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# Copyright (c) 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# The objective of this test is to identify crashes outlined in the below
# directories while tests run.
import logging
class CrashDetector(object):
""" Identifies all crash files outlined in the below (crash_paths)
directories while tests run and get_crash_files finally retuns the list of
crash files found so that the count/file names can be used for further
analysis. At present this test looks for .meta and .kcrash files as defined
in crash_signs variable"""
version = 1
def __init__(self, host):
"""Initilize variables and lists used in script
@param host: this function runs on client or as defined
self.client = host
self.crash_paths = ['/var/spool', '/home/chronos', '/home/chronos/u-*']
self.crash_signs = ('\( -name "*.meta*" -o -name "*.kcrash*" \) '
'-printf "%f \n"')
self.files_found = []
self.crash_files_list = []
def remove_crash_files(self):
"""Delete crash files from host."""
for crash_path in self.crash_paths:'rm -rf %s/crash' % crash_path,
def add_crash_files(self, crash_files, crash_path):
"""Checks if files list is empty and then adds to files_list
@param crash_files: list of crash files found in crash_path
@param crash_path: the path under which crash files are searched for
for crash_file in crash_files:
if crash_file is not '':
self.files_found.append(crash_file)'CRASH DETECTED in %s/crash: %s',
crash_path, crash_file)
def find_crash_files(self):
"""Gets crash files from crash_paths and adds them to list."""
for crash_path in self.crash_paths:
if str('ls %s' % crash_path,
ignore_status=True)).find('crash') != -1:
crash_out ="find {0} {1} ".format(crash_path,
crash_files = crash_out.strip().split('\n')
self.add_crash_files(crash_files, crash_path)
def get_new_crash_files(self):
""" Gets the newly generated files since last .
@returns list of newly generated crashes
files_collected = set(self.files_found)
crash_files = set(self.crash_files_list)
diff = list(files_collected.difference(crash_files))
if diff:
return diff
def is_new_crash_present(self):
"""Checks for kernel, browser, process crashes on host
@returns False if there are no crashes; True otherwise
if self.get_new_crash_files():
return True
return False
def get_crash_files(self):
"""Gets the list of crash_files collected during the tests whenever
is_new_crash_present method is called.
@returns the list of crash files collected duing the test run
return self.crash_files_list