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A fair amount of host tools need to run kvm-test.
* Host needs to have Intel/AMD Virtualization hardware support.
* Capable of building kvm releases
* Functioning vncserver
New software requirements - (software you probably don't have)
* gtk-vnc
1. hg clone
2. ./ (you'll likely need to install a bunch of dev libraries)
3. make
4. make install
If you don't already have kvm modules installed and loaded, look at running
with the external module build control file:
% bin/autotest test/kvmtest/control.with_modbuild
This control file will attempt to pull down a recent snapshot from the kvm
nightly repo, build, install and load kvm modules before running kvmtest. After
running once with the modbuild control file, you can just run the regular
% bin/autotest test/kvmtest/control.testdir
If you do not have any kvm-test test created you will need to do so. Check out
the wiki ( for instructions on how to
create your own tests.