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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import urlparse
import unittest
import common
from autotest_lib.server import afe_urls
class AfeUrlsTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
"""Tests for AfeUrls."""
def assertURLEqual(self, a, b):
"""Assert two URLs are equal.
@param a First URL to compare
@param b First URL to compare
urlsplit = urlparse.urlsplit
self.assertEqual(urlsplit(a), urlsplit(b))
def test__geturl(self):
"""Test _geturl() happy path."""
urls = afe_urls.AfeUrls('http://localhost/afe/')
got = urls._geturl({'foo': 'bar', 'spam': 'eggs'})
self.assertURLEqual(got, 'http://localhost/afe/#foo=bar&spam=eggs')
def test_get_host_url(self):
"""Test get_host_url() happy path."""
urls = afe_urls.AfeUrls('http://localhost/afe/')
got = urls.get_host_url(42)
def test_root_url(self):
"""Test happy path for root_url attribute."""
urls = afe_urls.AfeUrls('http://localhost/afe/')
self.assertEqual(urls.root_url, 'http://localhost/afe/')
def test_equal(self):
"""Test happy path for equality."""
urls1 = afe_urls.AfeUrls('http://localhost/afe/')
urls2 = afe_urls.AfeUrls('http://localhost/afe/')
self.assertEqual(urls1, urls2)
def test_from_hostname(self):
"""Test from_hostname() happy path."""
urls = afe_urls.AfeUrls.from_hostname('sharanohiar')
self.assertEqual(urls.root_url, 'http://sharanohiar/afe/')
if __name__ == '__main__':