'] = whrs / p
def cleanup(self):
# cleanup() is run by common_lib/
except AttributeError:
logging.debug('test_server could not be stopped in cleanup')
if self._backlight:
if self._services:
super(power_Consumption, self).cleanup()