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This module defines the BaseFsdevManager Class which provides an
implementation of the 'fsdev' helper API; site specific extensions
to any of these methods should inherit this class.
from autotest_lib.client.bin import utils
class BaseFsdevManager(object):
def __init__(self):
def include_partition(self, part_name):
# Client to fill in logic that will pick the right partitions
return False
def map_drive_name(self, part_name):
return part_name
def check_mount_point(self, part_name, mount_point):
@param part_name: A partition name such as 'sda3' or similar.
@param mount_point: A mount point such as '/usr/local' or an empty
string if no mount point is known.
@returns The expected mount point for part_name or a false value
(None or '') if the client should not mount this partition.
return mount_point
def use_partition(self, part_name):
@param part_name: A partition name such as 'sda3' or similar.
@returns bool, should we use this partition for testing?
return True
SiteFsdevManager = utils.import_site_class(
__file__, "autotest_lib.client.bin.site_fsdev", "SiteFsdevManager",
# Wrap whatever SiteFsdevManager class we've found above in a class
class FsdevManager(SiteFsdevManager):