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# Copyright 2015 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""An interface to access the local browser facade."""
import logging
class BrowserFacadeNativeError(Exception):
"""Error in BrowserFacadeNative."""
class BrowserFacadeNative(object):
"""Facade to access the browser-related functionality."""
def __init__(self, resource):
"""Initializes the USB facade.
@param resource: A FacadeResource object.
self._resource = resource
def start_custom_chrome(self, kwargs):
"""Start a custom Chrome with given arguments.
@param kwargs: A dict of keyword arguments passed to Chrome.
@return: True on success, False otherwise.
return self._resource.start_custom_chrome(kwargs)
def start_default_chrome(self, restart=False, extra_browser_args=None):
"""Start the default Chrome.
@param restart: True to start Chrome without clearing previous state.
@param extra_browser_args: A list containing extra browser args passed
to Chrome in addition to default ones.
@return: True on success, False otherwise.
return self._resource.start_default_chrome(restart, extra_browser_args)
def set_http_server_directories(self, directories):
"""Starts an HTTP server.
@param directories: Directories to start serving.
@return True on success. False otherwise.
return self._resource.set_http_server_directories(directories)
def http_server_url_of(self, fullpath):
"""Converts a path to a URL.
@param fullpath: String containing the full path to the content.
@return the URL for the provided path.
return self._resource.http_server_url_of(fullpath)
def new_tab(self, url):
"""Opens a new tab and loads URL.
@param url: The URL to load.
@return a str, the tab descriptor of the opened tab.
logging.debug('Load URL %s', url)
return self._resource.load_url(url)
def close_tab(self, tab_descriptor):
"""Closes a previously opened tab.
@param tab_descriptor: Indicate which tab to be closed.
tab = self._resource.get_tab_by_descriptor(tab_descriptor)
logging.debug('Closing URL %s', tab.url)
def wait_for_javascript_expression(
self, tab_descriptor, expression, timeout):
"""Waits for the given JavaScript expression to be True on the
given tab.
@param tab_descriptor: Indicate on which tab to wait for the expression.
@param expression: Indiate for what expression to wait.
@param timeout: Indicate the timeout of the expression.
tab_descriptor, expression, timeout)
def execute_javascript(self, tab_descriptor, statement, timeout):
"""Executes a JavaScript statement on the given tab.
@param tab_descriptor: Indicate on which tab to execute the statement.
@param statement: Indiate what statement to execute.
@param timeout: Indicate the timeout of the statement.
tab_descriptor, statement, timeout)
def evaluate_javascript(self, tab_descriptor, expression, timeout):
"""Evaluates a JavaScript expression on the given tab.
@param tab_descriptor: Indicate on which tab to evaluate the expression.
@param expression: Indiate what expression to evaluate.
@param timeout: Indicate the timeout of the expression.
@return the JSONized result of the given expression
return self._resource.evaluate_javascript(
tab_descriptor, expression, timeout)