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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import re
import logging
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.server.cros import vboot_constants as vboot
class FAFTCheckers(object):
"""Class that contains FAFT checkers."""
version = 1
def __init__(self, faftsequence, faft_client):
self.faftsequence = faftsequence
self.faft_client = faft_client
def _parse_crossystem_output(self, lines):
"""Parse the crossystem output into a dict.
@param lines: The list of crossystem output strings.
@return: A dict which contains the crossystem keys/values.
@raise TestError: If wrong format in crossystem output.
>>> seq = FAFTSequence()
>>> seq._parse_crossystem_output([ \
"arch = x86 # Platform architecture", \
"cros_debug = 1 # OS should allow debug", \
{'cros_debug': '1', 'arch': 'x86'}
>>> seq._parse_crossystem_output([ \
"arch=x86", \
Traceback (most recent call last):
TestError: Failed to parse crossystem output: arch=x86
>>> seq._parse_crossystem_output([ \
"arch = x86 # Platform architecture", \
"arch = arm # Platform architecture", \
Traceback (most recent call last):
TestError: Duplicated crossystem key: arch
pattern = "^([^ =]*) *= *(.*[^ ]) *# [^#]*$"
parsed_list = {}
for line in lines:
matched = re.match(pattern, line.strip())
if not matched:
raise error.TestError("Failed to parse crossystem output: %s"
% line)
(name, value) = (,
if name in parsed_list:
raise error.TestError("Duplicated crossystem key: %s" % name)
parsed_list[name] = value
return parsed_list
def crossystem_checker(self, expected_dict):
"""Check the crossystem values matched.
Given an expect_dict which describes the expected crossystem values,
this function check the current crossystem values are matched or not.
@param expected_dict: A dict which contains the expected values.
@return: True if the crossystem value matched; otherwise, False.
succeed = True
lines = self.faft_client.system.run_shell_command_get_output(
got_dict = self._parse_crossystem_output(lines)
for key in expected_dict:
if key not in got_dict:'Expected key "%s" not in crossystem result', key)
succeed = False
if isinstance(expected_dict[key], str):
if got_dict[key] != expected_dict[key]:"Expected '%s' value '%s' but got '%s'",
key, expected_dict[key], got_dict[key])
succeed = False
elif isinstance(expected_dict[key], tuple):
# Expected value is a tuple of possible actual values.
if got_dict[key] not in expected_dict[key]:"Expected '%s' values %s but got '%s'",
key, str(expected_dict[key]), got_dict[key])
succeed = False
else:"The expected value of %s is neither a str nor a "
"dict: %s", key, str(expected_dict[key]))
succeed = False
return succeed
def vdat_flags_checker(self, mask, value):
"""Check the flags from VbSharedData matched.
This function checks the masked flags from VbSharedData using crossystem
are matched the given value.
@param mask: A bitmask of flags to be matched.
@param value: An expected value.
@return: True if the flags matched; otherwise, False.
lines = self.faft_client.system.run_shell_command_get_output(
'crossystem vdat_flags')
vdat_flags = int(lines[0], 16)
if vdat_flags & mask != value:"Expected vdat_flags 0x%x mask 0x%x but got 0x%x",
value, mask, vdat_flags)
return False
return True
def ro_normal_checker(self, expected_fw=None, twostop=False):
"""Check the current boot uses RO boot.
@param expected_fw: A string of expected firmware, 'A', 'B', or
None if don't care.
@param twostop: True to expect a TwoStop boot; False to expect a RO
@return: True if the currect boot firmware matched and used RO boot;
otherwise, False.
crossystem_dict = {'tried_fwb': '0'}
if expected_fw:
crossystem_dict['mainfw_act'] = expected_fw.upper()
succeed = True
if not self.vdat_flags_checker(vboot.VDAT_FLAG_LF_USE_RO_NORMAL,
0 if twostop else vboot.VDAT_FLAG_LF_USE_RO_NORMAL):
succeed = False
if not self.crossystem_checker(crossystem_dict):
succeed = False
if self.faftsequence.check_ec_capability(suppress_warning=True):
expected_ec = ('RW' if twostop else 'RO')
if not self.ec_act_copy_checker(expected_ec):
succeed = False
return succeed
def dev_boot_usb_checker(self, dev_boot_usb=True):
"""Check the current boot is from a developer USB (Ctrl-U trigger).
@param dev_boot_usb: True to expect an USB boot;
False to expect an internal device boot.
@return: True if the currect boot device matched; otherwise, False.
return (self.crossystem_checker({'mainfw_type': 'developer'}) and
self.faft_client.system.is_removable_device_boot() == dev_boot_usb)
def root_part_checker(self, expected_part):
"""Check the partition number of the root device matched.
@param expected_part: A string containing the number of the expected
root partition.
@return: True if the currect root partition number matched;
otherwise, False.
part = self.faft_client.system.get_root_part()[-1]
if self.faftsequence.ROOTFS_MAP[expected_part] != part:"Expected root part %s but got %s",
self.faftsequence.ROOTFS_MAP[expected_part], part)
return False
return True
def ec_act_copy_checker(self, expected_copy):
"""Check the EC running firmware copy matches.
@param expected_copy: A string containing 'RO', 'A', or 'B' indicating
the expected copy of EC running firmware.
@return: True if the current EC running copy matches; otherwise, False.
lines = self.faft_client.system.run_shell_command_get_output(
'ectool version')
pattern = re.compile("Firmware copy: (.*)")
for line in lines:
matched = pattern.match(line)
if matched:
if == expected_copy:
return True
else:"Expected EC in %s but now in %s",
return False"Wrong output format of 'ectool version':\n%s",
return False