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# Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging
import common
from autotest_lib.frontend.afe.json_rpc import proxy as rpc_proxy
from autotest_lib.server.hosts import host_info
from autotest_lib.server.cros.dynamic_suite import frontend_wrappers
class AfeStore(host_info.CachingHostInfoStore):
"""Directly interact with the (given) AFE for host information."""
def __init__(self, hostname, afe=None):
@param hostname: The name of the host for which we want to track host
@param afe: A frontend.AFE object to make RPC calls. Will create one
internally if None.
super(AfeStore, self).__init__()
self._hostname = hostname
self._afe = afe
if self._afe is None:
self._afe = frontend_wrappers.RetryingAFE(
def _refresh_impl(self):
"""Obtains HostInfo directly from the AFE."""
hosts = self._afe.get_hosts(hostname=self._hostname)
except rpc_proxy.JSONRPCException as e:
raise host_info.StoreError(e)
if not hosts:
raise host_info.StoreError('No hosts founds with hostname: %s' %
if len(hosts) > 1:
'Found %d hosts with the name %s. Picking the first one.',
len(hosts), self._hostname)
host = hosts[0]
return host_info.HostInfo(host.labels, host.attributes)
def _commit_impl(self, new_info):
"""Commits HostInfo back to the AFE.
@param new_info: The new HostInfo to commit.
# TODO(pprabhu)
# This method has a potentially malignent race condition. We obtain a
# copy of HostInfo from the AFE and then add/remove labels / attribtes
# based on that. If another user tries to commit it's changes in
# parallel, we'll end up with corrupted labels / attributes.
old_info = self._refresh_impl()
self._remove_labels_on_afe(set(old_info.labels) - set(new_info.labels))
self._add_labels_on_afe(set(new_info.labels) - set(old_info.labels))
# TODO(pprabhu) Also commit attributes when we first replace a direct
# AFE call for attribute update.
if old_info.attributes != new_info.attributes:
'Updating attributes is currently not supported. '
'attributes update skipped. old attributes: %s, committed '
'attributes: %s',
old_info.attributes, new_info.attributes)
def _remove_labels_on_afe(self, labels):
"""Requests the AFE to remove the given labels.
@param labels: Remove these.
if not labels:
logging.debug('removing labels: %s', labels)
try:'host_remove_labels', id=self._hostname,
except rpc_proxy.JSONRPCException as e:
raise host_info.StoreError(e)
def _add_labels_on_afe(self, labels):
"""Requests the AFE to add the given labels.
@param labels: Add these.
if not labels:
return'adding labels: %s', labels)
try:'host_add_labels', id=self._hostname, labels=labels)
except rpc_proxy.JSONRPCException as e:
raise host_info.StoreError(e)