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# Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging
import os
import shutil
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error, utils
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib.cros import avahi_utils
from autotest_lib.client.cros import service_stopper, tcpdump
P2P_SHARE_PATH = '/var/cache/p2p'
# A path used to store the existing p2p files during the test and restore them
# once the test finishes.
P2P_SHARE_BACKUP_PATH = '/var/cache/p2p-backup'
def p2p_backup_files(backup_path=P2P_SHARE_BACKUP_PATH):
"""Backup the P2P shared files and create an empty shared directory.
p2p-server shall not be running during backup or restore.
@param backup_path: The path where the files will be moved to.
@raise error.TestError
if os.path.exists(backup_path):
if os.path.exists(P2P_SHARE_PATH):
os.rename(P2P_SHARE_PATH, backup_path)
except OSError, e:
raise error.TestError("Error on P2P files backup: %s" % (e.message))
def p2p_restore_files(backup_path=P2P_SHARE_BACKUP_PATH):
"""Restore the P2P shared files from a backup and *delete* the backup.
p2p-server shall not be running during backup or restore.
@param backup_path: The path where the files will be moved from.
if os.path.exists(P2P_SHARE_PATH):
shutil.rmtree(P2P_SHARE_PATH, ignore_errors=True)
if os.path.exists(backup_path):
os.rename(backup_path, P2P_SHARE_PATH)
class P2PServerOverTap(object):
"""Manage a p2p-server instance running over a TAP interface.
This class manages a p2p-server instance configured to run over a TAP
interface, useful for any test that needs to interact with the p2p-server
(and its p2p-http-server instance) on a controled network environment.
def __init__(self, tap_ip='', tap_mask=24, tap_name='faketap'):
"""Initialize the configuration.
@param tap_ip: IPv4 address for the TAP interface on the DUT's end.
@param tap_mask: Network mask fot the tap_ip address.
@param tap_name: The name prefix for the TAP interface.
# The network 169.254/16 shouldn't clash with other real services and we
# use a /24 subnet of it as the default safe value here.
self._tap_ip = tap_ip
self._tap_mask = tap_mask
self._tap_name = tap_name
self._services = None
self.tap = None
self._tcpdump = None
def setup(self, dumpdir=None):
"""Initializes avahi daemon on a new tap interface.
@param dumpdir: Directory where the traffic on the new tap interface
is recorded. A value of None disables traffic dumping.
from lansim import tuntap
except ImportError:
logging.exception('Failed to import lansim.')
raise error.TestError('Error importing lansim. Did you setup_dep '
'and install_pkg lansim on your test?')
# Ensure p2p and avahi aren't running.
self._services = service_stopper.ServiceStopper(['p2p', 'avahi'])
# Backup p2p files.
# Initialize the TAP interface.
self.tap = tuntap.TunTap(tuntap.IFF_TAP, name=self._tap_name)
self.tap.set_addr(self._tap_ip, self._tap_mask)
# Enable traffic dump.
if not dumpdir is None:
dumpfile = os.path.join(dumpdir, 'dump-%s.pcap' %
self._tcpdump = tcpdump.Tcpdump(, dumpfile)
# Re-launch avahi-daemon on the TAP interface only.
utils.system("start p2p")
def cleanup(self):
"""Restore the original environment as before the call to setup().
This method makes a best-effort attempt to restore the environment and
logs all the errors encountered but doesn't fail.
utils.system('stop p2p')
logging.exception('Failed to stop tested services.')
if self._tcpdump:
if self.tap:
# Restore p2p files.
except OSError:
logging.exception('Failed to restore the P2P backup.')
if self._services: