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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import re
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.server import site_linux_router
def isLinuxCrosRouter(router):
router_lsb ='cat /etc/lsb-release', ignore_status=True).stdout
return'CHROMEOS_RELEASE', router_lsb)
class LinuxCrosRouter(site_linux_router.LinuxRouter):
Linux/mac80211-style WiFi Router support for WiFiTest class.
As compared to LinuxRouter, LinuxCrosRouter is specialized for routers
running a ChromiumOS image.
def __init__(self, host, params, defssid):
cros_params = params.copy()
'cmd_ip': '/usr/local/sbin/ip',
'cmd_hostapd': '/usr/local/sbin/hostapd',
'cmd_hostapd_cli': '/usr/local/bin/hostapd_cli',
'cmd_tcpdump': '/usr/local/sbin/tcpdump',
'force_local_server': None,
'phy_bus_preference': {
'monitor': 'usb',
'managed': 'pci'
site_linux_router.LinuxRouter.__init__(self, host, cros_params, defssid)
self.cmd_iptables = params.get('cmd_iptables', '/sbin/iptables')
def _pre_start_hook(self, config):
# Make sure a supplicant instance is not running.'stop wpasupplicant', ignore_status=True)
def start_dhcp_server(self, interface):
for server in self.local_servers:
if server['interface'] == interface:
params = server
raise RunTimeError('Could not find local server to match interface')
dhcpd_conf_file = self.dhcpd_conf % interface
dhcp_conf = '\n'.join([
'port=0', # disables DNS server
'dhcp-range=%s' % params['dhcp_range'].replace(' ', ','),
'interface=%s' % params['interface'],
'dhcp-leasefile=%s' % self.dhcpd_leases])'cat <<EOF >%s\n%s\nEOF\n' %
(dhcpd_conf_file, dhcp_conf))'dnsmasq --conf-file=%s' % dhcpd_conf_file)
# Punch hole in firewall, to allow DHCP and iperf traffic. Avoid
# creating duplicate iptable rule instances by deleting
# (possibly) existing instance first.'%s -D INPUT -i %s -p udp --dport bootps -j ACCEPT' %
(self.cmd_iptables, params['interface']),
ignore_status=True)'%s -A INPUT -i %s -p udp --dport bootps -j ACCEPT' %
(self.cmd_iptables, params['interface']))
# Punch a hole to allow iperf traffic (port used in
# TODO(tgao): remove rules below when Stumpy AP boots w/ properly
# configured firewall. See
for port in ['udp', 'tcp']:'%s -D INPUT -i %s -p %s --dport 12866 -j ACCEPT' %
(self.cmd_iptables, params['interface'], port),
ignore_status=True)'%s -A INPUT -i %s -p %s --dport 12866 -j ACCEPT' %
(self.cmd_iptables, params['interface'], port))
def stop_dhcp_server(self, instance):
self._kill_process_instance('dnsmasq', instance, 0)