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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# TODO(tgao): use XMLHTTP instead of repeated SSH commands. See
# and the code for
# remote_pyauto in client/cros for examples
import os
# Port of variable attenuator.
VA_PORT = 'va_port'
# Fixed attenuation in dB.
FIXED_ATTEN = 'fixed_atten'
# Total attenuation in dB.
TOTAL_ATTEN = 'total_atten'
class ScriptNotFound(Exception):
"""Raised when attenuator scripts cannot be found."""
def __init__(self, script_name):
@param script_name: a string.
super(ScriptNotFound, self).__init__(
'Script %s not found in search path' % script_name)
class Attenuator(object):
"""Attenuator support for WiFiTest class.
This class implements wifi test methods that communicate with a variable
attenuator over SSH in control network.
def __init__(self, host):
@param host: an Autotest host object, representing the attenuator.
""" = host
self.installed_scripts = {}
def init_va(self, params):
"""Initializes attenuator port.
@param params: a Python dictionary.
port_num = params.get(VA_PORT, 0)
# Install Python scripts on attenuator
# TODO(tgao): bundle these scripts as part of a test image?
init_script = self._copy_script('',
'')'python "%s" -p %s 2>&1' % (init_script, port_num))
def get_attenuation(self, params):
"""Reads current attenuation level in dB.
@param params: a Python dictionary.
port_num = params.get(VA_PORT, 0)
attenuator_script = self._copy_script('',
'')'python "%s" -p %d 2>&1' % (attenuator_script, port_num))
def set_attenuation(self, params):
"""Sets desired attenuation level in dB.
@param params: a Python dictionary.
@returns total_atten: an integer, total attenuation in dB.
port_num = params.get(VA_PORT, 0)
fixed_atten = params.get(FIXED_ATTEN, None)
total_atten = params.get(TOTAL_ATTEN, None)
attenuator_script = self._copy_script('',
'')'python "%s" -p %d -f %d -t %d 2>&1' %
(attenuator_script, port_num, fixed_atten, total_atten))
return total_atten
# TODO(tgao): refactor & merge this w/ site_linux.router.install_script()
def _copy_script(self, script_name, *support_scripts):
"""Copies script to DUT.
@param script_name: a string.
@param support_scripts: a list of strings.
if script_name in self.installed_scripts:
return self.installed_scripts[script_name]
script_dir =
script_file = os.path.join(script_dir, script_name)
for copy_file in [script_name] + list(support_scripts):
# Look either relative to the current location of this file or
# relative to ../client/common_lib/cros/site_attenuator/
# for the script.
script_relative_paths = [['.'],
['..', 'client', 'common_lib', 'cros',
for rel_path in script_relative_paths:
src_file = os.path.join(
*(rel_path + [copy_file]))
if os.path.exists(src_file):
raise ScriptNotFound(copy_file)
dest_file = os.path.join(script_dir,
os.path.basename(src_file)), dest_file, delete_dest=True)
self.installed_scripts[script_name] = script_file
return script_file